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Madeleine Beth McCann missing since 3rd May 2007 is, according to the evidence and findings of the police investigative team in Portugal, most likely dead, having met her fate on this same night, the FIFTH night which her parents (according to the statements they the McCann parents gave to police) abandoned her alone in the unlocked holiday apartment in Portugal together with her two year old twin siblings.

At the time she was reported as missing, she was days short of her 4th birthday.

It is believed that the child died in the apartment during a period when the child was left alone by the parents. It is further believed her parents played a part in the crimes against this child (that is out with the obvious neglect of their children) by concealing her body.

The McCanns and their holiday companions have not, contrary to some extremely dishonest reporting by the press in the UK been cleared
 of any or all involvement in the crimes committed against young Madeleine McCann.  That is not to say that they are guilty of involvement, quite simply it means it is the case, that at some point in the future it may transpire that sufficient and robust evidence showing involvement may be uncovered which will cause charges to be brought against them, and or others, the supporting evidence enough for the prosecutor to proceed with confidence that a conviction in a Court of Law will be the end result.

Not being charged at this point in time, does not equal innocence. Not for the McCanns, their holiday companions, or anyone else who may have committed crimes against the child.   And until such time as they, the McCann party co-operate fully with police and are formally eliminated beyond all doubt, we, or rather they, cannot claim that they have been cleared of involvement in their daughter's disappearance..

And much doubt there is...

The Assistant Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police stated that there is

It doesn't come any clearer, more simple or plainer than that!

Perhaps he reached this conclusion due to the fact that they would not fully co-operate with police authorities in that they refused to answer when questioned by police. That they and their holiday companions refused to assist police by not taking part in a reconstruction of the events of that night which would almost certainly have allowed the police to ascertain exactly what did happen on that fateful night, allowed the police to establish whether the content of their police witness statements was accurate or not, as quite astonishingly, they contradicted themselves, changed their minds as to what happened many times. In fact, they lied, and of course had they co-operated with police it WOULD HAVE ALLOWED FOR THE INVESTIGATION TO REMAIN OPEN.

It was their refusal to assist police, their failure in not returning to Portugal to participate in a reconstruction of events of the night the child was reported as missing, and more crucially Kate and Gerry McCann allowing the deadline date for the shelving of this case to 'expire' without it being challenged by them that gave the Portuguese Police no other choice but to shelve the case.

Goncalo Amaral -

"I remind you that they "demanded" the archiving of the process, in 2008, when they were arguidos, merely to defend their image.  They are not interested in the re-opening of the process or of the investigation."

The original investigation Goncalo Amaral said was 'incomplete' due to the refusal of the McCanns and their companions to co-operate.

The McCanns are ‘lawyered’ to the hilt.

One of the first companies they chose from the very first and early days of Madeleine’s disappearance was to employ extradition lawyers Carter Ruck. (please see note 'Correction')

A ‘fighting fund’ high on their agenda, this to be set up to pay for legal fees for their own personal protection!  Not a jot to do with finding their daughter Madeleine, simply ensuring they had monies to protect themselves.

Kate McCanns uncle Brian Kennedy speaking in May 2007 stated that the Fund could be used for all sorts of reason but “Mainly for legal expenditure.”   And this but days after the child vanished.

Not a mention of it being used MAINLY to enable them to launch a search for Madeleine.  Clearly the order of importance was legal fees first.

This is a couple who it is believed were strapped for cash at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance, (they made mortgage payments due on their home at this time from the Fund monies donated by public.  When this was made public knowledge, this avenue was made closed to them) clearly if they did not have the means to make regular mortgage payments on their home from their own personal finances, they had had no means to pay for such expensive and high profile lawyers, and in such numbers, both here and in Portugal.  But more questioningly, why did they feel the need?

Not exactly what one would expect of the innocent parents of a missing child.  One of their first thoughts to employ lawyers for the purpose they did and a Fund to meet the costs.

One can only therefore assume they sought the advice of Carter Ruck in not returning to Portugal to assist police with the investigation re their missing daughter when requested by Portuguese police to do so.

But what valid and justifiable reason could Carter Ruck or any other on the formidable McCann team of lawyers have for advising their innocent clients to not return to Portugal to assist police, to help Madeleine their missing child?

I am no legal eagle, my knowledge of the law limited to say the least but it suggests that their legal team were not confident in the McCanns and their companions being able to carry out, demonstrate an honest and credible or convincing re-enactment of the night Madeleine vanished!   And who could blame them?  We must not forget (and I'm sure Carter Ruck didn't) that their clients, the McCanns made their own little documentary which included their version of events, and it WAS NOT true to the police files.  Not true to what they had told police in their witness statements.  

For them, to then have to re-enact what they had originally told the police would without question throw up a red flag.  Their dishonesty, their misleading the public by producing the documentary which they did, clear for the police to see.  It was not possible for them to co-operate, comply with and stick to the content of their original statements given to the police without landing themselves in a whole lot of trouble.  The differences between their own
'made for television' re-enactment and that which the police would expect them to take part in, as documented in the files, they had to avoid at all costs.  Not least as it may have led to charges being brought against them when certain matters perhaps were uncovered.   So Carter Ruck, and others on the McCann legal team, one could understand their apprehension, their not being overly confident if at all, that their clients the McCanns, and their companions, some or all of them, would not be charged in connection with Madeleine's disappearance had they taken part in a reconstruction of events. 

Looks like their legal advisers were simply not prepared to take the risk!

Astonishing though that the innocent parents of a missing child would act as they did and still do in not fully co-operating with police, and still employing the many lawyers which they do, both in the UK and in Portugal, formidable legal teams costing £hundreds of thousands which the ordinary man on the street could never dream of being able to employ at such costs should they ever find themselves in need. 

Astonishing too that with a £multi million case Review by the Metropolitan police that they still feel the need to 'hold on to' this very costly team of lawyers, extradition and other.

Astonishing also that they still feel the need for the Fund which they ask the public to support?

Monies to pay for the service of these high profile lawyers come at the expense of the Madeleine Fund set up we are told to find the child. The Fund  is in part made up from the £m’s kindly donated by the public to find the child, not given to legally defend the McCann couple in supporting the refusals by them, and their holiday companions to assist police which clearly fails the child.

It only takes for one to have a quick read of the witness statements available online for readers to have this confirmed the cruel refusals by Madeleine’s parents, and their companions to help her in this regard.

Their stories as told to police did not add up that is for sure. They did not give honest accounts regarding the checking of their children, all of their police witness statements riddled with holes.

Is this the reason they refused to help the child, they knew absolutely they had not been entirely truthful, that they knew their police witness statements could not withstand scrutiny?

Is this the reason they endeavoured from the earliest moment after the disappearance of the child to ensure they had such a team of lawyers, and why they needed so badly to raise funds to pay for their personal protection?

It was imperative that this group of holidaymakers, the McCann party, returned to Portugal to allow the Portuguese Police to continue with the investigation to discover what became of Madeleine.  To allow the police to witness being demonstrated for the purpose of the investigation, the group re-enact the timeline of events, their movements on that fateful night so that matters relating to this case could be firmly established.

I don’t know of any innocent parent who would refuse to assist police in the investigation of their missing child.

Whichever way one looks at this, no matter IF (and based on the information available it appears to be a big 'IF') the McCanns and their holiday companions are free of all INVOLVEMENT in the disappearance of this child (neglect of the children apart, which quite evidently and shockingly took place (and was a contributing factor to the child's disappearance) that is, if they have been honest in their accounts, and extent of the atrocious harm they caused ALL of these children by ill - treating them in the manner they themselves claim to have done – under Portuguese Law – the Crime of Abandonment committed by this group of people against the children)  to ALL onlookers, their reluctance or rather downright refusal to assist police, in essence refusing to help Madeleine is MORE than disturbing.   Add to this their stories (police witness statements) which absolutely do NOT add up and which they are apparently not prepared to explain, and being lawyered to the hilt both in the UK and Portugal...?

It therefore comes as no surprise that not only the police both in Portugal and the UK, but the general public (that is those who genuinely care about discovering what became of this child -  not those who ignore the glaringly obvious facts, who ignore the contents of the police witness statements as given by the McCann holiday party - and wish only, that the perpetrators of the crimes committed against Madeleine are brought to justice, are very suspicious of the McCanns and their companions, suspicious as to their ‘account’ of the events of the night Madeleine vanished, thus far without trace, and indeed suspicious of the events which led up to the day of 3rd May 2007.

It is no surprise that their failure, the McCanns and that of their companions to assist police resulted in the following statements by both Portuguese Police and Leicestershire Police in the UK.

The Assistant Chief Constable of Leicestershire police in reference to Gerry and Kate McCann:

“While one or both of them may be innocent, there is NO clear evidence that eliminates them from involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance.”

And in relation to the McCann group as a whole the Portuguese Police had this to say:

‘If these witness statements do not TOTALLY EXCLUDE THE POSSIBILITY OF AN ABDUCTION they make the theory LESS credible.  As a result, the answer MUST lie elsewhere.  Notably WITH THE GROUP OF FRIENDS (PARENTS INCLUDED.)

Carolos Anjos, Association of Police Investigators:

“They said that every half hour they would go and look in on the children, and ALL of them, we found in EVERYBODY’S statement some questions that suggest that actually they DIDN’T go and see the children.”

Whatever reasons the Leicestershire Assistant Police Chief Constable and the Portuguese Police had for issuing the statements they did, it sure wasn't because they were confident or believed the McCanns, and their companions to be squeaky clean in the disappearance of this child.

Quite obviously BOTH police forces felt there was and is MUCH left which remains to be answered by this group of people which would assist in discovering the perpetrators of the crimes against Madeleine.

Quite obvious the police both here in UK (Leicester) and Portugal believe that the missing piece of the puzzle which Kate and Gerry McCann keep harping on about - they and their holiday companions hold!

Seems though they are not for '
giving it up.’  Not without a fight!

One has to ask why?

If they truly wish the perpetrators to be caught and brought to justice to save another child from the same fate they claim as befell Madeleine, as the McCanns persist in stating,  to have the possible chance however remote of Madeleine being found alive - just simply - WHY?

Kate and Gerry McCann keep telling us that the abductor is still 'out there.'

No member of the public will argue with that.

The Metropolitan police say the culprits are in the police files.

No member of the public will argue with that either.

Neither will the Portuguese Police - they know, and have known this for a very long time that whoever removed this child from apartment 5A is most definitely still out there.

Stlll in their sights?

Now it would be 
more than unbelievable if the Metropolitan Police were in disagreement on the above issues raised by their fellow officers in Leicestershire, and Portuguese police force also.

Astonishing too if they disagreed, disputed the findings of the police dogs Eddie and Keela used in this case.

These dogs have “spoken” and it is a FACT that what they had to “say” was not ‘incredibly unreliable’ unlike the police witness statements given to police by:

Gerald McCann, Kate Healy McCann, Matthew Oldfield,
Rachael Oldfield, David Payne, Fiona Payne, Jane Tanner, Russel O’Brien, and Dianne Webster!

The lack of confidence shown by Leicestershire police and Portuguese Police in the McCann party police witness statements demonstrates they consider them to be neither, credible or reliable! 

Pretty damn well damning in fact!

Funny how the Daily Mail forgot to mention this little lot in their latest piece re the Metropolitan Police/Madeleine McCann Case Review?

They did however include the claim that Scotland Yard have 20 suspects up their sleeves, but that, as we all know is nowt more than a repeat of the nonsense – the Mail and others spouted in their recent INCREDIBLY UNRELIABLE 
 articles regarding the Madeleine case.   There is as much chance of the Met having twenty suspects as there is, the twenty suspects being stuffed up my jumper!

Now nine suspects -and maybe we're talking!

Perhaps the Daily Mail should take the advice of Gerry McCann and ask the dogs, get their sworn testimony before em
barking on their next piece?

I’m certain the dogs will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help them dogs!

Will Gerry McCann do likewise be as reliable if re-questioned by police?

If he's wise he will, else those dogs will be forever barking at his heels!  He can rely on that!

And, perhaps the DNA markers count will be interpreted differently shall we say, though not 'lost in translation' (as the McCanns and their supporters would have the public believe regarding certain aspects of the case_if the Metropolitan Police are in fact to become more involved in this case allowing them greater powers of investigation, and if the case reaches Court in the UK with UK citizens being charged with crimes against Madeleine?

Is any of that possible - I wouldn't know - but someone will!


Many thanks to the observant reader who pointed out my mistake (I blame it on my recent holiday, too much sun, brain still frazzled, well that is my story and I'm sticking to it.)  
Carter Ruck are the libel lawyers
20th June 2013

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