Lying in the Sun

Make Dr Amaral Suffer

Make Dr Amaral Suffer


If there is one voice which has been louder than any other speaking out for Madeleine Beth McCann for justice for this child it has been Dr Goncalo Amaral.


Never has he given in, to the demands and threats made by the McCann couple.  Always he has stood his ground and fought for Madeleine for truth.

He knows the McCann couple have wronged this child as we all do, as they themselves do.

And more than anyone else the McCanns wish to silence him.

Kate McCann has voiced her hatred for this man, a man who has done her no wrong,  a man who quite simply did his job, and in the course of doing so, he discovered through his investigations that the McCanns and their companions were not truthful with regards the disappearance of young Madeleine.

Kate McCann has openly stated she wishes that he suffer and feel fear, and we all know why – He ‘knows!’

The McCanns fool no one, no one that is, who truly wants justice for this child, and certainly no one is fooled by Kate ‘I saw me ‘usband on the floor, crying ‘ees eyes out’ when she tries to convince the public they are not cold hearted uncaring parents. 


She is a mum who put herself before her children then and now.

She and her ‘usband, will do anything to silence Dr Amaral and have gone all out to do just that, as seen by their six year long hate campaign against this man.

And that tells us all we need to know.

I wish Dr Amaral well for the outcome of the libel trial, an action that should never have been raised against him by persons who have lied and whose witnesses too have been far from truthful in their evidence.

Should Dr Amaral not win the libel trial which these people have forced it will be a travesty of justice.
12th January 2014

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