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“But erm the issue is, as it has always been since the official Portuguese investigation was closed down after 15 months.  Erm it’s a question of re-opening that, and to what degree does the Portuguese authorities have an appetite to go and talk to these people.”


Martin old boy, you know that is not true!

Firstly the investigation is not closed but shelved.  Should any CREDIBLE information come to the attention of the Portuguese authorities it can be re-opened.

Should that come about, all will be rejoicing – Well maybe not all.

As you know, this would mean quite probably that the McCann party would be re-interviewed, and if they feel the same now as they did last time they were requested by Portuguese police to help the investigation, when each and every one of them refused to return to Portugal to help Madeleine to help the police, then news of a re-opening might not be as well received by them as it would in probably all other quarters!

I'd say they, the police are onto plums if they think this bunch are up for it!

The McCann holidaying party did not have the appetite for helping back then.  Do you really honestly think they have now?

Personally, I don’t believe anything has changed on this front. 

I don’t believe either, that this recent activity in the press, in Portugal is welcome news for them.

So no Martin, it is not a question of appetite on the part of the Portuguese Police.  They have done their job as far as circumstances would allow.  When the main players, the McCann party refused to further assist, it led to the investigation being shelved!

Perhaps now if they all, Kate McCann, Gerry McCann, David Payne, Fiona Payne, Matthew Oldfield, Rachael Oldfield, Russel O'Brien, Jane Tanner and Granny Dianne all booked a flight to Portugal and knocked on the door of the police office in Praia da Luz and asked nicely, told police they are now all prepared to do what is right, then it might be enough to re-open the case.

Or, let's make it easier for them, they could simply ask their lawyers to write to the Portuguese authorities begging them to re-open, telling them how wrong they were not to have helped missing Madeleine when they were last requested by police to do so, that they are filled with the utmost remorse at what they did and now want to make amends! 

You see Martin this is what sticks in people's throats - the McCanns their friends ask of others to do what is right, to come forward speak to police, ask them for money for their Fund, to be vigilant to look out for their alive and findable little girl, to give their children scary holiday packs with pictures of missing Madeleine, to wear wristbands which they themselves only wear when being interviewed, to carry Madeleine posters on holiday with us.  To purchase dusty old t.shirts from their tacky online business (and you do understand their Fund is a business, a 'Ltd' company and not a charity.  Gerry made it clear in interview he was running a business) and other shabby goods.

Now much as I care about finding out what became of Madeleine, hope that she is recovered safely, scaring the shit out of ones own children, on behalf of Kate and Gerry McCann I'm not comfortable with.  In fact it makes me very angry indeed that they have the gall to even suggest this.  To use, exploit families with young children in this way.  Not giving a care or thought to these children, how this might frighten them!

But then why would they? - Amelie and Sean didn't escape being used in the recent antics at the time of the Marathon!

Parents I am sure will draw the line at this.   Parents, don't appreciate being asked to give their children missing Madeleine stickers and holiday packs!   A family holiday is exactly that, a time for families to enjoy a happy and safe time together, not to instill the fear of God or the big bad abductor, in our little ones as they board the plane.

The McCanns just don't seem to get this 'child' business, that we must not do things to frighten them, or leave them in vulnerable situations.

Giving a child a Madeleine sticker sure in hell is going to put somewhat of a damper on the holiday to put it mildly!

Slapping one on their Thomas Tank Luggage Trolley, where their favourite cuddly toy is perched, their mum and dad stood there dressed in Madeleine t.shirts, wristbands, and a poster on a pole of Madeleine - parents are going to have to sedate their kids to get them on a plane to anywhere after that!  The kids otherwise will be struggling as you wrestle them up the plane steps, the authorities might think you are a child abductor!

And if you are really unlucky and happen to have one of those smart ass kids, who seeing your distress, and when asked by member of the crew what her name is, to establish if you are the real parents, and she says Madeleine... boy you are in trouble!

Have yourselves happy, safe holidays people, spare your children their fears and tears - give Gerry's business a body swerve! 

Kate and Gerry, their seven associates could though purchase sandwich boards and parade up and down at the airport if they so desire - I'm sure the Fund can stretch to that!

The Portuguese authorities have always made it clear that should any evidence be brought to their attention that is, evidence/information which they find to be credible then they will re-open this case.

If the list of names which Homicide Hamish has given them holds any merit, then the Portuguese Police I am sure will give this consideration, decide whether it is indeed credible, sufficient to re-open!

To suggest that the Portuguese police would ignore credible evidence in the case of a missing child and this in essence is what you are saying by stating that they may not have the appetite to interview suspects, is rather cowardly of you, a cop out! 

Particularly so when it is clear that the Metropolitan Police have ignored the most glaringly obvious – the lies and inconsistencies contained within the McCann party police witness statements!

If the Portuguese police do not re-open based on the ‘list’ of however many names supplied by the Metropolitan police, I might suggest it is not because they have no appetite to investigate the case of this missing child, but rather the information supplied does not warrant this action.  That they consider their initial interviews thorough.

I would say the McCanns have no appetite for this case to be re-opened that is for sure!

Is it a matter of the Met suggesting a few names - a dozen twenty whatever is the going rate in relation to suspect numbers today, haven't read up as yet on the latest- which they know hold no weight in as much as being sufficiently credible to re-open the case, but allows for the McCanns to once again through their spin doctor Clarence Mitchell then produce more ridiculous stories of how the Portuguese Police have failed them?

That said – Let us wait and see what is the next trick, by the McCanns/Clarence!

To not include in your report the reasons why the case was shelved after 15 months, shameful and cowardly also!

The investigation was shelved as the McCanns and their friends had NO APPETITE to return to Portugal to further assist the investigation.

The McCanns as the parents of the missing child had every opportunity to request, which was their legal right, that the case not be shelved.

They didn’t!  

They had no appetite to return to Portugal after fleeing when they were made suspects when requested to do so by police.

They were less than helpful in assisting, co-operating in the diligence requested of them, which would have without question discovered, if not where Madeleine, her remains are, but how the alleged abductor got in and out of that apartment unseen by Gerry McCann!

It would have allowed Martin for the world to see how Jane Tanner managed to pass Gerry McCann, close up on that narrow street, and yet he did not see her.

But they didn’t want to!

And if I might add – it is always wrongly reported that they, the McCanns have been cleared of involvement in their daughter’s disappearance.   Not the case at all!

At the end of the day Martin, no matter who is/are the culprits those who played any part, involvement in the crimes against young Madeleine Beth McCann:

·       Her parents

·       Someone in the group of friends

·       Someone other than, but known to the parents.

·       A total stranger to the McCanns and/or their friends

Whether this child had:

·       An accident in the absence of her parents inside the apartment (which is most likely)

·       She exited and fell immediately outside on the steep stairway (a possibility as McCanns claim to have left the patio door unlocked)

·       She left and went beyond the apartment meeting her fate someone, picking up the child, an opportunistic crime.


·       Whether someone did in the 3 minutes the McCanns claim she was abducted (while her father, Gerry McCann was standing outside the door of the apartment) remove the child from the apartment 5A unseen and under his nose…

What is important is that the reporting, yours also, is honest, that it gives both sides of the story, not simply what has been dished up by Clarence Mitchell and the McCanns!

Those in the UK reporting on this case seem to have a healthy (or should that be unhealthy?) appetite when it comes to the nonsense fed to you by Clarence Mitchell, in fact extras are not unheard of, like Oliver you ask for more!

It is not a question of taking sides Martin it is a matter of integrity, of honest, factual, truthful, reporting of the details of this or any other case, taking precedence over the nonsense stories, created by  spin doctors for the purpose of protecting the reputations of their clients. In this case, Clarence Mitchell and the McCanns/their friends.

Yes you are all afraid of Carter Ruck your hands are tied to a degree in what you can actually report.

But that does not prevent you from refraining being part of the nonsense stories, the nonsense culture, from reporting that which is not true!

Jobsworth syndrome?

The UK report when the McCanns instigate legal actions against others.  The reporters gather like bees round a honey pot to hear the clamor of camp McCann of how they are going to knock seven bells out of their adversary of the day.

When it does not go their way, and they lose at huge cost to the Madeleine Fund, the Fund set up to search for the child – and they are knocked into the middle of next week – the printing presses go silent!

Shut down time! Time to clock out!

It has under no circumstances to be reported to the UK public.

Now why would that be Martin?  That cannot be considered honest factual and fair reporting, when only one side of a story is told!

This latest whether any of, part of, has any truth or depth to it we will all have to wait and see how if it pans out for Madeleine.  

Madeleine, the child, who has been forgotten in some quarters, while her parents, Gerry and Kate McCann take centre stage.

Never truer a word spoken than by Madeleine’s godfather Jon Corner when he said that he told the couple he felt that – Madeleine being missing, her story would soon be forgotten, that it would not be about Madeleine, but about her parents.

Some ask why Madeleine has had so much attention.  Why Madeleine is more special than any other missing child?  Why Madeleine has been given so many donations.

Truth is she is not!  No child’s life has more value than that of another.

But it is also the truth that this little girl Madeleine Beth McCann, her case, her plight, despite all that has been written, the storms it has brewed, the £m’s donated to the Madeleine Fund, the £m’s of UK taxpayers money, this child one can reasonably argue has not benefited a jot from.  She has benefited no more greatly than any other missing child.  It may be she has come off worse.

Madeleine as the victim of crime, has pretty much been stuffed in the back seat, the trunk/boot, her mother in driving seat, making it all about her, doing her damn level best to steer all attention from Madeleine - 'see me, see me!'

Madeleine may have disappeared without trace back in May 2007, but she became “lost” when her parents embarked immediately on money making schemes, employing spin doctors to shape stories for press release, employing extradition lawyers, Carter Ruck, and at least three other sets of lawyers to add to their team, which must be costing an absolute fortune. Losing legal actions too, at huge cost to the Fund.  Paying dodgy detectives £half a million.  Then paying a fraudster, willingly – almost £half million, and stating he did a good job when he had done nothing it seems to search for the child,  and then desperately coming up with more money making schemes…a vicious circle.

Remember the McCanns made a number of mortgage payments from this Fund.   When news of this became public, that loophole was closed to them! 

Not to mention all of the other creepy crawlies that came out of woodwork at the smell of  the green stuff!

When money became more important than Madeleine, Madeleine was lost!

Madeleine, her case probably the most widely reported ever, her image, as a three year old, instantly recognised around the globe, but sadly her plight perhaps the most tragic of all - she did not have the full support of her parents, their holidaying companions when it came to them co-operating with police!

All the money in world will not find this child what happened to her, but those closest to her, her family their friends, their co-operation with police authorities would go a long way to discovering what became of her!

Parents of other missing children may not have had the financial assistance the McCanns have, but what they do have is much greater - the desire, and will to help police find their missing child, no matter what.

To know in their hearts they did all they could for their missing loved one, be it to answer all police questions or take part in a reconstruction.  To know they loved their child so much that nothing in this world prevented them from physically searching going out on the streets searching  relentlessly.  To know that they left no stone unturned!

Comfort perhaps in knowing too they did not resort to the services of a spin doctor to shape stories, the idea that a parent of a missing child required services of such an unsavoury character - to me at least abhorrent!

I can only hope that this case will be re-opened and soon, that those responsible for harming Madeleine in all of the ways she was harmed, being left alone in an unlocked apartment but one, are held accountable and punished accordingly, as a Court of Law in the land the crimes against her were committed, sees fit!

Martin I can only say to you – Grow a pair, or start a Fund to find the ones you lost!
19th May 2013

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