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Masipa's Mistake - 4

Masipa's Mistake - 4

Alex Crawford Sky News

If there is one thing that links the two families is they were both equally stunned.

The Pistorius family were stunned and disbelieving in the fact that he'd been found guilty of culpable homicide, palpable relief at not being found guilty of murder it has to be said.

And the Steenkamp family and friends utter disbelief that he hadn’t been found guilty of murder.

June Steenkamp, that’s Reeva Steenkamp’s mother has been speaking to reporters, and she said that she cannot believe that the judge didn’t... or believe that it was an accident.  And she very definitely doesn’t believe that justice has been done.

And of course Oscar Pistorius' uncle Arnold addressed a huge throng of media this afternoon just half an hour after the verdicts were finished, and he said there’s no victors in this whole saga his heart went out to Reeva’s family and friends but he also, and the family, were clearly disappointed at any conviction at all.


But of course Reeva Steenkamp has no future she is dead but already there is talk of  Oscar Pistorius' future what sort of future does he have.  In rebuilding his future he might even run again.


And this evening he must have drawn a lot of comfort by some comments from the International Paralympic Committee, saying that they would welcome him back in the fold. Of course they have still to find out what...whether sentence he will get but they are saying that he would not be barred from any future competition as a result of his convictions and of course that is very very important to Oscar Pistorius and the Pistorius family.   It's his livelihood it's his future and they very much ...Arnold telling reporters before this whole verdict began – that he, his challenge his ambition was to see Oscar his nephew running in the next Olympics.

So we may yet see Oscar Pistorius running competitively again.


Depending on sentencing next month!


Well that is the priority of the Pistorius family laid out straight - not just soon after the verdict were they "celebrating" the comments by the Paralympic Committee, good old Uncle Arnold was planning BEFORE the verdict how he could see his nephew Oscar Pistorius run in the next Olympics.

Does that sound like a family who thought he was going to be given a custodial sentence?

Crawford said that we would hear again, after sentencing, Uncle Arnold tell us all that 'THERE ARE NO VICTORS' in this saga.

He will say it as part of his plan to promote his nephew Oscar Pistorius, his future.  To convince the public that poor Oscar and his family have suffered EQUALLY (just as Crawford believes what links these two families is both being STUNNED at the verdicts pah!) as much as the Steenkamp's!

I would say that Oscar Pistorius at this point in time could be considered 'VICTORIOUS' in that he killed in cold blood, Miss Reeva Steenkamp.  Was allowed bail during the very lengthy time, since the killing until now the verdict, where he stayed in the luxurious home of his wealthy uncle pretty much still living he life of Riley!

We heard Gerrie Nel tell the Court that in July 2014 Pistorius once AGAIN was involved in an incident in a night club, WHILST ON BAIL, and that good old Uncle Arnold quickly went into protect mode and gave statements to the press by way of excusing this piece of scum which is Oscar Pistorius.

This family it would seem believe they are above the law.

The MISTAKE (if that is what it is) by Judge Masipa in NOT convicting this guy of murder, and by convicting him of culpable homicide, where I will bet it IS GUARANTEED he will NOT serve jail time - serves only to rubber stamp his ever evil, and violent conduct.   Her verdict all but condones it!

To be speaking of Pistorius needing to re-build his future his career all but minutes after the Steenkamp's hearing such a shocking verdict, in my book is crass!

Who gives a flying fig if the guy ever runs again, ever has a future.  In my book he doesn't deserve one.

Crawford saying that Pistorius must have taken COMFORT from knowing the Paralympic Committee will welcome him back despite ANY CONVICTIONS - truly beggars belief!

What is this female on?

That anyone with any compassion at all for the Steenkamp's for their loss would even dare think of commenting on the COMFORT Pistorius must be feeling knowing the sporting world will will welcome him back with open arms no matter that he shot and killed Reeva Steenkamp, and the resulting convictions - is STAGGERING!

As for Crawford and Brunt, they seem more than miffed that Mrs Steenkamp did not want to speak with them that she gave an interview to others.

A very wise woman!   I am sure how pally with the Pistorius family Crawford appears to be did not escape her.
13th September 2014

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