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Masipa's Mistake - 5

Masipa's Mistake - 5


Reeva Steenkamp’s mother June Steenkamp has just been quoted from an interview she has done on Amerian television – that ‘this verdict is not justice for Reeva’ and clearly there is plenty controvery in the wake of these verdicts.


Yes, she’s also said in that interview that she still wants to get the truth. 

Remember at the very start of this trial she said she was here to find out the truth of what happened to her daughter, and she clearly feels at this stage that she hasn’t yet learned that.  

She hasn’t found the truth she said, quite where she thinks she will get any more evidence about what happened is not clear. 

But June Steenkamp didn’t say anything today when she left Court.

She has today chosen to give her reaction to one media outlet which is what she did during the trial so I think as the day goes on we are going to hear more from that interview that she has given to another media outlet, but clearly she’s unhappy and there is a debate raging about whether the Judge made the right decision, and I think what it boils down to is a very fine line of being convicted of second degree murder and being convicted of culpable homicide and the Judge came down on the side of culpable homicide, and although there is that fine line, there is that discrepancy in the penalty that each of those convictions attract.


I get the feeling from legal advice here that a lot of people feel much will now  depend on what the judge decides to give as a sentence if she maybe gives quite a long period of custodial sentence for culpable homicide the Prosecution might find that sufficient.


Yes the Prosecution Authority said it will wait until the sentencing so that’s a month they are going to have to wait.  But I think that's probably true not just for the prosecutors but for everybody else who may feel that this was the wrong decision.  If he were to be given something like 10 or 12 years in prison a maximum is 15 – nobody thinks for a moment he will get that – but if it is a longish sentence that might satisfy people because two days ago there was a guy in the paper who murdered his girlfriend and admitted it, murder not culpable homicide but he got a sentence of 10 years and even in that case he felt  he'd been given far too much and appealed against it and the appeal court were prepared to listen to his appeal so it just illustrates there is this great discretion with the judges but there may be satisfaction with those who don’t like this judgement, in a long sentence for Pistorius.


Brunt-  what an understatement - that Mrs Steenkamp is 'unhappy' with Judge Masipa's Verdict!

'Unhappy' doesn't come close to cutting it!

As to Brunt's comment 'quite where she thinks she will get any more evidence' 

Perhaps at the Supreme Court of Appeal?    Just a thought Brunty!   - Mrs Steenkamp might just get the justice that should have come from Judge Masipa at the Supreme Court of Appeal.  

She does not require to seek further evidence from others, from witnesses - a proper, fair and correct judgement is the 'evidence' that her daughter was murdered at the hands of Oscar Pistorius.

As to the WHY Pistorius killed her daughter - that she may never hear from the cowardly lowlife that is Pistorius, he may just take that to his deathbed - but a proper correct judgement and sentence is evidence that there was NO mistake on Pistorius part - that he deliberately shot and killed her daughter.

Exactly where Brunty Mrs Steenkamp thinks she might obtain this - isn't darn well rocket science!

As for Brunt's little story about the guy who committed murder, admitted it and got 10 years - THAT should not have Brunty thinking Pistorius will get anywhere close to such a sentence - it should be sending him the clear message that Pistorius on a conviction of culpable homicide WILL NOT be given ANY custodial sentence never mind one of TEN years.

Don't insult the public Brunty with such silly statements!

You know like the rest of the world that Pistorius is NOT going to jail - that Pistorius and good old uncle Arnold are already planning and arranging with the Paralympic Committee the return of Pistorius to the sporting world!

And they are NOT doing this in the hope that he gets 'day release' from prison to run for South Africa.

You know Brunty that just like your colleague Crawford said - Oscar will be taking great comfort from the Paralympic Committe welcoming him back DESPITE any conviction for killing Miss Steenkamp.

What is it with these reporters and their inane statements?

Brunt speaks of a longish sentence perhaps 'satisfying' people.

While we all have an opinion on this case, on the verdict by Judge Masipa the only people who need to be satisfied with the verdict any sentence given to Pistorius is the Steenkamp family!
13th September 2014

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