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McCann-Gerry &Kate's Man

McCann - Gerry & Kate's Man

The original cast of possible culprits in the Gerry & Kate show consisted of Tannerman (the guy Jane Tanner claimed to have seen carrying a child) and Smithman (the man the Smith family claim to have seen carrying  child) who these men are is yet to be discovered.  If either man ever existed is yet to be discovered also.

Tannerman we know is the guy the McCanns built their tale of abduction around.  He was the star of the show for years.   

The Portuguese Police never at any time said this was the guy who took Madeleine, it was the McCanns.  It was the McCanns who commissioned the images of this guy to be drawn up and distributed around the world.

This they said he was the guy who took Madeleine.   And Gerry McCann in interview with Sandra Felgueiras said that Jane Tanner almost caught him?

The Smithman sighting never received quite the same attention from the McCanns as Tannerman!

They did we discovered years after the fact, have e.fits of Smithman in their possession.   They just chose not to make them public!

Kate McCann in one of their documentaries mentions Smith sighting, and in one such documentary the McCanns lead the viewer to believe that Tannerman and Smithman are one and the same person.

Tannerman was carrying a child across his outstretched arms
Smithman was carrying a child, the child upright with her head resting on his shoulder.

The child in the Smithman sighting was wearing a long sleeved top, perhaps a pyjama top.
Jane Tanner did not see the child Tannerman was carrying apart from bare feet.  So could not say if this child wore a long sleeved top/pyjama top.

KATE McCANN said Madeleine was wearing a SHORT SLEEVED PYJAMA TOP!

When DCI Andy Redwood decided that Tannerman was in fact a father carrying his 2 year old daughter home from creche, Tannerman then became known as Crecheman.    Crecheman confirmed that his child was wearing pyjamas.  LONG sleeved pyjamas.

Based on this, and the statements by the Smith family, then NEITHER man seen carrying a child on that night was carrying Madeleine McCann.  Kate and Gerry McCann said their daughter was wearing SHORT SLEEVED PYJAMAS!

But let's go back a few steps.

Before Tannerman was dismissed by DCI Redwood as being an abductor, the McCanns were perfectly happy for everyone to accept that Tannerman and Smithman were one and the same person.  Happy to plant that idea.

It would stand to reason then that after Tannerman's dismissal that the McCanns would still be happy to accept/believe that Smithman was the person who walked off with Madeleine?

It would stand to reason that they would be really pleased and focus all of their efforts on finding this SMITHMAN?

I may be mistaken, but I don't believe since Redwood's 'revelation moment' that the McCanns have shown any enthusiasm for finding Smithman, that they have not, in any interview spoken of how pleased they are that Tannerman has been found, that they now know he was a dad taking his child home from creche, and thus allowing them to concentrate on this Smithman.

Has anyone heard them speak with enthusiasm at the Metropolitan Police chief suspect, Smithman?

Let's face it - how many guys were walking around on a cold windy whooshy night carrying their toddler daughter's who were dressed in nothing but pyjamas?

The fact that we supposedly have two such men walking around on the night Madeleine vanished is quite astonishing in itself.

What is the chance that there is a third or a fourth?  ZILCH!

So come on Kate and Gerry, show some enthusiasm for DCI Redwood's revelation.   Show some enthusiasm for Tannerman being found.   Show some enthusiasm that Smithman may too be found!

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