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McCann-Gerry & Kate Why?

Gerry & Kate McCann WHY?

Kate McCann told the court in Lisbon her son, Sean heard about Amaral's allegations on the radio while on the school bus. Photograph: Patricia De Melo Moreira/AFP/Getty Images

No right minded parent, no loving caring parent wishing to shield and protect, keep their child safe, not leave him vulnerable would have done what Kate and Gerry McCann did yesterday to their little boy.

In a last minute desperate bid for the jackpot – reportedly around £1m – the McCanns, whose libel action against Dr Goncalo Amaral is weak at best, and was not helped along by the statements their witnesses gave in Court back in September of last year (they were not altogether truthful) – decided it was time to use their young son, make him part of this sickening and ongoing drama that the McCanns themselves have created, and seem to thrive on.  Publicity is what seems to make them tick.  Being in the public eye something they relish.

One had to laugh though at McCann outside Court yesterday telling the press that he was 'happy to take questions.' 

What a moody contrary little man he is.   Last week he hopped off in a huff because he didn’t like the questions he was asked!    This time he was happy to ‘take questions.’

How funny would it have been had the press pack said – No thanks little man, and turned and left?

Can see it now – Gerry and Kate McCann calling after them – Pleading for them to come back, promising they won’t get angry and dismiss them like they did last time, assuring them that he had a great story to tell them, one Clarence Mitchell had helped them concoct…one that would sell, make them lots of money…

While the press were content to hang around and listen to Gerry McCann wittering on (Kate pretty much was under instruction to keep silent after her outburst of last week) seems in Court it was quite a different story.   The Judge was not prepared to listen to McCanns story, or at least not the Doggy Tale that he was most anxious to tell the Court, tried to force its inclusion.  

Seems Gerry McCann was not prepared to respect the Court or the wishes of the Judge when she asked McCann to be quiet.  McCann, leaving Judge Maria Emilia de Melo e Castro no choice but to remind him he was not there to tell a tale of his choosing, and unrelated to the matter at hand,  but there at her invitation, to answer her questions.

As Martin Brunt Sky News reported  - McCANN WAS WARNED BY THE JUDGE!

Many would have paid to see that!

McCann n
ever learns – They never learn.  They just don’t know when to keep their mouths shut!

His arrogance and what appears to be narcissistic tendencies prevents him/them from acting in a proper way, they show no respect or regard for others.   And, certainly NOT FOR THE JUDGE, OR THE COURT.

But why would Gerry McCann feel it was appropriate to speak of the cadaver dog alerting in the apartment, from where Madeleine was removed by whomever removed her, at a libel trial?

We all know if anyone questions him on cadaver dogs, the mere mention of our four legged friends has McCann acting like a rabid…well dog!   He goes as crazy as the cadaver dogs did when let loose in the McCann holiday apartment.

Something about those dog alerts must be troubling McCann when he felt the need to raise the issue at a libel trial? 

Did he think the dog alerts could be used as proof that Dr Amaral the Portuguese Investigation were not barking up the wrong tree?  Did he see this as damaging his chances in the libel action, if the dogs were to be 'believed?'

DCI Andy Redwood of the Metropolitan Police, and his team are using cadaver dogs.  Gerry McCann cannot be happy about that as he considers cadaver dogs to be INCREDIBLY UNRELIABLE.

McCanns attempt at bringing this issue into the libel trial must have left the Judge sorely tempted to tell this asshole to go take a hike or go ASK the DOGS (as he once told a reporter who asked him about the cadaver dogs) if he had any dispute with regards their alerts.

Judge Emilia Melo e Castro with a flick of her hand dismissed McCanns Doggy Tale.

He must have been furious at that.

The last time the Court was in session re this libel trial which commenced in September 2013 there was no mention by the McCann witnesses that Sean McCann, the McCanns young son, now nine years old, had questioned his parents about Dr Amaral’s book.

I said yesterday for this reason, if the child had said this, then it had to have come AFTER the last Court session.

I now note that Kate McCann has said it happened in October 2013.

How very convenient and obvious – as all McCann statements are.

It will be obvious to most that the McCanns understood their case was going nowhere, hence they had to introduce their children to the madness that is McCann.

It is obvious to most too, that the young McCann children will ask questions, they are at an age now when they will want to know more about Madeleine, and more in general regarding matters surrounding her disappearance:

  • Why mummy and daddy left them alone every night in an unlocked holiday apartment?
  • Why mummy and daddy and their buddies refused to assist the Portuguese Police investigation by refusing to answer questions put to them and by refusing to take part in a criminal style reconstruction of the events of the night Madeleine was reported as missing?
  • Why their buddies all lied about the checking system which they say was in place?
  • Why their mummy and daddy phoned home and told their family and friends that the windows and shutters of the apartment had been jemmied open, when this was not the truth?
  • Why mummy’s BEST FRIEND, Fiona Payne told the Police in Portugal that mummy had told ALL at the dinner table on the night Madeleine was reported as missing that SHE HAD LEFT THE PATIO DOOR UNLOCKED, SO THAT IF MADELEINE WOKE SHE COULD LEAVE THE APARTMENT AND GO LOOK FOR HER AND GERRY McCANN?
  • Why mummy, on a televised interview TOLD A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STORY?

There are a million and one questions the McCann kids will ask of these parents that is for sure, and not least why Clarence Mitchell spins tales for them – at a huge cost to the Madeleine Fund – reportedly £70,000 per year.

No wonder they are desperate for cash – but not just any cash – Dr Amaral’s cash – they must desperately need it to pay Mitchell’s extortionate fees.

They lost the previous case against Dr Amaral, and others – the Fund set up from public donations to help young Madeleine - must be taking some sore hits the way her parents are spending it!

How can they afford Mitchell?   Why would innocent parents need him to spin for them?

The McCanns complained too that the last time they went to Lisbon, the case was postponed.   They stood outside the Court and blatantly lied to the press, accusing Dr Amaral of having caused previous postponements.

Well, well, well, what d’ya know?

A request they made of the Court yesterday resulted in a postponement of the case which should have continued today.  

Well, well, well, and guess why? – They want to know how much Dr Amaral earned from the sale of his books they seek disclosure of his financial position.

If anyone was in any doubt as to the reasons the McCanns are out to get Dr Amaral – you will have been left in no doubt after the proceedings yesterday.

Quite simply it is greed, and a hatred of a man who knows what they did!

You see, McCanns stated yesterday that the damage (as perceived by them) which Dr Amaral’s book has caused - cannot be undone.

They say the publication of the book increased their anguish. 

And this is where I have a huge problem with the McCanns.

They are claiming for pain and suffering for Madeleine, Sean and Amelie (though they have been ordered to produce the legal documentation which proves they are allowed to claim for Madeleine as she is a Ward of Court in England & Wales – Did they produce it?) but they also tell us their twin children are just dandy, have not suffered.  As Gerry McCann said yesterday - 'the twins are doing really really well.'

Yet here we have Kate McCann with one of her tales speaking of Sean asking questions as though this automatically meant he was "damaged?"

It would be strange if the child did not ask questions at now 9 years of age.

And one such question he and his sister will ask is about that awful book written by Kate McCann where she speaks of personal and intimate details between her and the little guy she is married to.  And shockingly she speaks in graphic detail of what she thinks paedophiles may have done to Madeleine.

What was it Mrs McCann had to say about Dr Amaral’s book, damaging for an adult but more damaging to a child?   

Well I guess that description fits perfectly the crass and disgusting piece that Kate McCann put together and sadly for Madeleine – named it after her.

No one but no one would want such a book in their name.

But do we really believe that a child of 9 years old asked his mummy the question Kate McCann claims he did? 

I do believe it is the sort of question the boy would ask if he had heard something on TV or radio, the school playground, his parents speaking at home about Dr Amaral - and I’m sure they have many a time – Kate McCann will have knocked the furniture around in one of her foul tempers cursing the man for sure.  

I would find it difficult to believe that she has not thrown a strop in front of her kids re Dr Amaral.

I have no problem at all with the kids asking questions.  Kids are curious. That is normal.  It would be more surprising if Sean and Amelie had never asked them about matters connected to Madeleine’s disappearance.  And at 9 years old they must surely ask their parents why they keep hopping off to Portugal and then pop up on the TV screen, their mother screaching like a banshee and their father growling like bear.

And, as they get a little older again, these kids are not only going to ask questions but they are going to put 2+ 2 together.

What I find concerning in this, is that Kate McCann told the Judge that she made contact with Mr Trickey, the psychologist with regards Sean’s question.  Trickey told her, just to let them ask.  (well you really cannot stop them asking) and then to give them an answer.

Well I’ll be blowed – we could all be psychologists if that was the extent of his professional opinion, an example of his expertise – 

I do wonder though if she was entirely honest in this as this is what she claims Trickey told her when the children were very young, not long after Madeleine vanished.  When she answered the Court as to how she dealt with Sean's question of October 2013, and she stated she spoke with Trickey and it seems from what she told the Judge, Mr Trickey told her exactly what he had seven years ago?  Hmm!  I would have thought the advice he would offer for a 2/3 year old would have differed somewhat from that for a 9 year old!

He's not very good, I don't think! 

Kate McCann really didn’t answer the Judge properly, she gave no explanation as to how Sean reacted to her reply – ‘There are many stupid things in Dr Amaral’s book.’

Did Sean follow up her reply with another question?

Did he just accept her reply and then moved on unperturbed by the whole affair?

She did not explain if Sean was upset when he asked the question or if he had just asked out of curiosity.  She did not explain if it had been just a passing remark, just like the question Madeleine put to her parents on the morning of the night she was reported as missing – ‘Why did you not come when me and Sean cried?’ which Kate McCann in interview described as a passing remark.

She did not explain either if she spoke with Amelie together with Sean.  She made no mention as to whether the reply she gave sufficed or did Sean ask more.

And that concerns me.

She/they are claiming damages for pain and suffering for these twin children, Sean and Amelie, but they have FAILED to demonstrate what suffering the children have experienced and how it manifested itself.

To simply say that Sean asked a question – really doesn’t cut it – it proves nothing.   It is only Kate McCanns word that the child even asked such a question – and I’m afraid based on her track record, I wouldn’t bet on it being the truth.

And you cannot claim pain and suffering INSIDE THE COURT, and then OUTSIDE claim the twins are doing really, really well as Gerry McCann did!

If these twin children were in any way affected by Dr Amaral’s book there would be noticeable signs.

Teachers at school, family and friends would have noted behavioural changes, and Trickey would not have simply said let them ask a question and then answer it, if these kids were in any way disturbed by goings on.

Kate McCann would have been able to give examples of how Sean and Amelie had been affected – to say the boy asked a question – doesn’t suggest pain or suffering.

These kids are 9 years of age, they must be asking questions constantly regarding their missing sister, as after all they have had it rammed down their throats from the time Madeleine vanished.  They have appeared in documentaries by the McCCanns.  Their parents speak of them in interviews, telling the world what Sean or Amelie supposedly said regarding this or that.  Their lives have hardly been kept private by their parents.

The McCanns have never shied away from discussing the twins their lives, never shied from including them in whatever campaign was current, allowing the twins to be filmed for the documentary, at a very young age.

And that, I find worrying, troubling that so easily they expose these twin children as they do.


That is a question which for the twins will give them a whole lot to think about when they are older, and for sure whatever tale the McCanns choose to tell these two kids, there is no guarantee that they will accept their parents version of events or their poor excuses for having abandoned them.  Which directly caused the disappearance of their sister, and either directly or indirectly caused her to lose her life, a sister the twins never got to know.

And that will be huge in the lives of these two kids when they become young teenagers, young adults.  A lot to take on board, a lot for them to understand, make sense of.

And what of Amelie - Did she ask anything of her mother regarding Dr Amaral's book?

Do we think for a moment if she was on the school bus alongside Sean that she didn’t hear this NEWS REPORT?  That all of the other children did not hear this news report?   That Sean did not speak to Amelie about this news report?

Are we to believe that after Kate McCann said to a 9 year old boy – 'Oh Dr Amaral says lots of stupid things' that that was the end of it?   He just accepted that and walked off, and Amelie was left in the dark?

Not on your life – Kate McCann.

If this boy asked this question – any mum in such a position would have sat both twins down and spoken to them together, and given much more explanation than – 'Dr Amaral said many stupid things in his book.'

Her eldest child is missing, has been for over seven years after being abandoned in a holiday apartment by her mummy and daddy, and she expects the world to believe that such a short and flippant response to her son, sufficed?

What Kate McCann thought in my opinion, was that this story would enable her in securing £1m in libel damages. To gain sympathy.  She made sure that Sean "said" this AFTER the last session in Court.  It had to be AFTER, as her witnesses, her pretend psychologist failed to mention any such thing when giving their testimonies.

She used her young son to attempt to make her goals in this case happen.   And that is both sickening and despicable.

In the mind of Kate McCann this was a great ploy.  Tell the Court, tell the world, Sean had asked about Dr Amaral’s book, it will make her look a victim, it will gain her/them sympathy.

It hasn’t!

It has left me, like thousands of other I am sure, believing that Kate McCann is more sick than I had originally imagined her to be, as no mother, knowing the press reaction to such a comment in Court, mentioning her son by name in Court, and knowing the little guy’s name would be plastered in the press, and not only be seen in the UK, but worldwide on the internet, knowing how he would feel having to face friends at school – SHE THREW THE LITTLE LAD TO THE LIONS!

I would say their plan backfired on them.   Using a child in this way, for monetary gain is a sick and despicable act.

No one, no right minded adult who knows what Kate McCann said in Court is feeling sorry for her, they are feeling the utmost disgust. 
They are trying to figure out, how such a person is responsible for two little lives, their welfare, their well being, their happiness, their protection, their safety – because what she did in Court in Lisbon yesterday demonstrated a complete and utter disregard for these two children for all of the above areas of their lives.

Back in October when (or rather IF) Sean asked her what she claims he did – that should have been the moment, and without hesitation when she and her other half the obnoxious little man that is Gerry McCann decided –


But would that even occur to the McCanns, that they are damaging their kids by their actions, that they are leaving them vulnerable and unprotected, their lives being played out for the watching world. Sadly - Not in a month of Sunday's in McCannland!

Not a single parent I have spoken to would put their little son through what these parents did to little Sean McCann in Court yesterday.

No matter which way I look at it, it is beyond my understanding that a mother would harm her child in this way.

Does the money mean that much to them that they are prepared to sacrifice their little kids?

For Madeleine, put their money where their mouths are - there are two police forces investigating this case - we are supposed to believe the Met are getting closer to discovering what became of the child - what better time for the McCanns to use the monies in the Madeleine Fund as a reward, to loosen some tongues - to leave no stone unturned?

If they can pay Mitchell vast sums for dodgy stories, for spin, for reputation management, to lie - then they can use some of that money for Madeleine!

Go on McCanns, show your missing daughter, and your remaining children that you care - While two police forces are searching for her - that money is just lying in the Fund - put up a REWARD for information with whatever is left!

The case of missing Madeleine is truly sad, the most well known missing child in the world, more money than any missing person case thrown at it, two police forces currently investigating, many have made tidy sums from her disappearance, and yet the poor child had the misfortune to have parents, and they buddies, who refused to fully co-operate with police authorities searching to discover what became of her.

Parents who hid for five years crucial E.Fits of a suspect seen carrying a child of Madeleine's description on the night she vanished.  The man carrying the child described as resembling Gerry McCann. 

I have never heard either of the McCanns explain to the public why they never disclosed the E.Fits?

Perhaps in their next outing for the press they could offer explanation and perhaps the reporters could grow a pair and ask them?

While they are at it, perhaps the  McCanns  can also explain the following:

What happened to the News of the World's 'Find Madeleine Reward Fund'?

News of the World reward header

On May 13 2007, ten days after Madeleine McCann disappeared from an apartment in Praia da Luz, the News of the World announced the "biggest ever newspaper reward" for information leading to Madeleine's safe return.

At the same time, the paper promised that if the reward remained unpaid for any reason, the portion made up of readers' donations [The other portion being made up of 'pledges'] would be shared equally by children's charities Barnado's, Childline and the NSPCC.

In April 2011, the donated portion of the reward money was indeed paid out by News International - but not to the children's charities, as they had promised. Instead, and with no announcement from either the News of the World or the McCanns, it was paid into Madeleine's Fund.

Read more here

Full reading at

As ever huge thanks to Nige McCannfiles for all the great work the site a most terrific source of reference, and when so much going on in the case it never fails to amaze me the speed at which he is able to update us.
9th July 2014

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