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Ah so Gerry McCann would like social media to be used to IMPROVE THE WORLD!

Roughly translated that means he would like it to improve HIS world - If all on social media would just oblige him by shutting up and not asking any further questions re the case of his missing daughter he'd be happy as larry.

What makes McCann think social media isn't already improving the world?

Social media is powerful as he says and it can be used to IMPROVE for Madeleine, the chances of people coming to know many of the truths of this case, truths that the UK public will never see printed in their press nor will they hear discussed on any radio or televised broadcast - as to be darn well frank - it ain't allowed in the UK to challenge or question the McCanns!

UK are kept in the dark fed what Mitchell and the McCanns want you to hear.

Mitchell the McCanns £70,000 per year spin doctor who controls much of the media the stories put out there to assist the McCanns with their story of abduction - hell that's powerful - but it just ain't enough for Gerry, not when those on social media just won't stay quiet!  And Clarence can't control it.  The latest attempt to do that ending in the tragic death of Brenda Leyland.

'Powerful' social media: Kate and Gerry McCann, parents of missing girl Madeleine McCann arrive at the Mondrian London Hotel last night to attend a function in aid of promoting Child Rescue Alert
McCann - Pink Means Power  

But you gotta laugh at McCanns gall, and of course his new found 'pinkness' - that TIE - bit of Clarence Mitchell going on there - soon the world won't be able to tell the two apart!

I suggest you take one last hard look at the guy as next time he appears he could look like this:

Gerry McCann, or is it Clarence Mitchell today attending the British Hairdressing Awards.  

But what message will Gerry McCann have next for the world.  Perhaps he would like::

To buy the world a home
And furnish it with love
Grow apple trees and honey bees
And snow white turtle doves.

Or maybe he'd like to:

Teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony
To buy the world a Coke
And keep it company
That's the real thing.

What he would NOT LIKE to do is  EXPLAIN TO THE WORLD why he, his wife and their 
buddies gave police statements which simply don't stand up to scrutiny, and why they were less than honest with police authorities in this regard, and WHY Gerry McCann SEVEN days after his daughter's disappearance DECIDED TO CHANGE HIS STORY!

Retired British police detective John Stalker said the McCanns and their buddies and hiding something.

I'm Sticking with Stalker
- that is my message to the world in the case of missing Madeleine McCann - Powerful?

And I very much doubt McCann would like to tell us all who contacted him and gave him THAT file, or if he knows anything about how Brunt got his mitts on it!

And just for the record what makes NOT a bit of sense, is why anyone would ask the McCann couple to be the face of any body involved in the safety, care and protection, rescue of children, and why anyone would ask either of them to speak about abduction child alert systems is beyond comprehension.   


Madeleine would not have needed to be in a position where she required to be rescued or her body discovered, if she had been PROTECTED!

The Mailonline article featured some pictures, one of the McCanns, one of Madeleine and one of April Jones, the pictures side by side.  And one too of Brenda Leyland.

The caption under Brenda's referred to trolling of the McCanns and the headline once again - included 'the death of a troll.'  

Again I repeat.  A troll did not die.  There is no such thing.

A woman, a much loved mum, a decent human being died.

The caption beneath the McCanns picture did NOT read: The Child Neglectors on a Day Out!

And indeed it should not have.  That would have been a nasty caption.  Just as the caption and headline attached to Brenda Leyland is!

To be noted also, the caption under the picture of Madeleine and little April, read as follows:   

Young girls:  Madeleine McCann (left) disappeared aged three during a family holiday in Portugal 2007, while April Jones (right), five, of Machylleth, mid Wales, was kidnapped and murdered in October 2012

The Mailonline do not describe Madeleine as a child abducted and rightly so as she is a child missing or a child murdered as Hogan Howe said in his radio interview?

Hogan-Howe in his radio interview referred to Madeleine as a child murdered, and quickly, as he did on a previous occasion, corrected or rather changed this statement.

If the Met believe Madeleine is not alive, has been murdered, then this is no longer a case of a missing child, it is a murder investigation that Operation Grange are working on?

Just listening to the world weather forecast - another band of pink is to be expected is understood Portugal may be hardest hit in the coming weeks...with prolonged periods of pink and patronising preaching.  The advice from those 'in the pink' to the people of Portugal and the public in general is to keep their mouths shut, and if they refrain from social media, the passing of the pink will be pretty much pain free - a source closely connected to Pink Power said that what the world must understand is that when there is an important up and coming matter like a court case for instance, which involves a pink person, the public must refrain from using social media.  The Pink Party prefer that all posting on social media at such times is put on hold, punishable if not!

The source added that people must understand that the policies of the pink party are to make the world a better place, the power of social media best kept under their control.
9th October 2014

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