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McCann - Safety Issues

McCann - Safety Issues

So Gerry and Kate McCann took their three, under 4 year old children, to holiday in Portugal.  

They rented a holiday apartment, and at night they would go out to dinner leaving their three young children alone in the apartment. Leaving also the patio door unlocked so that their then three year old daughter Madeleine could get out and look for them.

Kate McCanns best friend gave this as her witness statement to police in Portugal and to the Leicestershire Police in the UK.

Gerry McCann has spoken about safety issues surrounding his children, being left in such a dangerous position.

He and his other half, Kate McCann claim they 'felt it safe' to abandon their children nightly in this way.

A bit of a contradiction, when the McCanns would lock the apartment in day time, when they were out doing other activities, to keep their material belongings safe, yet they didn't bother at night when it was the kids safety that was at stake?

Odd this, as Gerry McCann reported a theft back home in the UK, one year before this holiday in Portugal.

Seems a set of golf clubs was stolen from his car which was parked in the driveway of his home.

So McCann was no stranger to being the victim of crime - he would surely, after this theft took place, have been very aware of the need to lock up his belongings at all times, of how thieves could strike at any time - Yet we are to believe that he left his three children alone and vulnerable in an UNLOCKED holiday apartment - his possessions too, unsecured!

Pull the other one!

'A search of the crime location and information system only indicates that Mr McCann was the victim of a theft of golf clubs from inside his car in the drive way to his home on 01/04/2006. '

How lucky he was on this occasion that the thieves didn't steal one, or all three of his children - but then burglars are not interested in babies!  

Money, jewellery, credit cards...oh and golf clubs, yes indeed a burglars wish list, but not a baby or young child to be seen... 

I suspect burglars in Portugal (in fact the world round) whether Portuguese or some other nationality working in Portugal...the same wish list would apply!  

That said, a burglar would 'check out' a property before a robbery - maybe burglars in Portugal witnessed what was going on at the McCann apartment that night, saw the movement of the McCanns, their holiday buddies, and perhaps even saw Madeleine being carried off by one of the party who they had seen, going in and out, of that apartment on that evening...but, recognising the person as one of the 'checkers' of the children'  the burglar/s just didn't realise the child's removal from the apartment was in fact a crime in action?'

Let's face it, if there were all of these people, burglars, as DCI Redwood would have us believe, supposedly lurking around Praia da Luz that evening watching the McCann apartment - these people/burlgars had to have seen the McCann party - How could they not?

They will make great witnesses if they exist and come forward.

And, Gerry McCanns insurance policies, home, holiday, car?They must be sky high when he continues to ignore the terms of same, when he continues to fail to lock up every trip, when he ignores the safety issues!
12th January 2014

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