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McCann Flying Solo

McCann Flying Solo


The law in Portugal was changed in July 2013 allowing defendants and plaintiffs in libel cases to be heard as witnesses in Court.


The McCann case was raised before this date, back in 2009.


Daily Express 27th September 2013


A ‘source’ close to the McCann family, Clarence Mitchell?


"They brought the libel action against Mr Amaral way before the change in the law in July and there is some confusion as to whether the new ruling applies to them.


Duarte as their Portuguese lawyer, together with the McCanns must surely have been more than delighted in July 2013 that there would now be every possibility that both Gerry and Kate McCann could speak for themselves in Court, and as Gerry McCann said outside the Court in Lisbon yesterday-


Gerry McCann: 

"Well, the law's changed and I think, errr... I think Kate and I know better than anyone else, errr... what we've experienced and what we've gone through and the facts of the file and, errm... the damage that's been caused to the search for Madeleine."


Duarte too must surely have made immediate investigation as to whether the new law applied to the McCann case, and if so, immediate application made for Kate and Gerry McCann to be permitted to be heard as witnesses in the libel case.


Seems not!


Quite apparent that Gerry and Kate McCann left a stone unturned in their ‘No Stone Unturned’ campaign, and did not make immediate application to the Court in Lisbon to be heard as witnesses.


Seems they were very happy to let their family and friends take the stand and speak for them – and that has been far from successful, with witnesses lying and blundering their way through.


No one was left in any doubt about Kate and Gerry McCann, their true motives behind this libel trial, their “reputations” such as they are, their Fund, damaged, as many of the lies told throughout the past years against others, all heard and brought into question in open Court, and by none other than their own witnesses their friends and family – not by internet troll people, or the Portuguese Police (those Fucking Tossers as Kate McCann refers to them) and not by Dr Goncalo Amaral – by their own family members.


They came willingly, prepared to repeat in a Court of Law anything which Gerry and Kate McCann had told them over the past years - Blind faith?


Either way, blatant lies or blind faith – it was their downfall!


They did not come properly prepped!


They didn’t do their own homework, and left themselves wide open to the truth of matters being discovered by testifying as per the Team McCann script – they themselves discovering at times and whilst on the witness stand that statements they had made were incorrect, at times too, the Judge having to make this clear to them that what they were saying was quite simply wrong.

The McCanns lawyer, Isabel Duarte, is now saying, rather late in the day, that it is important that Gerry McCann be heard in Court.

Why then did she leave it until the eleventh hour to make such application to the Court for permission for Gerry McCann to speak, and why only for Gerry and not Kate McCann?  Gerry McCann said that he and Kate know better than anyone else!


Madame Duarte has once again dropped the McCanns in the mire by announcing the reason (the truth?) behind the last minute application for Gerry to take the stand as a witness:




"I asked because I don't have two witnesses that I have appointed, so I have asked the court to substitute the two witnesses by Gerry, because nowadays he can give evidence."


So had her two appointed witnesses been able to attend – do we take it that Gerry would not have bothered to make the effort?


So who are the two missing witnesses and the reason for their  ‘no show?’


The Court last week had a postponement.  This meant that Kate McCanns mother, Susan Healy and Gerry McCanns sister, Trish Cameron were not heard as witnesses.


They made application for their statements to be accepted in writing.  The Court denied the request.


Trish Cameron is now going to return to Portugal to be heard in Court, but it seems that Kate’s mother Susan Healy is not.


So Duarte is one witness down.


Clearly if the Court has allowed Trish Cameron to return, the same permission would have been granted to Susan Healy?


Does Susan Healy not wish to return or unable to return for whatever reason? 




Is this move by Duarte and the obviously reluctant potential witness, Gerry McCann, to side-step Susan Healy more to do with the disastrous performance of the McCann witnesses, than Gerry suddenly realising he knows better than anyone else, or Duarte being two witnesses down?


I rather think so!


Gerry knew in July 2013 when the law was changed that he and Kate knew ‘better than anyone else!’  They did nothing!


The hearing scheduled for yesterday (27th September 2013) in Portugal was postponed.


No decision had been made as to whether Gerry McCann was to be permitted as a witness.  He was not allowed inside the Court Room.


When speaking with reporters outside the Court Building McCann, who clearly had no intention of being present at Court - but had been forced to get his sorry derriere off his Rothley sofa, and on a plane to Portugal by his little lady lawyer - looked and sounded relieved that he had not had to take part in any legal proceedings.


Mr Angry as he is known, was subdued, no snapping at the reporter’s as is the norm for Gerry McCann.  He looked decidedly uncomfortable – well who would not after their own witnesses messed up big time? 


In fact like a little boy lost he looked to the more senior Duarte for help, to bail him out...

Much in the same way I guess as little Madeleine did, looked to him and Kate her mummy and daddy and asked them – ‘Why did you not come when Sean and me were crying?’

Gerry McCann:  
 "I think, err... Isabel will be able to explain better."


Duarte stood at his side…she ignored his plea, an out of place, strange and somewhat scary smile stretched her face..proceedings were closed for the day...

Duarte had moved on!


In the same way he and Kate had treated Madeleine -  Duarte left Gerry McCann to fly solo!
28th September 2013

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