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McCann Fury

McCann Fury

So McCanns are filled with fury - What's new then?

Since they reported their daughter Madeleine as missing their spokesperson has been filling the headlines with how furious they are.

I wrote a blog on their 'fury' a while back.

Furious the McCanns are mainly when they see money slipping through their greedy fingers.   And of course furious when people, LIKE THE POLICE, don't believe their abduction story.   Furious when the public who donated more than generously to their Fund to find Madeleine, woke up to the truth of matters, and not only decided they would no longer fund the farce, they decided to QUESTION the McCanns, their tale of abduction, and QUESTION also the use of the Fund monies.

Previously the public believed that every penny did in fact, as Gerry McCann stated, go towards a search for the missing child.  

They had no idea that the monies were being used to fund legal actions against others, and for paying Clarence Mitchell his £70,000 per year to protect them, by creating stories, such as the ones we will see in the headlines today, about their FURY!  

Google 'McCann Fury' and up will pop a mountain of such headlines, all declaring how furious the McCanns are about this and that.

In the main their FURY, their EXASPERATION and FRUSTRATION (they are always exasperated/frustrated too let us not forget this) is not at not finding their missing daughter, it is about seeing money slip away from them.

And today's FURY is for THAT VERY REASON ALSO - they are fearful they may lose the case to be heard in Portugal this week, an action they raised against Dr Amaral, and which he appealed.

And I can understand why they are fearful.

You see, what the press in UK does not print is that the McCanns have huge costs to meet regarding this case.  That is what the Judge ordered.  Indeed they were awarded some monies (nowhere close to what they had asked for - and the reason for that is that the JUDGE THREW OUT the majority of the claims they made.  Essentially, the Court did NOT BELIEVE THEIR STORY) BUT they have heavy costs to meet!   Costs which apply to McCanns no matter what the outcome of the appeal by Dr Amaral. 

So it comes as no surprise their story in the press today.   A huge whacking great legal bill is due any time soon through their letterbox, no matter the outcome of this appeal hearing!

Perhaps Sky, Jim Gamble,Carole Malone, Lorraine Kelly, Martin Brunt, the online vigilantes will foot the bill for them, as as I said, either way, they have huge legal costs which will need paying.

Perhaps Clarence Mitchell, who has made an absolute fortune from the Madeleine Fund, will forgo his salary this year, and help them out?

They are desperate!

So desperate, are they, that Clarence Mitchell in recent weeks has put out stories of how they, the McCanns have been MOVING FUNDS AROUND. Moving monies to a SPECIAL ACCOUNT he said.   He claimed this was a sensible thing to do, as they were doing it for Madeleine, so that IF they need to search alone, should the police investigation come to an abrupt end, then the funds were available.

STRANGE THAT, as the public NEVER KNEW, were never told that their DONATIONS would be shifted, moved around to ANY SPECIAL ACCOUNT.   Everyone believed the monies went straight into the Madeleine Fund and there they remained, nice and handy for the SEARCH.

Before every Court case to date, in connection with the McCanns and MONEY we were always sure of a shed load of such like headlines - 'The Poor McCanns Are Furious' - 'Gerry and Kate are Furious'

No one doubts their fury, we've all seen the many videos online where one or other of this pair, are throwing a temper tantrum, storming out of interviews when they don't like the questions posed.  Storming out of Court (we've seen that one a few times also) Gerry McCann so furious during one of his angry episodes that he leaves his wife sitting at the interview as he rips off his microphone.  And at Court where he storms off and leaves his wife IN Court.  FURIOUSLY denying to the waiting press pack a statement made in Court.  In essence he accused the police officer, who had made a statement, a witness statement in Court, in reference to Kate McCann, a liar.

Oh and I wrote a blog about that also, worth a read if I say so myself, it details the facts, and will allow you to decide for yourself, who is telling the truth, McCanns or Police Officer Paiva.

Interesting too is a statement made by Kate McCann back in 2011 where she claimed that even when the Fund only has a couple of thousand pounds, it is a lot of money to her.

And yes, you've guessed it - I did a blog on that article by the Sun also-

But back to today's offerings in the press.

The public who have deserted the McCanns, their abduction story, their FUND, in droves have been showing their support of  Dr Goncalo Amaral by donating to an appeal so that he has the monies to defend himself against this greedy couple.

They have had enormous financial backing from wealthy persons which they have used to destroy the lives of this man, his children, their mother.  Through the Courts they had his monies/assets frozen, and this has been the case for several years.

The legal action was therefore one sided.  The McCanns having the financial means to squash (after having Dr Amaral's monies frozen) Dr Amaral.  And so confident were they that they had succeeded in doing so.

That was of course, until the public, persons, sick to the back teeth of this couple, their lies, their deceit, their devious conduct, their malicious intent against others, their malicious legal actions - decided they would assist Dr Amaral, a good and honest man, a man who fought for young Madeleine McCann, for justice for this child, like no other has (including her parents) they decided it was time to LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD, give Dr Amaral a fighting chance, and to do so that required financing.

A wonderful young lady by the name of Leanne Baulch, made that happen by starting a fund for that very purpose.  To meet the legal expenses that an appeal would incur.

Together with Projecto Justica Goncalo Amaral, which was already in place but its existence not particularly well known, the public raised a substantial amount of monies, enough for Dr Goncalo Amaral, to fight back against the McCanns.

This without doubt will have caused FURY in the McCann household.

Not only did the monies roll in so that this man could have a fighting chance in his appeal, the wonderful and sincere tributes to him also flooded in.   Some very poignant messages of support for a man who has been so wronged by this couple McCann, whose life and that of his children, their mother almost destroyed by the hatred of this couple.   Kate McCann said she wished him to feel fear, misery.

And to that aim she spends her fury, against Dr Amaral, his children, their mother.

Dr Amaral has to be destroyed no matter the cost, no matter who Kate McCanns fury affects, no matter whose life it destroys.

Yesterday I wrote a blog, defending the rights of the McCann children, not to be exposed to any sort of abuse by either their parents or by the awful Sonia Poulton - Poulton's Pranks.

Kate McCann did not afford the children of Dr Amaral any such consideration.  Her hate her fury has no bounds.

Today in the press we hear of that USUAL FURY the fury that always exists when the McCanns may lose some cash!

I have not a single doubt that the Fund for Dr Amaral has all but sent this pair over the edge with anger.  I would not be surprised if Kate McCann has broken, in temper, a few items of furniture, as she has claimed to have done in the past.  I have no doubt she and Gerry McCann will have been at each others throats arguing over this.  I have no doubt that they have had meetings with their Board of Directors (who just happen to be their friends and family) to vent their anger.

I have no doubt that these people, the McCanns, cannot understand why good people, the public in their droves are doing a decent thing by helping a man wronged.

They are so self absorbed, so filled with hate and fury, a hate and fury that is of their own making.

They are angry with themselves, their team, because they have failed to convince the world of not only their claim that they are innocent of all, and any involvement regarding the mysterious disappearance of their little girl, but failed massively in convincing the world that Dr Amaral, the Portuguese Police Investigation (during the time when Dr Amaral headed the investigation, and in the months thereafter when another officer took the lead ) got their findings wrong.

I have no doubt either that they sit and read EVERY message which accompanies a donation towards Dr Amaral's Legal Expenses.  No doubt that it has Kate McCann calling those who donate, Fucking Tossers - that is how she referred to the police officers searching for her child, while she and her other half slept like babies on the night their daughter vanished!   She was busy doing other things that first week she said, which prevented her from going out to physically search for her missing child.

That has got to be the most astonishing statement of the many we have heard from this couple in the past 8 years.   A mother and father who were TOO BUSY to go out and physically search for their missing child!

Really think about that!

And I have no doubt either with the appeal hearing expected to be heard this coming week, that today's headlines are a desperate and despicable attempt to try in whatever way they can to gain public sympathy, and perhaps prevent anyone considering donating to Dr Amaral's Fund from doing so.

Do note.   The Madeleine Fund is set up in such a way by the McCanns that no one can touch it.  It can go on forever and a day.

The legal fund for Dr Amaral.   Well that is quite a different case altogether.   Any remaining funds, after all legal actions are exhausted, and all legal fees met, any monies remaining Dr Amaral has requested that these be given to a children's charity.

McCanns, not in a month of Sunday's would they do such a thing.   Their Fund, when, and only when, their daughter is recovered and the perpetrators caught, will they consider that the monies may be used for other purposes, but still under their control - they are not handing it over to a children's charity! 

That day will never come when they part willingly with money!

Whether the Appeal Court rules for, or against Dr Amaral, he is in the eyes of those who truly seek justice for Madeleine already a winner.

The McCanns that they would take from this man,  take from his children, the mother of his children, his family, their home, their possessions, every penny they have is quite frankly an act so abhorrent, an act against children, that no one with any sense of decency could condone.  

Their nonsense story in the press today, just another in a very long line of McCann nonsense.

But perhaps most interesting of ALL, is that if the McCanns are these wonderful decent people - WHY would they not want to fight, in Court a battle set out on a level playing field, that is a level financial playing field?

Their priority was not Madeleine, not their good name, it was to put a stranglehold on Dr Amaral, freeze his assets.

Now that tells me all I need to know about the type of persons they are - MONEY is their TOP PRIORITY.

If ever there was someone who deserved a break, a proper fighting chance, it is Dr Amaral.

Very best wishes to you sir, I wish you well for this coming appeal, which, if there is true justice in this world will rule in your favour.

As for those who write/print the ridiculous and venomous articles such as those seen today - I would say, shame on you.  But like the McCanns, Mitchell, and the rest of the team, it would be lost on you, just as decency is!

The McCanns, today you say are furious at persons donating to help Dr Amaral - Oh I'll bet they are.  I'll bet every message, every penny donated, has been a cup smashed in the kitchen at Rothley.

But the donations which probably, most hit the mark, sent them into one of their furious rages:


£8,000 donated by Portuguese lawyers and others

Whether you win or lose the appeal Dr Amaral, I hope this Fund set up by Leanne Baulch, has restored your faith in human kindness, after having dealt with the polar opposite in the McCanns for these long years, where their actions affected all in your life, your health, your good name, I hope the Fund the sincere messages, helped lift your spirits.

And as for the below statement, part of today's pathetic press which is of course said to be from a source, a pal of McCann, and in reference to the many good people who have donated to help Dr Amaral  -who are quite disgracefully referred to by this 'new' derogatory term - trolls -  Persons many of whom at one time donated to the McCanns, until they saw the light .

Press statement by McCanns pal (Clarence Mitchell, on behalf of McCanns, who pay him to come up with this shit ) -

"It seems strange indeed these people may be indirectly able to influence civil court proceedings.   Kate and Gerry are exasperated."

Err would that be in the same way that, Kate and Gerry McCann by their vicious actions, in having frozen Dr Amaral's assets, would have DIRECTLY influenced, prevented any appeal proceedings taking place, as Dr Amaral would not have been able to finance same, therefore not able to defend himself?  

The audacity of these people, the McCanns, that they even dare suggest, the public should not be donating to assist Dr Amaral with legal funds, that they dare suggest that Dr Amaral should not be afforded the same rights as the McCanns - his right to appeal, his right to a defence!

McCanns and their pal Clarence Mitchell, to have suggested, that the public do not donate to Dr Amaral, so as to BENEFIT the McCanns, assist THEIR abhorrent actions is contemptible!

'These people' as the McCanns pal Clarence Mitchell refers to those who have donated towards the Fund for Dr Amaral's legal fees, are not influencing civil court proceedings by offering financial help to Dr Amaral, they are enabling civil court proceedings to take place in the form of an appeal, which the McCanns have tried every dirty trick in the book to prevent happening - Their latest dirty trick being this stunt - TRYING TO INFLUENCE THE PUBLIC, TRYING TO CONVINCE THEM NOT TO HELP DR AMARAL, AND SHAMELESSLY USING MADELEINE ALSO, SAYING THAT IF THEY LOSE SHE LOSES, AS THE MONEY THEY WERE AWARDED WAS FOR HER, A SEARCH FOR HER.

Hell the McCanns, Mitchell and all the other scumbags associated with them, are evil, manipulating, money grabbing bastards!

Decency, truth, integrity, fair play, all alien to them.
5th October 2015

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