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McCann Fury - 2

McCann Fury - 2

The following statement which was part of this morning's poor McCann story in the press, where they are whinging about the success of the Fund set up to assist Dr Amaral financially (so that he may be able to meet legal costs) - I included in my earlier blog McCann Fury.

I feel though it is deserving of a little spot of its own.

The McCann source/pal stated the following:

“It seems strange indeed these people may be indirectly able to influence civil court proceedings. Kate and Gerry are exasperated.”

Err would that be in the same way that, Kate and Gerry McCann by their vicious actions, in having frozen Dr Amaral's assets, would have DIRECTLY influenced, prevented any appeal proceedings taking place, as Dr Amaral would not have been able to finance same, therefore not able to defend himself?   

The audacity of these people, the McCanns, that they even dare suggest, the public should not be donating to assist Dr Amaral with legal funds, that they dare suggest that Dr Amaral should not be afforded the same rights as the McCanns - his right to appeal, his right to a defence!

McCanns and their pal Clarence Mitchell, to have suggested, that the public should not donate to Dr Amaral, so as to BENEFIT the McCanns, assist THEIR abhorrent actions is contemptible!

'These people' as the McCanns pal Clarence Mitchell refers to those who have donated towards the Fund for Dr Amaral's legal fees, are not influencing civil court proceedings by offering financial help to Dr Amaral, they are enabling civil court proceedings to take place in the form of an appeal, which the McCanns have tried every dirty trick in the book to prevent happening - Their latest dirty trick being this stunt - TRYING TO INFLUENCE THE PUBLIC, TRYING TO CONVINCE THEM NOT TO HELP DR AMARAL, AND SHAMELESSLY USING MADELEINE ALSO, SAYING THAT IF THEY LOSE SHE LOSES, AS THE MONEY THEY WERE AWARDED WAS FOR HER, A SEARCH FOR HER.

Hell the McCanns, Mitchell and all the other scumbags associated with them, are evil, manipulating, money grabbing bastards!

Decency, truth, integrity, fair play, all alien to them.

Not a decent bone in their bodies.   Fair play not something they would recognise if it bit them on their greedy asses.

And that is why amongst the many donations in support of Dr Amaral, there is a donation by a group of METROPOLITAN POLICE OFFICERS, given to allow Dr Amaral a fighting chance.  

These officers recognised the unjust action of the McCanns.  And that, no doubt made the McCanns furious!

And here we have them in this morning's article in the press, whinging that Dr Amaral has been afforded the same right as they have,
financial backing to fight his corner!

But it makes one wonder also, should the ruling go against McCanns - (and they don't get their greedy hands on the £357,000 quoted in this article) will that Fund of theirs have a healthy enough balance to meet the court costs which they MUST pay, no matter the final outcome of this hearing?

The article further states they intend to use the £357,000 to search for Madeleine?

Aw shucks - we've all bought from that barrow before!
5th October 2015
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