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McCann Key Detail Wrong

McCann - Key Details Were Wrong


Not again Gerry?


Gerry McCann gets it Wrong  - How can that be?


Metropolitan Police, led by Andy Redwood are now saying key details in the McCann case were wrong.

The public have known this since the beginning that most of what the McCann party have said is just quite simply wrong.

Hence the Portuguese Police requesting the group to return to take part in a reconstruction of events which would cover not only the time from when the children of all families were abandoned by their parents in the various apartments but the hours leading up to this, as within this time frame also there are many inconsistencies in their statements.

The group refused to return to Portugal to take part in a reconstruction.


Do we take it from this latest news from Metropolitan Police that they have at last discovered the TWO versions that Gerry McCann gave Portuguese Police regarding his movements on the night his daughter vanished?

And has perhaps once more Gerry McCann changed his story?



Gerry McCanns police witness statement is perhaps the most crucial of all, the most crucial to discovering what became of Madeleine – And McCann knows this.


He is the last known person to have seen Madeleine alive.


He can tell the police more than anyone.  He can describe how he found the ‘state’ of either the front door/front entrance area/shuttered bedroom window where his children slept which was located at the front entrance


the side/patio/back entrance area to the apartment, at the time when it is claimed Madeleine was abducted, depending of course which of his versions of events he would like the Metropolitan Police to accept as the truthful account. 

And which account the Metropolitan Police have used for the purpose of their Reconstruction has without doubt got to have bearing on how it was possible for an intruder to gain access to the McCann apartment.

McCann will have been able to tell police if he saw or heard anything or anyone in the area as he headed either to or from the apartment.  But it is only helpful if McCann tells the truth, tells the police which of the two versions of his movements is the honest truth.

It cannot be both!

And his first account did not tie in with what Kate McCann told police?

Is this what prompted him to change it?   That and the fact that forensics discovered the window had not been jemmied open?

McCann gave two accounts.

  • That he entered through the front door which was locked using his key to open it.
  •    That he entered through the patio/side/back door which was lying unlocked.  Open also? (whichever you wish to name it)


If he entered by the patio/side/back entrance he will have been able to tell police:

  • If the gate at the bottom of the stairway was closed when he arrived?
  • If the gate at the top of the stairs (the child safety gate) was closed when he arrived?
  • If the patio door was in the same position which he left it?

You see McCanns claim that the gates were closed this is why Madeleine could not have exited onto the street, as she would not have managed to open not only the unlocked patio door but also the child safety gate at the top of the stairs.

Now McCann we know has a keen eye for a door left open he can recall just exactly how far open he leaves it.  We know from what they say they closed those stair gates.

So when McCann returned IF he entered by the patio door he would have immediately noticed if either gate was not in the position he left it- closed!

And that would have had McCann at the very least a little anxious knowing that someone had opened those gates, gone up those stairs towards the patio door which he had left unlocked and most likely slightly ajar so as to enable him and his wife to slide it open from outside (it has no handle on outside) and if that did not set alarm bells ringing, then when he saw the bedroom door open, they should have been ringing loudly in his ears.

I think we can safely assume that if we go along with McCann entering by the patio door that no one, no alleged abductor had entered the apartment just ahead of him, not least because there were so many people to-ing and fro-ing on the street, but because all MUST have been intact with the two gates and the patio door – they MUST have been just as McCann left them, else he would have noticed.

A child safety gate lying open would have frightened the living daylights out of any parent, and especially a safety gate at the top of a steep flight of stairs, exterior stairs, which lead to an open road, and when young children were left alone inside?

And we know too that if the man Jane Tanner says she saw is the alleged abductor, he did not exit the apartment by the patio door.  Gerry McCann was standing there right outside, talking to an acquaintance.

Not forgetting, McCanns stated they did not leave the patio door unlocked every night. 

 An intruder who planned to abduct Madeleine could not then be sure of finding it open.  Would they risk it, what would be the point if they were not sure of gaining access? 

Has it ever been established which nights the McCanns left the door patio door unlocked?

Probably not as in, he has probably not stated publicly which nights they left the patio door unlocked.   If we are to believe McCann he cannot even remember if it was locked or unlocked on the night Madeleine vanished!

But if we read their police witness statements carefully the answer to that question is there- and this is why McCann has so carefully avoided ever stating which night - he knows he will get it wrong!

***Gerry McCann told police that his wife Kate McCann had entered the apartment by the front door, same as he had, by using the key to unlock it.*** 


Where McCann was on that night, which door he used to enter/exit the holiday apartment has huge significance in this case. 


The fact too that he and his wife Kate McCann disagreed on how they each entered and exited the apartment must not be overlooked.



He left the tapas restaurant, onto the footpath outside which leads to the Ocean Club Reception area.  He passed through the reception area, exiting onto the street, turning left and heading in an upwards direction towards the holiday apartment.

Mid-way along the street, he comes to the side/patio entrance to the apartment (which the McCanns later claim was unlocked) he continues past the patio/side entrance to the top of the road – a T-junction.   He takes a left, walks along this road a short distance until he reaches the entrance to a car park.  Crosses the car park and exits at the footpath which runs along the front entrances to the holiday apartments.  The McCann apartment is on the ground floor.  He passes the front doors and shuttered windows, of not only the apartments of others, but the bedroom window of his own apartment (where his 3 children were sleeping)  All shutters are down.

He then unlocks the front door to his apartment, enters.

The door to the bedroom where his children lay sleeping does not face the front door entrance therefore to view it McCann has to go deeper into the apartment.  It is then he claims to have noticed that the bedroom door is much wider open than he had left it before heading out to the tapas bar that evening.

He looks in on his children.  All well.  Admires them thinks to himself how lucky he is to have 3 beautiful children.   He is sure Madeleine has not been out of bed as she is lying in the same position ‘which he left her.’

He uses the bathroom.

He does not bother to check how the bedroom door came to be almost fully open, but heads back out to join his companions at the bar, leaving the three sleeping children alone again.


***He exits the apartment presumably by the front door the way he had entered, securing the apartment once more! ****


***In the McCann Documentary ‘Madeleine was Here’ – The McCanns own Reconstruction of events put together with the aid of their private detective Dave Edgar – Gerry McCann enters the holiday apartment by the front door entrance (same as his FIRST police witness statement)

He does not indicate in this documentary how he exited.  At one point when he is in discussion with Tanner about which side of the road she saw him standing that night – he simply says ‘when I came out’  As they are close to the patio door at this point, perhaps the viewer is to assume he is inferring that he exited the apartment by the patio door?

But why would he have exited by the patio/side door if he had entered by the front?  By doing so he is not able to then secure the apartment as it had been previously***



He left the tapas restaurant, onto the footpath outside which leads to the Ocean Club Reception area.  He passed through the reception area, exiting onto the street, turning left and heading in an upwards direction towards the holiday apartment.

Mid-way along the street, he comes to the side/back/patio entrance to the apartment.  He opens the gate, climbs the steep flight of stairs. At the top he opens the child safety gate, he then opens the unlocked patio door.  (this door has no handle on the outside, presumably he would have left it open a little then so as to allow him a ‘grip’ to allow him to slide it open) The Curtains framing the window he would then have had to either open, draw back from one side, or find the gap, the parting in the two curtains.

(Entering by the patio door would mean that the bedroom door where the children slept was now directly in front of him. Unlike when he entered by the front door)

McCann said he saw that the door to the bedroom where his children slept was more widely open than he had left it.  He crossed the living room area and looked in on the children.  They were asleep.  He is sure of that, all three.  Madeleine being in the same position that he had left her.  He takes a moment to pause and think how lucky he is to have three beautiful children.

He does not further check to discover why the children’s bedroom door came to be more widely open.  He heads back to the tapas bar to the company of his holiday companions.

The window shutter in the bedroom at this time was down. The curtains closed.

He states that he exited the apartment by the same route he had entered – the patio door.


***The glass sliding patio door.  Was there any fingerprints belonging to the McCanns, their holiday companions found on this door?***

So which is the truth Gerry McCanns FIRST account of his movements or his SECOND account?
13th October 2013

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