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McCann Kick in the Teeth

McCanns - A Kick in the Teeth

There are a few issues in the recent documentary 'McCanns and the Conman’ which stick out like a sore thumb.    Not least that they have yet to tell the truth of the events leading up to the day Madeleine vanished, and  yet to disclose what are the TRUE events of the evening that Kate McCann claims to have found the little girl to have vanished?   This being the most important of all.

They owe it, to not only Madeleine but Sean and Amelie their remaining children to come clean.

Another issue is the Fund monies, and that, is not going to go away, much as I'm sure they’d like for it to.

Full disclosure of where EVERY last penny, of the PUBLICLY DONATED FUND MONIES have gone should be supplied by Kate and Gerry McCann.  The public should not have to make application to Companies House for this information to be revealed, and even if they did, how detailed would it be, in connection with the Halligan Affair?  The McCanns are Board Members/Directors, two members of a team consisting of their family and friends who operate the Find Madeleine Fund, they  are the persons responsible for EVERY LAST PENNY!

THEY owe this, full disclosure, to the public… the little kids who gave their pocket money, the elderly who gave their pensions, and every other person who gave so very generously as they simply wanted to help the plight of a little girl who was left night after night, left to fend for herself by her parents, and who lost her life due to their negligence.  They gave in the hope that it may just be possible for the child to be found, found alive, and returned home safely.

This documentary concentrated heavily not only on Kevin Halligan, Operation Omega but on the Find Madeleine Fund, and the Publicly Donated Fund Monies.

Yes, that’s right the publicly donated Fund monies, that is the monies donated by the public, you know the people, the little kids who gave their pocket money, the old folks who gave from their pensions, the kind people who gave to help a missing child, the people who donated to the Find Madeleine Fund, you know the Fund that is publicly funded. 

For those who didn't know that the Find Madeleine Fund is made up of monies donated by the public, but who perhaps viewed the recent documentary - 'McCanns and the Conman' you will have been left in no doubt whatsoever, that this is a Fund which the public donated to:


  • The case touched the heart of the nation and the public dug into their pockets to help find Madeleine.
  • These people didn’t come cheap but the McCanns had access to the Find Madeleine Fund with a £1m worth of donations raised by the public.
  • It was a major breakthrough for the publicly funded investigation. 
  • Just weeks into the case, the $1m publicly funded investigation to find her had a breakthrough.
  • Kevin Halligan’s team was half way through the publicly funded investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance.
  • While the publicly funded investigation continued the Portuguese investigation was coming to an end.  
  • The report funded by public donations. 
  • It's the tale of your missing money.

So we all now know this operation Omega by Halligan’s team was funded by the monies the public donated to the Find Madeleine Fund.

No less than 7 times during the documentary it was stated that the Fund monies are publicly donated, that it is YOUR money.  It is with this is mind that we must look a little closer as to where the monies have been spent!

We know also that this latest documentary is a huge kick in the teeth for the McCanns and the Find Madeleine Fund, its management, its directors, who consist of the McCanns their family, and close friends. It serves to demonstrate how murky the case of missing Madeleine actually is. 

More than ever it re-enforces that the McCanns cannot be trusted to tell the whole truth, at best they are economical, their desire to deceive seems high priority.  They are far from transparent in their dealings.  And they have paid Clarence Mitchell vast sums of money to see that the truth of certain matters is not disclosed.  The spinning this guy has been involved in, in this most tragic case of a missing child, to protect his clients, is utterly despicable. 

When the Funds were low, and the debts were high, the McCanns boldly asked the public for more telling them they needed the monies to search for Madeleine - arrogant as ever, they had no shame in doing so.  They stated this, as if it was their God Given Right that the public give them more,   Yet all the while, all the years they kept Mitchell on their payrol at £70,000 per year when working on a full time basis for them.

The liar that is Mitchell, was being paid with YOUR money!

Mitchell being paid meant that monies for the search for Madeleine, according to Kate and Gerry McCann were tight!   They didn't think to get rid of Mitchell which would have been an effective saving, which would have allowed more money to be ploughed, into a search for the missing child.   Why is that?

That takes some gall on the part of the McCanns to appeal to the public, the kids the old folks while they and Mitchell came first in the queue with regards money!

Madeleine was somewhere, way far down in the list of priorities,when the cash was being handed out.

The public were paying for the McCanns - their mortgage at one stage, paying for anything at all that they the McCanns considered could be taken from the Fund.

Legal actions against others too, all a part of.  The public paying for this also - and some of these actions raised, the McCanns lost!   That must have been costly for the Find Madeleine Fund. 

Why should the public have been asked to PAY AGAIN when the likes of Mitchell - who could hardly be considered a necessity in the case of a missing child - was still filling his pockets?

Some of the questions I asked in a previous blog re Halligan and the McCanns were answered in this documentary.

What is abundantly clear from the documentary, according to those who took part, IS, that there
was a HUGE amount of work carried out by Kevin Halligan’s team.

Therefore  it could be argued that any payment made to Halligan by the Madeleine Fund was earned and fairly so, that he did not, con the McCanns out of any money, he was in fact paid for work carried out.  

Whether Halligan then paid his colleagues, the guys on the ground, is quite a separate issue.

Whether the work resulted in finding Madeleine is not the issue either - they did not promise that they would be able to, no one can promise that and keep that promise!

Metodo 3 a private detective company which the McCanns hired before Halligan, did however promise that they would have Madeleine home for Christmas 2007. These people were criminals.

Where do the McCanns look when searching for private detectives?  

McCanns say they paid this particular group of criminals (Metodo 3) £50,000 per month over a period of 6 months!

If it is the case that the McCanns paid Halligan –  and as was repeatedly pointed out in this documentary -  a PUBLICLY FUNDED INVESTIGATION - the McCanns have a duty to make full disclosure

  • Who the monies were paid to
  • The name of the Account Holder
  • The Bank to which it was transferred
  • The amounts paid
  • The dates the amounts were paid.

The documentary revealed that Halligan's contract with the McCanns was for $1/2 million for a 6 month investigation, and up to $1/2 million if Madeleine was found alive.

Further it was revealed that Halligan was paid the amount of $220,000 -

'It was now 5 weeks into the investigation, Halligan had already been paid $220,000, but as the operation shifted up a gear, he was pressing the Fund for another $1/2 m. He maintained the operation was costly.'

The question has to be - WAS Halligan paid any more than this? 

This is not confirmed one way or the other in this documentary, only that he pressed for a further $1/2 million.

His contract was for $500,000.  The claim here is that he received $220,000, almost half of the amount to be paid for the 6 month period, in only FIVE WEEKS?

So, was he pressing for the remainder of his agreed contract ($230,000) or for a further $1/2 million, on top of what was still due to him?

Was he paid anything more than the initial $220,000, and if so how much more?

On basis of this documentary, Halligan did not con the McCanns out of money - he conned his colleagues!

The McCanns judgement, and all of their supposed checks of prospective private detectives stinks as much as their tale of their daughter having been abducted.

 Darshna Soni:  (2010 interview)

What about the...some people might say, that...that the judgement of the trustees is sometimes questionable because you have employed people like Kevin Halligen, who's now facing extradition.

Gerry McCann:

Well, you know, we're doing the best in very, very difficult circumstances, errr... I think that's key. We'll always take advice, due diligence is done, references are sought and, you know, the fund is accountable and, errr... as directors we're responsible for making those decisions.

Never a truer word was spoken - THE McCANNS ARE RESPONSIBLE!  

  • Responsible for Madeleine's disappearance.  No care and protection provided for Madeleine, Sean and Amelie, they were placed in a situation of extreme danger
  • Responsible for the mismanagement of the Fund, for not properly checking out any of the private detectives they have employed.
  • Responsible for bringing all these dodgy characters into the case of missing Madeleine - Clarence Mitchell included!
The responsibility for explaining to the public how Mitchell and all of the other hangers on have greatly benefited financially from Madeleine's Fund, how they managed to employ criminals to search for Madeleine, who also benefited greatly from Madeleine's Fund, and how every penny of that money was spent.  It is their responsibility to make it clear to the public how much was spent on these people, when, and how much of the Fund monies was used to fund their legal actions.

Proof should be provided - not a statement by Mitchell!

This documentary - those responsible for its production - quite obviously wanted to bring to public attention the murky side of the Madeleine McCann case, her parents part, as Directors of the Madeleine Fund, for authorising the release of fund monies to some rather dubious characters, and not only Halligan - it opened the door for scrutiny, not only of the private detective companies involved over the past 7 years, but of the involvement and huge payments to Clarence Mitchell, for legal actions, and for much more besides.

It has brought to public attention that it appears that not all is as it should be regarding the Find Madeleine Fund.

The McCanns poor judgement, they blamed for Madeleine being missing, now the public are expected to believe that these two doctors lack the ability to make good judgement whether it be caring for and protecting children, or with regards £m's donated by YOU the public.

From the outside looking in, if you ask meit is the PUBLIC who are being Conned!
7th June 2014
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