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McCann Listening Checks

McCann - Listening Checks

The checking of the children the stories told in this regard by the McCanns, it is clear to one and all, simply don't add up.  Quite obviously they and their buddies have not been truthful.  They have deliberately or otherwise misled the police and the public, and when they have a Fund set up which we are told is to aid a search for their missing daughter, and when they accept donations from the public for this purpose, then arguably they have accepted donations under what one might categorise as false pretences!  

I am sure that the many thousands of people who parted with their monies did so in the belief that the McCanns and their buddies had no involvement in any way whatsoever in Madeleine's disappearance, and had been ENTIRELY TRUTHFUL in their accounts of the events which took place in Portugal.

Not, only, what took place on the night that Madeleine was reported as missing, but also what took place during daytime hours on 3rd May 2007, and indeed, what exactly went on in the McCann apartment on the nights prior to the disappearance, specifically the night of Tuesday 1st May 2007 when a lady residing in the apartment above the McCann holiday apartment heard Madeleine, crying for over one hour, crying out for her daddy.

And of course,  Wednesday 2nd May  2007 also, as on this night Kate McCann has stated that she believes an intruder had gained access to her children on this night.  An intruder who had accessed the apartment, and caused her daughter Madeleine, and her son Sean to cry.

Her kids she said had called out for their parents, for mummy and daddy to come to them - a mummy and daddy who were as was usual of an evening - OUT AT A LOCAL BAR WITH THEIR BUDDIES!

Kate McCann said that Madeleine had told them she and Sean had cried, and had asked her and Gerry McCann - 'Why did you not come when me and Sean were crying last night?'

On this night also, the 2nd May 2007 Kate McCann said that she was annoyed at Gerry McCann for walking away and leaving her in the bar. He had gone back to the apartment alone.  She, on her return, had slept in the kids bedroom so annoyed was she at Gerry McCanns actions.

She claimed this was the first time in their married life that they had slept apart (unless one of them (both doctors) was on call) claimed also that they had not argued or had any disagreement whatsoever at any time throughout their married life, but on this night, Gerry wanting to return early to the apartment as he was tired.  This annoyed her greatly, to the point, she slept in same room as the kids?

Hard to believe that anyone could have lived in the same house as Gerry McCann for years and not been pissed off by this arrogant, abnoxious, vile, loud mouthed, lout like character, but hey, each to their own!   But according to Kate McCann she never was!  Well NOT that is, until he went home early from the bar one night as he was feeling tired leaving her with their buddies.

For whatever reason this DID piss off Kate McCann, this wife who until that point had thought him to be Mr Wonderful?  Bet his leaving early was a relief to some others in the group though - Jane Tanner being one.  She really didn't like the guy.  And Oldfield, he wasn't too fussed about Gerry McCann either.  And both Tanner and Oldfield stated that they really did not know Gerry McCann/the McCann couple before this trip to Portugal.  

Funny that, as these are the two in the group, who for whatever reason emerged as main players in the stories told by this lot, and they are the stars of the piece, that is the documentary which the McCanns put together!

Yeah, Jane Tanner and Matthew Oldfield -Stars!  

They played their parts in the documentary so well.   Funny that, how this pair, the two who barely knew Gerry McCann, who did not care for him, were the ONLY ONES of the group happy to take part in that McCann production, don't you think?

  • Where was Kate McCanns best buddy Fiona Payne? 
  • Where was her other half David Payne, best buddy to Gerry McCann? (he's the one that Dr K. Gaspar, and her husband a doctor also, had holidayed with at a previous time and had grave concerns when she heard on the news back in the UK that Madeleine was missing, and that David Payne was part of the group - Do read the police witness statements given by this Dr K. Gaspar - makes for interesting reading. Seems Dr Gaspar doesn't trust David Payne with kids?0

David Payne is also the doctor in the McCann group who paid a visit to Kate McCann and her kids, so he said, on the evening Madeleine vanished.  He said Gerry McCann asked him to?   Funny thing is.  He and Kate McCann tell quite DIFFERENT stories about this alleged visit!   But what else can we expect in a McCann based story!

  • Where was Russell O'Brien (Jane Tanner's other half)
  • Where was Rachael Oldfield (Matthew Oldfield's other half)

WHY DID NONE OF THESE MEMBERS OF THE GROUP travel to Portugal to take part in the McCann documentary?

Kate McCann didn't either!

In fact they hired a female actor to play the part of Kate McCann, then dismissed her, preferring to have Kate McCann at her home in the UK in her kitchen or some such like place, opening the kitchen door, this being their mock set up, of what the viewer was to take as being the bedroom door of the apartment in Portugal where their kids had slept. This followed by another piece of film of a random open window with curtains billowing.

I think anyone reading will by now have gotten the picture, that the story the group have put out there is that they ALL left their kids unattended at night.

I think anyone reading will by now also have gotten the picture that the story told by the group is shed load shit.  

Oh, and on Wednesday, 2nd May 2007 before Gerry left the bar alone to head back to the apartment, his dear wife Kate had been out for a run that very day with Matthew Oldfield, the guy who barely knew them before this holiday.   The guy who hated running (unless he was on a beach pretending he was part of the cast of Bay Watch, so he told the Leicestershire Police in the UK) the guy who offered to take Kate McCanns turn to check her kids, kids who he didn't know, kids who didn't know him.

Smell a rat anyone?   This case is rat infested!

McCanns stated they arrived in Portugal on Saturday 28th April 2007.

On Sunday 29th April 2007 they left their three kids, all under 4 years of age, alone in the holiday apartment while they went out with their buddies to a bar restaurant.
  • Monday 30th April they again left the kids alone in the apartment.
  • Tuesday 1st May they left the kids alone in the apartment.
  • Wednesday 2nd May they left the kids alone in the apartment.
  • Thursday 3rd May they left the kids alone in the apartment.

Thursday 3rd May 2007 they reported to Portuguese Police that their three year old daughter Madeleine was missing.

McCanns claimed they had a checking system in place, whereby they would return to the apartment every 30 minutes to check on their kids. 



The McCanns have rather misled the public in this regard.

Matthew Oldfield - the guy who didn't know the McCanns as buddies before this holiday, and who did not know the McCann kids at all, other than having met up with them at a wedding almost four years prior, the wedding of a mutual friend.  Madeleine was a tiny baby at that time, Oldfield who did not care for Gerry McCann WOULD YOU BELIEVE on the night Madeleine vanished took it upon himself to listen at the shuttered window of the McCann apartment, and to also OFFER we are told, to take Kate McCanns turn to check her children.

WOW, how unbelievable is that?

Those in the group who were close buddies with the McCanns DID NOT OFFER to check on the McCann kids, and why should they, everyone was checking ONLY on their own kids.

And the McCanns never checked on the kids of others in the group.


Moreover, how suspicious is that?  

Of all the suspicious statements this lot made, OLDFIELD'S has got to be up there as one of the more highly suspicious stories told!

McCanns claimed their checks involved 'listening only.'   That is, NO visual checks, they listened out for crying only.  If they heard no crying they assumed the kids were fine.

Furthermore the McCanns claimed that on the first nights , they locked up the apartment when heading out for the night.  Locked the patio door from inside and left by the front door, locking it behind them.    When going to check on their kids, they entered through the front locked door using their key to do so.

What we don't know IS - WHAT was the procedure when inside, when carrying out a 'listening check?'

We know the story of how Gerry McCann checked on the night Madeleine vanished.  BOTH OF HIS STORIES.

We know Kate McCanns story of how she checked on the night Madeleine vanished.  ALL OF HER STORIES.

We know nothing of the OTHER FOUR NIGHTS!

If 'listening checks' were the order of the day, how did the McCanns go about this?

We know they didn't just stand at a shuttered window to perform their checks.  Well not according to the statements they made. According to statements, they went in through the front locked door (at least on the first two nights)  Gerry McCann in 'Madeleine Was Here' states this also.  When speaking with Oldfield, he made this quite clear.

So where exactly, from what point in the apartment, did Kate and Gerry McCann stand, to perform a 'listening check?'

  • Did they simply unlock the front door, stand in the little hallway and listen?
  • Did they stand just outside the bedroom door which would be slightly open according to McCanns?
  • Did both Kate and Gerry McCann on their independent checks, stand, in more or less the same place within the apartment, to perform their checks, either just inside the front door, or just outside the bedroom door?
  • Did they both NOT ever at any time during any check open the bedroom door even just to glimpse the kids, make sure that they were all in bed where they should be, to make sure that Madeleine the child who was prone to waking and wandering hadn't been out of bed, to make sure that their kids were all in the land of the living?


McCanns said they changed their checking routine.  Midway through their week in Portugal they decided they would not enter by the front locked door, but that they would leave the patio door unlocked and enter by this route.

What was their procedure when 'listening' when entering the apartment by the patio door?

  • Did they simply slide the patio door open, and stand and listen?
  • Did they simply slide the patio door open, and step inside the apartment to listen?
  • Did they go in through the patio door, walk across the sitting area and listen from just outside the open bedroom door?

What was the routine?

We know it was 'listening only' but we do not know from where in the apartment they stood to listen?

It makes one wonder, if the parents themselves, 'listened only' from say, just inside the doorway of either the front door, or back/patio door - WHY would Oldfield go inside the apartment, as far in, as he claimed he did?

Was that the instruction given to Oldfield in this regard?

The man had never checked on these kids before, the kids he didn't know.  Didn't know which bedroom the McCann kids slept.  So what were his instructions?

Kate and Gerry McCann would surely have had to say to him where exactly the kids slept, which room, and whether they wanted him to perform a visual check or a listening check.  Tell him whether he was just to slide the patio door open and listen from there, or whether he was to go inside and listen from outside the bedroom door.

None of this has ever been established.

What exactly this 'listening check' involved, has never been established.

And what of Oldfield claiming that on the night Madeleine vanished that he decided, right out of the blue, without telling anyone what he was going to do, he said he 'listened outside the shuttered window of the bedroom where the McCanns kids slept!

When Oldfield did this, he would NOT know if the McCann kids slept in that particular bedroom.  He would not know for sure if ALL three McCanns kids were in that bedroom.   

And how would Oldfield know, that if the McCann kids were crying, that he would be able to hear them when standing outside a shuttered window?

What if the window being closed and the shutter down muffled any sound from inside?

Did any of them check this out?  Check out, what exactly could be heard through the shuttered window, when standing outside?   Could be if the McCann kids had been crying, they would not be heard by someone at the other side of the shutters!

What if Madeleine had gotten out of bed and was crying in the sitting area.  Oldfield would not hear her from outside the shuttered bedroom window?

And the most obvious thing, above all, is that even if he or the McCanns themselves heard nothing when on their checks, from whichever point they stood, outwith or within that apartment - WHY would they take that to mean the kids were okay, and not dead or missing?

None of the other parents checked their kids by listening only, from either inside or outside shuttered windows, and neither did the McCanns, listen at shuttered windows!

Apart from the Payne's who made no check on their kids - they used a baby monitor - ALL of the parents accessed their apartments when checking their kids.  

So WHY would Matthew Oldfield do this on that night, check at the shuttered window of the McCann apartment, when checking at shuttered windows was not part of anyone's routine?

When the McCanns checked on their kids, Sunday to Wednesday, entering by either the front or back patio door - WHERE DID THEY STAND TO LISTEN FOR CRYING?


Having entered the apartment through either the front or back/patio door - What was their procedure, where did they stand, what was their listening position?  

And as an aside.  On the night Madeleine was reported as missing, Gerry McCann said when checking on his kids, he used the bathroom when in the apartment. This is the guy who said they changed routine from entering by the front door to entering by the patio door - 'due to the noise' which coming through the front door generated, though he never explained WHAT WAS THE NOISE.  But if noise was of such concern to him, why would he then muck around using the bathroom?

Cannot think what kind of a noise coming in the front door created that would have been greater than McCann mucking around in the bathroom?

And according to McCann, coming in the front door had NEVER caused his kids to wake, so why did he change routine?

Or is it a case HE DIDN'T change routine?

Course it is!

He told police when first interviewed that he had entered by the front locked door.

Changed his story seven days later!

There was NO routine change.  Just a change of story by McCann.

And no one asks this guy WHY?

We have heard many stories from the McCanns.

We have heard what they want us to hear.

What we have not heard as yet from them is the absolute truth!
30th March 2015

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