Lying in the Sun

McCann/Mitchell- Guilty!

McCanns /Mitchell - Guilty!   

At almost every opportunity the McCanns have planted the seed in the minds of the public that Madeleine and the twin kids may have been sedated by the alleged intruder.

They base this on the fact that the twin kids (who were known to wake in the night, usually their crying waking young Madeleine, who in turn alerted her parents to the crying of her siblings) did not stir, did not move, said Kate McCann, despite the mayhem in the apartment after the alarm was raised that Madeleine was missing. This is the statements the McCanns have given to police.  

We have also, Gerry McCann stating the following:

"There's absolutely no way we used any sedative drugs or anything like that."

(10.22 on recording)

And then we have Mitchell in defence of McCanns regarding the issue of the kids having been drugged:

"We've had - the children were drugged.  NOT TRUE!"

"Gerry and Kate can prove that, if they need to!"

"Those stories will fall away, for the ill-informed malicious malevolent misinformation that they are being placed out there as."

But the thing is, Mitchell said that -'Gerry and Kate can prove that, if they need to.'  

How can they?  

The only way to be able to do so IS, IF, they had had the children checked out?   Did they?

AND, if the result of any such testing they may have had carried out on these kids proved that these kids were NOT drugged, then that posed the duo another problem!

You see, the McCanns, Kate McCann especially so, in interview, have been spinning a whole lot of tales about how they believe the alleged abductor must have drugged the kids, as the twin kids slept through the noise and mayhem of that night.  Slept through their mother screaming yelling, banging doors, walls furniture.  Slept through their father testing the shutters, opening and closing them.  Slept through the cold air which must have been blowing through their bedroom, after all Kate said it was a windy night, so windy that it had caused the curtains to whoosh open and slam bedroom door closed.  These twins NEVER woke when Kate was in the room alone with them, when she was dashing around from room to room looking for Madeleine, never woke at the sound of the door slamming closed as Kate McCann described.  They just never woke.  DIDN'T EVEN MOVE, said Kate McCann.  Not even when they took these kids from their cots out in the cold night air to another apartment, they did not stir.

They never woke when police were in the apartment, never woke when the McCanns buddies were in the apartment.

One could therefore see why anyone might think they had been drugged.  So unusual for these kids to sleep through the night when it was quiet.  So for them not to stir in such circumstances?

And we know they did not stir, as independent witnesses, the police being one, and the Ocean Club staff another confirmed this!  So that much we know is true!

BUT, Mitchell said that Gerry and Kate can prove the kids were not drugged - IF they need to!   (How interestesting - IF THEY NEED TO?)

Surely if they are able to PROVE THAT THE KIDS WERE NOT DRUGGED, it follows then that the
alleged abductor did not drug them?

McCanns and Mitchell cannot have it both ways!

On one hand we have the McCanns spinning their tales to the world of how they suspect their twin kids were drugged by the alleged intruder, due to them not stirring.

On the other we have Mitchell stating that the McCanns can prove the kids were NOT DRUGGED!  

They don't appear to appreciate that NOT DRUGGED, means, not drugged by either them or the alleged abductor!

EVEN if any testing came back positive in this regard, it still would NOT prove who had drugged the kids, ONLY that they had been drugged!

But Mitchell said the McCanns can prove the kids were not drugged. He of course means they can prove that THEY DID NOT DRUG THE KIDS.

But how can they?


And the McCanns at the time, when as they claimed an intruder was alone with these twin kids, at the time when these kids did not wake, the McCanns DID NOTHING, did NOTHING to make sure these little kids had not been drugged as Kate McCann suspected!

That tells us much!

They dig themselves some very deep holes with their lies and nonsense!


Mitchell said of those stories with regards the McCann kids having been drugged, or rather drugged by their parents: 

"Those stories will fall away, for the ill-informed malicious malevolent misinformation that they are being placed out there as."

The TRUTH will never fall away, in this case.  The McCanns and Mitchell I am sure hope that it will, but it won't!

McCanns and Mitchell are the guilty party in reference to malicious, malevolent misinformation being placed out there.

Woman Magazine Interview
May 2011

Was Madeleine drugged?  

Kate McCann:

'The day she went missing, Madeleine was pale and tired and asked me to carry her from the pool back to the apartment'
says Kate. 'It was odd as usually she has loads of energy.'

Was her daughter tired from holiday activities or had she been given something during that day - or the previous night - to make her sleepy?   Reinforcing Kate's fears is the fact that despite the chaos, lights and screaming that went on after their sister's disappearance was discovered, the twins slept soundly on.  Were they drugged too?


Oh the wicked web they weave!

Not only in this interview did they plant the seed that the kids might have been drugged on the night Madeleine was reported as missing, here the seed is being planted that Madeleine may have been drugged, the night prior to, or indeed ON THAT VERY DAY?

And if you read the full interview you will see that this statement leads nicely to their other little story - the stained pyjamas!

Oh how they have played the public, taken them for a ride!

But who would have been able to administer any type of drug to Madeleine ON THAT DAY, during the day?

And I have to ask:

IF Madeleine had been drugged, on the night prior to her disappearance:

  • Why did the effect of this 'drugging' not show during that day as in first thing the next morning, at breakfast when she told her parents about her and her brother crying?

  • Why did it not show when she was having the great time at the pool which the McCanns have stated was the case.

  • Why did no staff member at the creche report either that morning or later that afternoon, after lunch when Madeleine had had that great time at the pool with her daddy that Madeleine had not been well, had showed signs of tiredness, been pale?

Kate McCann stated that the time at the pool that day was a FUN TIME.  Gerry McCanns face in the picture (the last picture) tells quite a different story, news of the fun time they were having clearly had not yet reached his face.  He looked as miserable as sin sitting alongside his two daughter's, his face said - 'I wish I didn't have to sit with the pesky kids, I want back to my tennis.'  He clearly hadn't managed to avoid sitting with his kids as he had done on the airport bus!

That picture of Madeleine at the pool, if it is indeed the last picture taken of this child, she looks anything but pale and tired, unwell, or as though she has been sedated.  She looks glowing, happy!

As Gerry McCann himself stated, she had had a ball.

McCanns, two doctors, are they telling us they would not notice if their child/ren had been sedated?

  • AND why would a child who felt so unwell, who had been drugged, say that she had had her BEST DAY EVER?

The twin kids were not unwell, pale, tired during the day of the 3rd May 2007, so are we to take it that ONLY Madeleine was drugged by
this alleged abductor on the night prior to her being reported as missing?

The twin kids, one has to ask also:


You see, the McCanns dumped these twins RIGHT BACK IN THE CRECHE the morning after Madeleine vanished.

If McCanns had any worries any concerns about 

1. An abductor
2. The kids having been drugged

The creche is the LAST PLACE they would have put them - with an abductor who drugs kids on the lose, and having just lost one kid?

Kate McCann said, as did her best buddie Fiona Payne, that she, Kate McCann, after Madeleine vanished, kept checking the twin kids, by putting her hand over their mouths, checking for breathing.

Surely if she suspected the kids had been drugged on that night, as is her claim, then she and Gerry McCann would have sought the urgent medical attention which the kids would have required.

If these kids were drugged, and the fact that they did not stir, as witnessed by the police, and IF I was to decided, based on the facts, based on the McCanns and Mitchells OWN statements, AS TO WHO might have drugged the kids, the alleged abductor this bogey man, or the McCanns?

McCanns every time!

Parents who genuinely had played no part in their child's disappearance, and who had suspected their children had been drugged, would have sought medical assistance for their kids and sharpish! 

A parent who had drugged their kids would probably keep checking their kids to make sure they had not 'overdone' it!  Those parents would not seek medical assistance.

And if it is argued that the McCanns as doctors didn't need to seek medical assistance, then we must assume, that after Kate McCann checked the kids, their breathing, that she was satisfied her kids had not been drugged.

If this is the case, they the McCanns should not be spreading stories that this alleged abductor drugged their kids.

If she was not satisfied then she/they have a lot of explaining to do as to why they failed to get attention for their twin kids.

What a mess they have gotten themselves into by not being entirely truthful!

Mitchell and the McCanns really have to put their money with their mouth is:


Otherwise they should stop spreading - MISINFORMATION, and using MADELEINE'S MONEY TO DO SO!
9th April 2015 

*** A reminder of the tales told by  Mitchell -
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