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McCann Money Matters

McCann Money Matters

Madeleine Fund (Leaving No Stone Unturned)

Back in November 2010 McCanns launched an appeal for funds.   The Madeleine Fund was in trouble, they had but £300,000 left.  It would run dry by early 2012 they said leaving them unable to pay their private investigators.  Leaving them to search alone.   They had gone through the almost £2m donated by the public in super quick time.   Partly due to them having handed over most of the cash to an assortment of fly by night private detectives who they had hired to search for Madeleine.  Persons who had never in their lives dealt with any case related to a missing person.

That in itself is most peculiar as WHY would McCanns hire such people if they wanted this child to be found?

Clarence Mitchell once said that the McCanns would HIRE ONLY THE BEST IN THEIR FIELD, TO SEARCH FOR THEIR DAUGHTER, THEY WOULD NEVER GIVE UP!  (see blog Pinky telling Porkies)

More peculiar is that they hired teams of top lawyers, both in UK and Portugal, a press agency in Portugal which must cost a pretty penny to keep them on the payrol for seven  years, and of course a spokesman Mitchell at £70,000 per year, all to protect them?

So the kid had the dodgy private detectives who could not have found or recognised her if she had knocked on their door and said 'hey, I think you're looking for me, I'm Maddie McCann.'

Meanwhile her parents surrounded themselves for their own protection, with very expensive lawyers.

And this robust team of top lawyers/advisers more strangely could not detect that ALL of the dodgy private detectives, the McCanns had hired over the years, were exactly that, dodgy, criminals in fact!

How can that happen?

Each group, all of the dodgy detectives on one side supposedly looking for Madeleine, one lot stating they would have her home for Christmas 2007.  And on the other side we have a group of crack lawyers to protect the McCann couple.

Clarence Mitchell of course pretty much heading the second group, the parent protectors.   Mitchell et al spinning the story of how there is no evidence that Madeleine is dead and referring the public to other cases of missing kids where they were found many years after having first disappeared.

Only trouble with that is that there IS LOADS of evidence, circumstantial and other which points to Madeleine having died in the holiday apartment.  We have parents who have not been entirely truthful with police, or pretty much anyone else, likewise their holiday buddies, and a police investigation which could still find them guilty of crimes against this child.

Contrary to what stories they spin about having been found innocent -NOT so!

Just as there is speculation about Robert Murat being back in the frame (he is the guy who was an arguido/person of interest to the inquiry at the same time as the McCanns were) no reason to think that they too might not find themselves in the very same boat!

Neither the McCanns or Murat, or anyone else for that matter, have been charged with crimes against this child...that does not mean that this can never happen in the future!

There is MORE evidence against the parents of missing Madeleine than there is for any alleged intruder having taken her, be that a paedophile or a burglar.

In fact, in a nutshell there is NO evidence that an abductor entered that apartment and took the child.

But back to the money matters, and the McCann money matters, matter a lot to them!

Never forget to make your call to the Madeleine Fund.  If you find you are in a queue, please do not hang up as your call is important to them.

It is more important to them now than it was when the little girl vanished without trace.

Back then almost 8 years ago, the public felt very sorry for this couple, grannies, and little kids parted with their pensions and pocket money.

While they did so Kate and Gerry McCann travelled the world sometimes, in a private jet.

They hopped on board to visit the Pope.  How in hell they felt he would know where Madeleine was in anyone's guess?  Or how they thought he was going to perform a miracle?  Of course there have been loads stories of paedophile Roman Catholic priests, but was the Pope in PDL when McCanns were there, climbing in and out of holiday apartments?

This couple who had not seen the inside of the local church in PDL that entire holiday, they then when Madeleine was reported as missing came over all religious wearing out a path to the church.

Kate McCann in her diary over the moon that they were going to Vatican City.

SUNDAY, MAY 27: Clarence (Clarence Mitchell, Foreign Office family liaison at the time) spoke to us about a possible trip to the Vatican. It seems that it really is going to happen' main story on the news!

She showed more excitement over this than any sighting of her missing daughter it would seem. (how can one forget when she was asked in interview what was the most important sightings those that mattered most and neither she nor Gerry McCann could remember - simply shocking, she laughed while she tried to remember.  Apologies cannot find link to the video) More eager about this trip than a trip to the police station to assist police authorities with their inquiries.

And of course their fairy godfather, Clarence Mitchell had arranged it all!

A publicity stunt just like any other the McCanns and Mitchell have pulled over the years.

The Pope came only a close second to Cuddle Cat though!  Cuddle Cat ruled for sure.   

Have you ever watched a more ridiculous display in all your living days as Kate McCann walking around carrying a stuffed toy cat?  It's laughable, if not for the fact her child was missing and she would not assist police police but was happy to pose with the cat at the drop of a hat.  

It was a stunt no more no less.  Something precious to your missing daughter would have been very special, not to be used in the way that they did.

It is pretty sickening stuff when you think about it.  Who came up with the idea, because someone did?

Come on, these people, Mitchell McCanns, coming up with all sorts of crap and using the money donated to the Fund for Madeleine for their nonsense!

When the McCanns exhausted the monies donated, through mismanagement, they got rid of Gerry McCanns brother John from their Board of Directors, with John out of the picture, the newly shaped Board of Directors would allow the Fund to run more efficiently, said McCann in interview with Darshna Soni.

That tells us one of two things, either brother John was responsible for the mismanagement, or dear brother John was not happy with the mismanagement and said as much.

Either way, John was a gonner!

But McCanns needed money.  They had already lost a couple of legal actions against Dr Amaral which must have cost them dearly in financial terms.  Added to the monies they gave to dodgy detectives, that Fund was in a bad way.

Please public can we have some more?

That was their battle cry!  'We promise to be good this time, be a bit more careful with how we spend your hard earned cash, pension and pocket money.'

But you do understand, we still need to pay Clarence Mitchell £70,000 per year, and we need travel expenses, and there is our lawyers in Portugal, oh and a press agency in Portugal needing paid, and our UK lawyers...oh you didn't know we spent on all sorts on things other than searching for Madeleine?  Well we do!  But we promise we won't give any more money to the dodgy detectives, well not the really dodgy one's just two who are a bit dodgy, Dave Edgar and his fat friend!  And they promise too, if they find anything any evidence against us that they will tell the police immediately!  

Yeah right, this pair of detectives who also lied and cheated in this case and took the cash for doing so, they would turn in the McCanns if they found evidence against them.

The Fund will run out of money by Springtime!

What is interesting about that appeal for cash is that at that time Kate McCann had a book deal.  They NEVER mentioned this in any of their appeals, that very soon they would be selling a book and making money. (Their book deal with Transworld was November 2010 also) on one hand we them asking for money from public on 3rd November 2010, and on the other they announce their £1m book deal on the 15th of that same month!

That was deceitful.   They were making sure just ahead of this book deal announcement that they milked the public for every pound, penny, dollar, euro, pension or pocket money, that they could by launching the appeal first.

And that is despicable!

  • Does anyone out there know how much the McCanns have paid to Mitchell over the last seven years?

  • How much they have paid in travel expenses, fancy hotels, and all else involved in travel?

  • Does anyone know how much they have spent on legal fees?

A big fat NO to that one, as when their accounts are published they have little detail!

Why don't they show us to the exact penny what Mitchell has received?

Quite simply because people would NOT donate if they KNEW!

When the Metropolitan Police began their review over three years ago, the McCanns on their website posted a message, stating that for the time being they would not be using the monies in the Fund for searching for Madeleine, they did not want their investigation (hmm) and that of the Metropolitan Police to clash.  So they would just sit on their fund monies meantime.

But in true McCann style they also stated that they do not want their Funds to dwindle as if the MIGHTY METROPOLITAN POLICE FAILED to FIND THEIR DAUGHTER, they would need that money and MORE, to resume their search immediately!

'...the Directors feel it is important that the search for Madeleine can be resumed quickly should the MPS review not lead to a re-opening of the case in Portugal...'

10/10 for sheer gall!

So often their messages relate to money, include little reminders of money matters, as money matters SO very much to them.

They have once again told the public that they want to keep that Fund topped up, just in case!

Now think about it.  They have spent £m's in various ways, not all to help find Madeleine for sure.  They have gone through at least 4 lots of private, and very dodgy detectives, the Metropolitan Police have been working the case for three years and the best they have come up with is a story of a man carrying a child home, a story which pretty much put Tanner in the clear, Oldfield in the clear, and unless the Smith family can come out and outright say they saw Gerry McCann, then they cleared McCann too, so what are the chances of the McCanns themselves if they start another of their DODGY INVESTIGATIONS, coming up with anything that would lead to finding Madeleine?

The first thing they will do is resort to Jane Tanners story of a man seen carrying a little person at 9.15 on the night Madeleine was reported as missing.  

This is the image they keep on their website as being Madeleine's abductor.    So much for Redwood's revelation moment!

Is that what the public want - MORE OF THE SAME?

Because that is what you are going to get.  These people have no shame whatsoever, so much so that in Christmas messages, they are telling you in advance that they will when this Met investigation is over WANT YOUR MONEY!

And for those of you out there who do not realise it.   Even if:

  •  Madeleine's remains are found, McCanns are not parting with the cash in that Fund to help others.
  • If the perpetrator of crimes against her is found - they are not parting with the cash in that Fund to help others,

No siree ONLY if the child/her remains, AND the perpetrator (s) are discovered, then and only then will they part with it.   Well sort of!

They will keep the Fund running, and they will decide who is deserving of any financial help from it!

Boy they've got it all tied up nice and tightly!

But how does that work?   Have the public to continue to fund this forever more?  Or is Gerry and Kate McCann going to finance this with their own private funds?

They really have the public for mugs!

Of course they always remind us that they put, the money they won from suing the British press, into the Fund, and that the proceeds of the book Madeleine went towards the Fund also.

But these monies, helped to reduce the damage they had already caused the Fund by the mismanagement.  And when you pay dodgy detectives £m's that IS mismanagement of funds donated by the public.

So yeah, they can say they put their 'winnings' in the Fund, but it merely served to offset the already damage.

For five years now they have been trying desperately to make some money by suing the now retired Portuguese Police Detective, Dr Goncalo Amaral.

So desperate are they for cash, that they, despite being the party to bring the legal action, attempted to settle out of Court with the man?

Not a chance in hell of Dr Amaral doing that!

It is all about the money for the McCanns, not so Dr Amaral, and he was not going to roll over and play dead, and certainly not for the McCann couple.  Hell no!

Things are not looking good for the McCanns on that front - news out of Portugal this week, though the final verdict is yet to come, indicate that the Euros 1.2m which they are suing this good man for is not going to come their way.

And if that is the outcome, the McCanns may be facing a hefty legal bill for costs!

But no worries, their friends at the Sun put out an appeal for them (which I'll address in more detail in next blog)

But yeah, you've guessed it - their Fund is drying up - PLEASE PUBLIC CAN WE HAVE SOME MORE!


Their greed got them into this mess and now they must pay the price for that greed!  Pay too for their mischief, malice and bitter hatred of a man who has done more in the fight for this missing child than anyone else!

It is their debt, not that of the public.

Recent accounts for the Madeleine Fund show a credit balance of over £750,000.

They can pay any Court expenses incurred in their most recent and malicious action from that!

Why should the public keep funding their lies and crap? 

And as they say, they are not and have not had any significant expense to pay from this Fund during the time which the Metropolitan Police have been investigating Madeleine's disappearance.

The UK tax paying public funding the Metropolitan Police Investigation which now stands around £10m.

The McCanns it would seem feel it is their right to continually ask the public for monies, they expect it.  They expect that any dodgy investigation they come up with once again to be paid for, not by them, no no, heaven forbid that they should sell up their home to fund any search for their missing child, YOU THE PUBLIC HAVE TO PAY FOR IT!

Which brings me to the recent monies which it was reported they received (out of Court settlement) for an article in Sunday Times which they said caused them severe embarrassment and distress.

The article stated the McCanns had had kept from the police the e.fits of a suspect (now the main suspect in Andy Redwood's case, hmm) for five years.

Turns out McCanns ONLY kept this PIECE OF CRUCIAL EVIDENCE FROM THE PUBLIC, FAILED TO POST UP FOR YEARS THE IMAGE, and arguably in acting in this way, caused harm to Madeleine, any search for her.

Astonishing that any parent would do so!

But this is the McCann case where anything is possible, where everything has a price tag!

And seems also, DCI Redwood of the METROPOLITAN POLICE had the e.fits in his possession for around 18 MONTHS and he too never bothered to make them known to the public until October 2013 Crimewatch.

The plot thickens eh?

And all of this nasty stuff came together with the Summers and Swan fiasco, the crazy couple who thought they would write a book in which THEY 'cleared' the McCanns!

At the same time up popped Gerry McCann demanding that people on social media be silenced, and his old buddy Jim Gamble backing him.

And lo and behold, would you believe just days later Sky's Martin Brunt, Crime Reporter, revealed his documentary where he attacked a lady, labelled her a troll (what a ridiculous term) and accused her of abusing the McCanns.

And who should pop up on that little documentary but the McCanns buddy, Jim Gamble, and some vigilante supporter of the McCanns who did not want to be named but who had put together a 'dossier' what a joke, of persons they wanted to target.

Gamble said it was not the McCanns who handed this into police.

Sir Bernard Hogan Howe head of the Metropolitan Police said IT WAS indeed the McCann family who handed this to them.

And of course Gerry McCann claimed not to know of what the file contained.

Yeah right Gerry!

  • Gerry McCann expects us to believe that he had no knowledge of what was going on.   
  • That someone in his family did all of this and unknown to him.
  • That he did not know that Murdoch's Sky, Martin Brunt, Jim Gamble, and the dossier duck lady would be appearing not only in this shocking piece by Brunt, but in the round the clock transmission by Sky where they made accusations against this lady.

After the attack on this lady, Brenda Leyland, Gamble published his twit message telling Brunt he had done a great job.

Brenda Leyland was found dead days later in a hotel room.

Of course Mitchell, the McCanns, Gamble, Brunt, Murdoch, the dossier duck lady all went quiet.

They knew what they had done!

The suing of Murdoch too, was a farce.

Do we really believe that the McCanns sued for the paltry sum of £55,000?   

They slipped up there for sure!

But more interesting is that the monies were to be donated to two charities.

McCanns don't do charity, not in that way!

Why would Murdoch pay them anything, and at the same time, put out the Brunt documentary, where he attacked Brenda Leyland, someone the McCanns clearly wanted silenced? In effect helping the MCanns?

Why would Murdoch have helped them in this way and at that time?

Another, no, not publicity stunt, this went much further than a publicity stunt, it was an attack, a threat on an innocent person's life?

Their own Madeleine Fund is not a charity, it is a business as Gerry McCann stated!

With the likelihood of them not winning a penny in the action against Dr Amaral, and the Sun's 'appeal' for money, as essentially that is what their article was about, it leads me to believe more than ever that the Murdoch 'pay out' is simply another of the dirty tricks which have come to light in the McCann case over the years.   A deal done with Murdoch but not in settlement of any 'embarrassment'  they were feeling at having been accused of keeping the e.fits hidden from police for five years.  

  • They should be fucking embarrassed, they should never have shown their sorry faces again knowing that they HAD NOT made public these crucial images.
  • They should have been so fucking embarrassed to show have shown their sorry faces on Crimewatch, where Gerry McCann stated that these E.Fits were Madeleine's best chance of being found?
The kid's best chance of being found buried by her parents!


The E. Fit story as a whole makes no sense though but that is another story, one DCI Redwood left behind!

The McCanns are not known for parting with a penny, and if this couple now need donations as the Sun are saying, they needed that money THEN at the time of this payout by Murdoch.

It therefore makes no sense that they would have said goodbye to £55k?

That would have broken Gerry McCanns wooden heart in a thousand pieces to hand over the cheques, to the two charities.

I would say to anyone out there who may be considering parting with your hard earned cash, your pension or your pocket money, by donating to the Madeleine Fund, quite simply DON'T DO IT!

They have had £m's slip through their hands in their own private investigation, and the £10m Met investigation over a period of over three years has come up with zilch, you would only be throwing good money after bad.

You would be keeping Clarence Mitchell in the lifestyle he has become accustomed to since his partnership with McCanns.  Mitchell and others, the lawyers, the press agency the dodgy detectives have made a small fortune out of the disappearance of this child, and with no return whatsoever.  

You will not be helping find this missing child/her remains by donating, you will simply become an enabler in this tragic farce.

As harsh as that may sound truth of matters is that MATTERS OF MONEY, MATTERS it would seem, most to these people.
25th January 2015

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