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McCann Never About Money

McCann - Never About the Money

I'm sure it will come as a huge surprise to one and all that the McCanns legal action against Dr Amaral was 'never about the money' the simple fact that:
  • they were asking the Courts for around £1.2 m 
  • had his assets frozen for around 6 years now
  • his pension too
  • his home he may lose
  • his family left in misery and fear which is exactly what Kate McCann said she hoped for Dr Amaral that he feel fear and misery.
tells us quite a different story!

It tells us that is was 'NEVER ONLY ABOUT THE MONEY'
It tells us that it was and IS about money and malice.

The latest stories in the press shaped by the McCanns and Clarence Mitchell were ALL ABOUT MONEY.  They are furious that there is a chance they might not get their greedy hands on big sums of cash. They claim if they don't it will HINDER their search for Madeleine, as that is how they plan to SPEND IT!

From the McCann Find Madeleine No Stone Unturned Website
- and a scary website it is :-

'28 April, 2015 - Statement from Gerry and Kate Regarding Libel Case

We want to emphasise that the action was never about money. It has always been focused on the effects of the libels on our other children and the damage that was done to the search for Madeleine...

Gerry and Kate'


Well, the Court decided that there was NO DAMAGE TO THE SEARCH FOR MADELEINE.

And the McCanns were unable to prove that there was.


And the McCanns cannot ever prove that either,
not with that list of reasons above, and not when the stories they had Mitchell arrange for them this past week, were ALL ABOUT THE MONEY - Dr Amaral's money, and getting their hands on it!

Wicked webs, lies and all that...
8th October 2015

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