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McCann Parents Who Party

McCann - Parents Who Party

Clarence Mitchell the McCann spokesman famously said that it is the way of British parents to put their kids to bed early - then party, or to quote the guy:

 “There is a cultural difference between Britain and Portugal. It is a British approach to get your children washed, bathed and in bed early in the evening, if you can, so you can have something of the evening to yourself. That’s the British way of doing things. It doesn't mean it's wrong."

What Mitchell forgot to add that it is not the British way, after bathing and putting your children to bed to then scarper off down to a local bar to party with buddies!

That last part is what makes it wrong - the scarpering off down the pub, leaving the kids alone, AND that is what the McCanns did! 

Of course no matter the culture there will always be bad parents, those so selfish, so uncaring, who put themselves their enjoyment before the needs of their children, before the protection, love and care that their little vulnerable kids require, who put their nights out with buddies before the safety and well being of their kids.

These type of parents exist, and not just among those less well off, or who have not benefited from a good education, as seem to be  the impression many have.  Child abuse, neglect happens in all walks of life, in the homes of the well heeled, and educated.

The McCanns, Kate and Gerry McCann, and their holiday companions, the perfect example of exactly those types, professionals, whose children suffered at their hands, little kids, all under the age of 4 years, left alone in holiday apartments night after night, crying, some too were ill.

It is a shocking case of child neglect by these FOUR sets of parents.

The McCann group gave witness statements, that on FIVE consecutive nights, they left their children alone in the apartments so that they could all go out, wine, dine and party together.

Kate McCann said that she would have paid more attention to what was going on around her had it not been for the fact that the group of adults were INTO EACH OTHER.

Pity, as parents that they were not so into, looking after their kids, protecting them!

Another statement Gerry and Kate McCann have made on many occasions, is that their little girl Madeleine told them on the morning of 3rd of May 2007 that she and her baby brother had been crying when her parents were out partying the previous night.  The child asked them - Why did you not come to us when we cried?

Gerry and Kate McCann ignored what the child had said and chose to once more go out with their buddies, this time they say leaving the patio door unlocked.

This was the night Madeleine was reported to police as 'missing' abducted her parents claimed.

Today in the Portugal Resident newspaper we have another case where Irish holidaymakers, a couple, parents got drunk, and their 14 month old child was removed from their care.

A spokesperson from Faro Hospital where the child was taken said that unfortunately this type of conduct is not uncommon among holiday makers, and that it would be up to the Court as to whether/when the child will be returned to the parents.

The Director of Refugio Aboim Ascencao said:

"Parents who commit these kinds of acts should be severely punished"

Could not agree more!

So what makes those like these Irish parents, the McCanns, and their buddies think:

  •  That they are above the Law?   
  •  That  it is acceptable in any way to neglect and abuse children in  this way?
  •  That their actions should be considered as responsible?
  •  That they should not be punished for their actions?

This recent case of holidaymakers who like the McCanns, neglected their children, at least had a better outcome.  They were reported to police, the child taken to a place of safety before some serious injury befell the child.

I cannot help but wonder, if only someone had reported the McCanns to the police, if someone had acted sooner, Madeleine may still be alive.

Jez Wilkins for one KNEW these children were being left alone at night - McCann claims to have told him this prior to the night of 3rd May 2007 when Madeleine mysteriously vanished.  Who else knew that could have helped these children?

Maybe if more of us had the courage to report to appropriate authorities, abusive parents when we see or are told children are not being cared for properly, more children could be saved from parents like the McCanns removed from them, the unsafe environments their parents place them.

Madeleine was not so fortunate.   She told her parents she and her baby brother had cried - her parents continued with their systematic neglect.

Many don't believe the McCanns would have neglected their children in such a way, that it is a story they invented to cover for Madeleine's disappearance, a story which allowed for an intruder to be alone with their children, a story which allowed for an abduction - not many will argue with that.

McCanns don't like being accused of child neglect, child abuse - Gerry McCann in particular gets quite angry at the suggestion.    Funny that when we are asked to believe him, his wife Kate McCann and their band of bad buddies, that they left the kids alone every night - yet he doesn't what anyone to call it like it is - child abuse!

Makes one think that there really is something in this - that they invented the neglect
to cover something they don't want the world to know.

Unless they come clean as to what they are hiding - they remain parents who neglected their children in the most appalling of ways their negligence resulting in the most tragic of endings for little Madeleine.

Gerry and Kate McCann may not like being referred to as cruel and neglectful parents but if they insist on the story they have fed the world - then that is exactly what they are.  And as such, as the Director of Refugio Aboim Ascencao said - parents who treat children in this way should be severely punished.

There should be no exceptions in this.

The McCanns some say have suffered enough, losing Madeleine.  It doesn't work that way.   Madeleine would not be lost if not for their neglect!   It is Madeleine who suffered!   Madeleine who is the victim!

They cannot have their cake, and eat it!

Perhaps if they had been honest from the outset, a Court may have shown them leniency, been sympathetic - if the truth ever comes out now - that is not likely to happen!

But what is it that makes Brits when abroad to behave so badly?  At one end we have the teens and twenties, drunk rowdy causing mayhem, hospital emergency rooms inundated throughout summer months with those who have gone overboard on alcohol - landing themselves in trouble of one form or other, and then we have the next group up, parents like the McCanns and their buddies, the couples with young children who want to party, and are prepared to put their young families at risk to do just that?

It is alien to parents in European countries, where children dine with their parents as a family, to hear of  children, especially as young as  Madeleine, Sean and Amelie McCann were back in 2007 to be treated so horribly  by their parents, to them it is unthinkable to treat children as Kate and Gerry McCann did. 

Did Gerry McCann and Kate Healy McCann not have a safe upbringing, brought up by parents who didn't care, neglected them, and they continued the pattern, or,  are they just a pair of self-centred 'ME' people, who put themselves before the needs of their children?

We must never forget that these children the McCann children were treated so very badly by their parents.   Either way, even if the neglect story is not the truth of matters, they are now abusing the two remaining children by using this as a cover up, by continuing with their story.  Either way, their children are the victims of their actions both then and now.

Time offenders like McCanns accepted responsibility for their actions, and held accountable.
20th May 2014

****  Refugio Aboim Ascensão is a private internationally recognized non-profit Christian Charity organization working to better the lives of abused, abandoned and neglected children under the age of 6.

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