Lying in the Sun

McCann Sins of Parents

McCann Sins of the Parents

A source close to Madeleine’s heartbroken parents Gerry and Kate said:

 “It is deeply disappointing that these five owners have chosen not to come forward.”

Well it's that time of year when the dastardly duo get together with the equally dastardly Clarence Mitchell and shape some stories for the press on the anniversary of missing Madeleine.

I say
'shape' as that is exactly what they are doing.  Never a shred of truth, simply a despicable attempt at keeping the abduction myth alive.

At a Court hearing in the UK some time ago now (2013), one of the lawyer's representing the McCanns had to concede that there is no evidence that abduction took place, and further that she, the lawyer, Isabel Martorell, of Carter Ruck only has the word of their clients, Gerry and Kate McCann that Madeleine was abducted...OUCH!

Added to which the very same lawyer also had to admit that the book by Goncalo Amaral, A Verdade da Mentire (The Truth of the Lie) together with the Portuguese Police Files (available online and in the English language) she had not read prior to appearing before the Court.

Reminiscent of another high profile and very recent case in South Africa where an Expert Witness came unprepared, had not read the documentation either in relation to the case in question and his evidence discredited.

But a huge admission having to be made by the McCann lawyer - that she ONLY had the word of her clients the McCanns that Madeleine was abducted.

Which tells us much - the McCanns had not a shred of evidence with which to furnish their lawyers by way of proof that abduction took place.

These particular lawyers (McCanns have several lawyers who specialise in various fields of Law) Carter Ruck are the libel lawyers.

If they could not furnish them with any proof, I suspect the situation in this regard is the same with respect their criminal lawyers!

But back to their spokesperson (or paid liar as he is usually referred to) Clarence Mitchell, and of course the close family source -  you know the one who is speaking on behalf of Madeleine's heartbroken parents, Gerry and Kate McCann, on this 7th anniversary of the child's disappearance and who we are told are preparing to mark this anniversary in some way...

Perhaps in the same way they did NINE days after the child vanished -

The heartbroken parents on Madeleine's 4th birthday in May 2007, nine days after her disappearance.

View also 'Gerry McCann is Happy' (6 days after Madeleine vanished)


This 'close source' said it is disappointing that FIVE owner's of properties in Praia Da Luz, in Portugal have not come forward to speak with police.

How does the 'close source' feel about the SEVEN buddies who holidayed with the TWO heartbroken parents NOT COMING FORWARD to assist police with their inquiries, refusing to take part in a reconstruction of the events of the evening Madeleine was reported as missing?  

That's NINE in total, persons close to this child WHO ALL REFUSED TO ASSIST POLICE!

And the "heartbroken" mother, Kate McCann refused to answer more than 40 questions put to her by police.

Is this how innocent and heartbroken parents behave?

Is this how innocent and heartbroken holiday buddies behave?

In the case of missing Madeleine that is what we are being asked to believe -   The sins of the parents, their buddies, their spokesperson, and their sources!

As for the Mirror's big news of today - A re-hash of an old story they printed a year ago not worth dissecting!

Suffice to say it is the usual desperate trash we have come to expect on the anniversary of this little girl.

They have no shame, not a one of them!

They have nothing to be proud of by not having fully assisted police, and are not deserving of pity, for acting as they did, by their refusals to help this little girl!

Seven years on - do they seriously think their story is fooling anyone?

***Update, courtesy of a reader - link to Mirror article of last year - Many thanks ***
20th April 2014

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