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McCanns-Con of Century?

McCanns - Con of the Century?

The McCanns and the Conman (to be broadcast on Channel 5, 03 June 2014)

This documentary explores the story of 'Operation Omega' in which a man named Kevin Halligen CONVINCED the parents of missing Madeleine McCann, he was a SECRET AGENT. It soon transpired he had actually been CONNING the family the whole time, however, evidence he had gathered has since been used in the Scotland Yard case. In this film, ex-FBI agents, ex-military officers and ex-MI5 personnel discuss the con and the subsequent use of evidence.

Oh Lordy, Lordy, where do you begin with the McCanns, and what has got to be the the biggest load of baloney ever?

Where do you begin in dissecting their far fetched tales, inconsistencies, proven lies, change of stories, or as some might describe it - their con?

Yes, cons, like con artists come in all shapes and forms, they don't have to involve money, often they do, but a lot of the time the purpose is simply to make someone believe 'something' by being untruthful, using persuasion as Rebekah Brooks would say, to make others believe the tale you are telling.

McCanns bought and paid for a professional spokesman, a con artist, to do just that, to persuade the public that the McCanns were squeaky clean - to con others into believing the tales told by not only Kate and Gerry McCann but their holiday companions too, and to do that he had to come up some tall tales!

Top of the list was to persuade the public that Gerry and Kate McCann played no part in the disappearance of their beautiful daughter, Madeleine!

It's a costly business hiring what most call, professional liars.   Clarence Mitchell, Max Clifford, these types all cut from same cloth!

Mitchell came at the princely sum of £70,000 per annum.

Initially his fee was paid for by one of the McCann wealthy backers, then subsequently the Fund took over (you know the Fund set up to help find Madeleine, donations, £m's donated by the public) - his fees being paid from Madeleine's money!

£70,000 for the past, let's say 5 years, and a retainer of around £28,000 per annum when his services were not required (or when he was working on a part-time basis which is what McCann stated Mitchell did at times) for say 2 of the past 7 years, I would consider a fair basis for calculating Mitchell's total fee to-date charged to Madeleine Fund, and boy oh boy that soon mounts up - £406,000 phew!

In 2009 during an interview with Sandra Felgueiras, Gerry McCann confirmed that Brian Kennedy initially paid Mitchell's fee the Fund taking over at some stage (see blog above - 'A Fraudulent Fund') Madeleine was reported missing May 2007, so at most, Kennedy paid Mitchell's fee for 2 years, if that, really depends when Mitchell officially came on board, a few months after Madeleine vanished? - the bulk though was paid by the Madeleine Fund.

So total shall we say, paid specifically from the Fund - £266,000!

Mitchell certainly made a whole lot of money out of missing Madeleine!

Incidentally, McCann also stated during this interview that Mitchell had become an extremely good friend!

Had my child disappeared, I can guarantee my extremely good friends would not have charged me almost half million bucks by way of "assistance?"

Could be it's when you ask extremely good friends to lie for you that it involves money changing hands? 

Well, there is no other reason I can think of as to why an extremely good friend of the family, Clarence Mitchell, would charge his friends the McCanns?

There has always been controversy and suspicion surrounding the Madeleine Fund, that comes as no surprise, when extremely good friends are paid such vast sums of money from the Fund to basically tell tales, or as Gerry McCann said during this same interview with Felguieras, Mitchell has:

  • Done a brilliant job of protecting them (from media)
  • In shielding them from media interest - he has done superbly well

High praise indeed, and roughly translated - Mitchell has been more than happy to lie for them if the price is right, and they happy to pay whatever the price.

What is concerning also, is that the McCanns have always claimed that no one on the Board of Directors at the Madeleine Fund, which consists of their family and friends, is paid for their services. The same rule should have applied to Mitchell, and it wasn't!

At the point when Mitchell crossed over, made the transition from being the paid hired help to an extremely close friend of the family, is the point where he should have stood down from his position, his role in protecting and shielding the McCanns, and all payments to this now extremely close friend ceased. 

If they felt that after SEVEN YEARS they still required to be protected in some way, then an independent, not a member of their family or extremely close friends, should have been employed.

Maybe they had difficulty in finding another lowlife like Mitchell who would go along their farce.

But going back to the money paid to Mitchell all these years.

  • Years during which the McCanns claimed their Fund was just about dry.
  • Years during which they hid e.fits of a person seen carrying a child of  Madeleine's description, then claiming they did not have the finances to circulate said E.Fits
  • Years during which they paid a dodgy detective company £300,000, a company which consisted of criminal elements, a company which had never before dealt in missing persons, let alone missing children.  A company  which claimed Madeleine would be home by Christmas 2007!
  • Years during which they paid also, vast sums, between £300,000 and £500,000 (reports vary) to a man wanted by the FBI in return for his services.  Again a guy who had never looked for a missing child in his life!
  • Years when the McCanns made appeal after appeal to the public for more cash.
  • Years when they used Madeleine, played on a sympathetic public - 'You may not like us, but Madeleine is an innocent child who deserves not to be forgotten, we need money to continue to search for her. No police force is looking for her, we are having to do it all on our own'  was the message they put across. 

The question needing answered among many is, if this Fund was drying up, and the search (whatever the hell the McCann search was, no one knows) for Madeleine at the various stages was supposedly under threat of being halted due to lack of finances -

  • Why did they continue to pay for the services of Mitchell?
  • Why did they not put Madeleine first, and dispense with this guy?

Simple answer - Mitchell was more important to them!  Madeleine was gone, and most likely they knew exactly where, and knew that she wouldn't be returning!  They needed cash to keep him around to keep up the stories, not to search for little Madeleine.

The public would not have been happy to put their hands in their pockets if the McCanns had appealed for cash to pay a guy to lie for them, to cover for them, to twist and spin and invent incredulous stories for them but they would if they thought it was for Madeleine. 

Mitchell was and is protecting them but not from the media but by using the media!   

The McCanns need only have stayed out of the limelight if the media was their only concern, but it wasn't and isn't!

Why else would the parents of a missing child retain the services of such a lowlife, such an unsavoury and vile a character as Mitchell who is happy to make his money out of the disappearance/death of a little girl by inventing stories, and why would 'paying' this guy be more important to them than the cost of whatever it is they refer to as 'search fees' for Madeleine?

And why else would they have paid so many detectives, all from criminal backgrounds to search for Madeleine. all persons they must have known would not come up with answers..?

Which brings us to Halligen a guy wanted by the FBI, a guy who the McCanns, The Find Madeleine Fund employed to do just that - find her!

Halligen was taken on as part of the McCann Team AFTER they had employed and dispensed with Metodo 3, a Spanish based company, criminals!  A company which cost the Madeleine Fund £50,000 per month, for a period of around 6 months.  What they did in that time anyone's guess as they came up with zilch but lies, oh and the promise of a doll for Madeleine at Christmas of 2007, the time at which they said they would return her to her family, so we can probably safely say they did some Christmas shopping using Madeleine's own money to purchase the doll!

It is astounding that the McCanns with the many legal representatives they have, both in the UK and in Portugal, and the wealthy backers, one in particular who is known for going out there being hands on, interviewing witnesses, something one would think should be left to the police, a truly formidable law team behind them covering all aspects of law from libel to extradition, criminal lawyers, yet we are to believe they were sucked in by this company Metodo 3 and parted with at least £300,000 of Madeleine's money, and nothing in return.

More odd that with this in mind they once again employed a criminal, Kevin Halligen, a guy wanted by the FBI and the McCanns claimed not to have known this when they gave this guy an unknown sum but reportedly in the region of £300,000 - £500,000 AGAIN for nothing!

We're talking almost £1m here, down the drain - and they brazenly asked the public for more!

They say for a wife to lose one husband is sad, but to lose two is darn well careless.

I think to lose £1/2 million is more than careless, and to lose another £1/2 million is darn well suspect!

And to ask the public for MORE to replace what they were so darn well careless with, beggars belief - but McCanns did!  They bring new meaning to sassy and shameless. 

McCanns have always been reluctant to speak of Halligen but it seems now this 'con' will be discussed in the documentary as advertised above (shown as Wednesday 3rd June, but Wednesday is 4th June?) have the McCanns had a change of heart, are they now willing to speak about this, will they be making an appearance? 

Who knows, but it would seem that the idea behind it, is to portray the McCanns, as is usual, as innocent victims, the poor McCanns having been conned the 'whole time.'

In next blog we can take a closer look at the McCanns, Mitchell, also who in their team, was responsible for 'checking out' and employing criminals from the company Metodo 3, and Halligen a guy wanted by the FBI to search for an innocent child?  And give a bit of thought too, as to who in this bunch is the biggest conman of all?  Who in Team McCann is conning who?

For sure the con that is this case, didn't commence when Halligen first appeared on the scene - it was well underway long before that - the first evidence of what might be the 'con of the century' started on 3rd May 2007 the night Madeleine was reported as missing, if not before!

When the McCanns and their buddies signed up, and literally so, by putting their names, approving a timeline which they wrote on the back of Madeleine's colouring book, a timeline which cannot possibly be true, when they chopped and changed their stories, gave false evidence to Portuguese Police, and hindered a police investigation, the con was born.  It wasn't long before it grew feet, legs and started running - out of control?

Interesting too that ex FBI, ex Military Officers and ex MI5 personnel will discuss in this documentary, not only the 'con' but the evidence which is claimed has been supplied by Halligen, which he supposedly gathered, and has now been used by SY in their investigation - Why and how would these 'ex's' from various areas have been privy to such information?  And if they were, why would they be discussing it in this documentary, evidence which Redwood would surely not want - out there?

This documentary will have been put together some time ago - the timing of the release of this, and all else which has been fed to the public over the past few weeks - suspect!
24th May 2014
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