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McCanns - Derailed

McCanns – Derailed

Kate I used to wish I was dead

The Sun

April 2010

<Today an angry Kate, 41, branded the Portuguese investigation into her daughter's disappearance a "farce". 

She hit out at the fact that Portuguese cops are no longer looking for Maddie and that any new leads are ignored by them.

Kate said:


"If this was a murder inquiry there'd be an active investigation because they'd want to find the perpetrator, but as it stands we have a perpetrator who's still at large and therefore puts, potentially puts, other children at risk, and we have a missing child. So why is there no active investigation?

"I think it's a farce."

Husband Gerry is equally as angry that the search for Maddie has ended, saying:


"Officially for eighteen months and longer, law enforcement are not pro-actively doing anything to find Madeleine, and who took her, and I just think that is fundamentally unacceptable.”

"Now we've been assured that if new information comes in it will be followed up.”

"In fact the information that's come to light during the recent court cases have shown that almost every single piece of information that's gone to Portimao, the police station in the Algarve where the investigation is based, has been treated in exactly the same manner, which is being declared as not relevant."

In the past Kate and Gerry, from Rothley, Leicestershire, have avoided criticising the Portuguese police investigation into Maddie's disappearance.

But as the agonising third anniversary of her abduction looms the McCanns have made it clear how hopeless they think the efforts of some of the Portuguese cops have been.

Heart specialist Gerry, 41, said:


"There have been very poor elements of the Portuguese investigation, and at the same time it's probably been one of the biggest investigations ever in Portugal.

"So we aren't tarring everyone, there have been individuals who, for whatever reason, have seemingly not wanted to find Madeleine. That's how it appears to us.

"So there are people who are clearly making it more difficult and there are others that in this country, for whatever motives, want to make it more difficult.  There are many people who've tried to derail what we're doing along the way."

Kate says she fears that there may be other motives which have hindered the search for her daughter.

She admitted:


"I also think there'll be some people who would be greatly embarrassed if Madeleine was found and that scares me. That scares me. That might affect their want, or not, for Madeleine to be found.">>


So the Portuguese investigation was according to Kate McCann a farce.


According to Kate and Gerry McCann many people, both in Portugal and the UK for whatever motive were making things difficult for them, people were attempting to derail what they themselves were trying to do?


But what exactly were or are the McCanns trying to do?

And who exactly are included, are they referring to in their accusations of ‘many people have tried to derail them?’


What motive could anyone have for not wanting to find a missing child, I wonder?


Kate McCann states that there may be ‘other motives’ which hindered the search for her daughter?


Would that be like – the McCanns deliberately withholding from police authorities, vital information, hiding it for FIVE years, before its discovery, and the McCanns being instructed/forced to hand this crucial material over to police authorities when legal application was made to recover it from them?


Their private investigators, forced by them to remain silent with regards this information which may have discovered Madeleine’s whereabouts, and may also have helped the many children they continually tell us are at risk of the same fate as Madeleine if the alleged perpetrators of the crimes against her are not caught.


So withholding this information, not only harmed Madeleine, the search for her but all other children at risk also?

What would have been the McCann motive for hindering, derailing the search for their daughter, and also, putting other children at risk, as they themselves say, if this alleged abductor is left on the loose?


Kate McCann further states that she feels there are some who would be embarrassed if Madeleine was found (presumably, she means found alive) but why would anyone, anyone at all be embarrassed at a missing child being found?


I myself do not believe that Madeleine will be found alive.   The child I believe died before she was reported as missing.


The McCanns and their companions have not been truthful in their accounts of the events of that night and anyone can see this simply by reading the police files.

That in itself must sure have alarm bells ringing!


But if this very moment, it was reported that Madeleine has been found alive and well, I would, like any other decent person rejoice!


To hear that a child has died, no matter the circumstances is never news to be welcomed, and never is it a welcome discovery by officers of the law who have given all in their search for a missing child, as the Portuguese Police did, as the people of Portugal did when it was first known that Madeleine had vanished.  Absolutely not!

A reminder at this point - that Kate and Gerry McCann did not physically search for their daughter.  Whilst hundreds of people living in Praia da Luz searched - they stayed at "home."


Kate McCanns implications are quite sick in my estimation, that anyone would prefer a child not to be found alive, to save whatever embarrassment she seems to perceive would follow, is quite frankly the words of a woman disturbed or one with ulterior motives.


Three years on from the above statements, it seems to me with the recent "developments" by Andy Redwood, the Metropolitan Police, the misinformation in the Crime Watch productions, and the even more fantastic and far fetched tales in the UK press, which Clarence Mitchell will have had a hand in in some regard, and in light of an on-going libel trial, set to resume in Lisbon on 5th November 2013 that this couple, are still trying desperately to bury the truth of what actually happened on the night this child was reported as missing!

Their motives?
2nd November 2013

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