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McCanns - WHY?

McCanns WHY?

While looking for the 'Christmas Crackers' I saw the following page on the McCanns website, a site I admit to in general having no interest.

I have to say I was astonished to see that they are referring to the images below as 'unidentified persons'  'People of Interest to the Inquiry.

Now why would that be, and of interest to what inquiry?

All the persons portrayed in the images were indeed traced, identified, and ruled out of any police inquiries SO WHY ARE THEY STILL ON THE McCANN website?

Now it is the image of the man carrying the child which is of greatest interest.

This is the man who the McCanns buddy Jane Tanner claimed to have seen.  Her statement in this regard was highly suspect.

In Crimewatch UK October 2013 DCI Andy Redwood of the Metropolitan Police hyped up for weeks before the production was screened, HIS REVELATION MOMENT.

He sold to the public the idea that this man (who Jane Tanner claimed to have seen and who the McCanns and Clarence Mitchell sold to the public for years as being a person abducting Madeleine) was IN FACT A BRITISH HOLIDAYMAKER CARRYING HIS CHILD HOME FROM THE EVENING CRECHE FACILITY.


The public were instructed to ignore all that had gone previously and 'work' on the new timeline.   A timeline which let Jane Tanner off the hook.  Let Matthew Oldfield off the hook also.

As I pointed out in a previous blog (Merry Christmas Mr Murat) Redwood also stated on this programme with regards this man:

"We're ALMOST certain now that this sighting is not the abductor"

I pointed out also that it was IMPOSSIBLE for Redwood not to be able to make certain of his claim. So easy to obtain the time the guy signed his kid out of the creche.  The time he left the restaurant where he had dined that night etc etc.   To know which direction he would have walked from the creche to his apartment (and walking past the McCann apartment wasn't the way for him to head) So what was Redwood up to by making all this hooha about his REVELATION MOMENT changing the timeline of events if he wasn't certain of this?

WHY would he give the public a bum steer?

At the time Tanner was on the street there absolutely could not have been two guys who looked the same, dressed the same carrying a barefooted child.

So Redwood HAS to be either certain or not.  'Almost' just doesn't come into it, and not when Redwood has cost the UK taxpayer, what is it now- around £8m?

That's one huge sum of TAXPAYERS money down the drain IF the cop in charge of the investigation DOES NOT MAKE CERTAIN OF HIS CLAIMS!

And here we have the McCanns still plugging this sighting and stating:  

'the Metropolitan Police now believe this man MAY represent a guest at the Ocean Club who was carrying his daughter back to their apartment.  However as it is NOT POSSIBLE to be certain that these two men are actually the same person...'

Of course IT'S POSSIBLE!  NEVER HEARD SUCH CRAP in all my life from both the McCanns and Redwood.  

Who is darn well kidding who?   Redwood by moving the timeline not only assisted Jane Tanner, Matthew Oldfield out of a hole, he assisted Gerry McCann too.   If the guy was an abductor seen by Tanner then McCann was on the street at the same time, so how could McCann have missed him, not seen him, not heard him?

If the guy was another holidaymaker with his own child, then the alleged abductor in Redwood's new timeline struck, we are led to believe when McCann was in the tapas bar.  How convenient.

Two things here:

WHY did DCI Redwood NOT make sure of his CLAIM before changing a timeline, announcing his revelation moment?

WHY did the McCanns NOT kick up hell at DCI Redwood NOT making certain of his claims?

After all, this concerns their missing daughter - How could they be happy with an 'ALMOST CERTAIN' with a timeline being changed, WHEN SO EASILY IT COULD BE ESTABLISHED WHETHER THIS GUY WAS WHO TANNER CLAIMS TO HAVE SEEN?

And again, this crechedad HE IS ABLE TO TELL what HE SAW, whether he saw Tanner, Gerry McCann or Wilkins standing on the street when he passed carrying his child.

Unlike when dealing with an abductor who cannot be spoken to unless caught, crechedad can as I have said before SPEAK.

Are we to believe that crechedad was UNABLE to tell the Metropolitan Police whether he saw Tanner, McCann or Wilkins.


If this was my kid, I'd be letting the DCI know that 'ALMOST CERTAIN' didn't cut it.  To get his finger out.  I'd want to speak with crechedad!

I'd be telling the DCI that ALMOST CERTAIN was a disservice to my child, was detrimental to the investigation, if ALL were now being directed to look at this new TIMELINE, a TIMELINE based on the uncertainty of Redwood's investigation, the UNCERTAINTY of his CLAIMS it would not help my child in any way.

So it is an absolute nonsense for Redwood to say he is ALMOST certain and to change a timeline on that basis!  To change the timeline in what is now also being claimed by Redwood as a possible burglarly gone wrong.  The burglar carrying off either a dead or an alive Madeleine.   Is that what this guy is now saying.

UK taxpayers are funding this farce of an investigation by the Met, being fed crap, the same crap they have been fed by the McCanns for over seven years.  

Does anyone really believe that the Portuguese Police did not check out all who placed their kids in the evening creche?

The officer taking over from Redwood, by the name of Wall I believe, if she is going to take this case seriously, be permitted to do an honest job, unhindered with no agenda or instruction to work with integrity, she has her work cut out for her as Redwood has left so much shit behind for her to wade through.

Perhaps she could begin though by telling us:  

  • WHY Redwood is unable to be certain about creche dad?  And explain why he changed an entire timeline based on AN UNCERTAINTY?  If we are to believe all the crap that a living findable little girl is out there, and the MIGHTY MET change a timeline placing her arguably in more danger, and based on an 'ALMOST CERTAIN?'

  • Why Redwood has quite obviously ignored the original Portuguese Investigation, their findings?  

  • Why Redwood has clearly ignored the lies, inconsistencies in the stories told by the McCann group, ignored the dogs? 

  • Why Redwood has clearly ignored the differing stories told by Gerry McCann about how he gained access to the apartment on the night Madeleine was reported as missing?  

  • Why Redwood quite frankly has led the UK public and beyond a merry dance, and charged them to boot?

I leave you with the page from McCann website which the public pay for also...

Couldn't make it up could ya!

The British public in essence lied to, and robbed from all sides!

And I have to say I did laugh out loud at the instructions the McCanns have given the public in case you see Madeleine!

Be simpler if those responsible, and YOU KNOW who you are, if they ALL just came clean!

Oh and do ignore the images below, the guy carrying a child, REDWOOD almost certain he's found him!  

The spotty man, poor bastard being described by McCanns as ugly, and the Barcelona Babe, both identified and ruled out as being involved in the suspicious disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Only persons left that I can see who Redwood seemed to have by passed for questioning is the McCanns themselves and their buddies.

How he managed to reconcile their stories I'd love to know, to see and hear evidence of same.

If we are to accept Redwood's timeline, he has to produce crechedad and he has to EXPLAIN how Gerry McCann SAW a wide OPEN BEDROOM DOOR AT just after 9pm if the alleged abductor never struck (in Redwood's new timeline) until just before 10 PM.

And sure as eggs are eggs, Gerry McCann did not enter that apartment through any unlocked patio door, and that's just for starters!

Y'all be sure to practice taking video or photo evidence discreetly now ready for the day you see Madeleine!

***I posted the page below earlier, images were showing then.  After I dabbled around I lost the images.  On going back to the Find Madeleine Site I discovered like Madeleine, the site could not be found!

They seem to be having a bit of a problem!

I have therefore at the end of the page, included the images spoken of on the Find Madeleine page, but taken them from McCannfiles Site - Again many thanks to Nigel Moore for such a wealth of information.***

Unidentified People of Interest to the Inquiry

Contact Us

Have you seen these men? Do you know who they might be?

These two pictures show a man carrying a child away from the family's apartment. This sighting was seen by a witness at 21:15 on the evening of Thursday, May 3rd, 2007.

Based or more recent information, the Metropolitan Police now believe this man may represent a guest at the Ocean Club who was carrying his daughter back to their apartment. However as it is not possible to be certain that these two men are actually the same person, if you have seen this man in the pictures or suspect who it may be, please contact the Metropolitan Police's OPERATION GRANGE on 0207 321 9251 (0044 207 321 9251 from outside the UK) orOperation.Grange@met.pnn.police.ukand/or the Find Madeleine team on +44 845 838 4699

The picture shows a man that was seen several times by different witnesses during the days leading up to Madeleine's abduction on May 3rd 2007. He was described as ugly with pock-marked skin and was said to be watching the family's apartment intently.

If either of these men appear familiar to you in some way, please contact our investigation team as soon as possible. 


This is an e-fit picture of a woman aged 30-35 years,approx. 5ft 2" tall, who was behaving suspiciously in the area of the Port Olimpic Marina in Barcelona in the early hours of May 7th 2007. She is a person of interest to the inquiry - as yet, unidentified.

If you know or suspect who she is - please contact the investigation hotline.



Do you have any information that could help our search for Madeleine? Did you see or hear something around the time of Madeleine's disappearance (3rd May 2007) that aroused your suspicions or seemed out of place? Did anyone tell you something which may be relevant to Madeleine's disappearance? Did somebody you know of suddenly leave the area soon after Madeleine's disappearance?

Please, if you have any information which may help us with our search, come forward and tell us. All information will be handled with the strictest confidence. If you would prefer to stay anonymous, 
please use our anonymous form on our Contact Us page. Thank you for your help. 

If you think you see Madeleine:


1)      Report to the local police IMMEDIATELY !!

( Please use link to get the police emergency number for the country you are visiting before you leave.)

2)      Is there CCTV at the location? Ask for it to be retained.

3)      Did the individuals purchase anything (electronic payment) - thereby leaving a 'footprint'?

4)      Did they leave in a vehicle? Try to take registration details.

5)      If possible, discreetly take video or photo evidence to be examined by the police.


The artist's impression of the man seen by Jane Tanner

Suspect: An artist's impression of the man seen outside the McCanns' flat

WANTED: The e-fit picture
27th December 2014

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