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McCanns Condone

McCanns Condone

McCann buddies all refused to assist Portuguese Police.   They were requested to take part in a reconstruction of events of the night Madeleine was reported as missing, but not a one of them were prepared to help the little girl.

Read above  blogs 'Refusals 1 -7'  and Tapas Refusals.

Do read also the correspondence between Police in the UK and the Portuguese Police where they attempt to arrange for the group to return to Portugal.

It is shocking reading, to hear of their demands and refusals.  No one wanting to help the little girl.

More shocking that her parents, as I have said in previous blogs, did NOT condemn their buddies for NOT helping their missing daughter.

They have had every opportunity to do so, none more than in the following interview.

  "Las Mañanas de Cuatro" - Transcript of McCann interview sections, from second programme, 04 May 2010

Note: This transcript is taken direct from the video and is not a translation of the Spanish transcript (apart from the questions).

Due to the Spanish language dubbing, and the intrusive accompanying music, there are certain passages which are impossible to hear with clarity - on those ocassions the note [unclear] has been inserted.

By Nigel Moore

Interview, section 1:

Concha García Campoy: 

I'd like to ask you two or three questions about doubts in the investigation; I understand that this is a bit painful. It is said that you have not collaborated in a reconstruction of the facts, neither your friends.

Gerry McCann:

Especially some of our friends, and how we had been treated, they did not feel that the proposed reconstruction, errr... would have any way gone to helping find Madeleine. No one wanted to do anything [unclear] among our friends [unclear]. To do anything it would have been a complete media circus.

Kate McCann: 

We also asked about the possibility of actors being used, which is obviously what we do in our reconstructions. I mean, certainly in the UK we have a programme called Crimewatch, which uses actors and I think [unclear]. Errm... it's probably detrimental to ask people who have been through something traumatic to live it again.


There is nothing on this earth that could justify this group of holiday buddies NOT assisting police, not helping little Madeleine Beth McCann.

Yet here we have Gerry and Kate McCann, NOT condemning the actions of their buddies, but condoning them!

And most evident from the above interview is that the McCanns and their buddies collaborated in reaching this decision to not assist, police/Madeleine.

Oh how Gerry McCann whinges, about how THEY had been treated. How their buddies DID NOT FEEL it would have in any way gone to helping find Madeleine.  Stating also that it would have been a complete media circus.  

(says the man who has used the media and paid vast amounts of money from Madeleine's Fund to be on the front pages of the papers. Says the man who has paid Clarence Mitchell around £half million over the years to have stories of their making appear on the front pages.  Says the man who has courted the media when it suited him as Jeremy Paxman put to McCann in interview, and which made McCann see red.  And they didn't feel it would help Madeleine?  They weren't about to give her that chance were they.  It was not about how they felt, it was about a missing child.)

When you read the correspondence between the police in the UK and the police in Portugal, you will see quite clearly that the Portuguese police bent over backwards to meet the demands of this group - with one exception - they were not about to release the McCanns from their arguido (suspect) status.  

Ludicrous that these people made such a demand of the police - Essentially saying
'They were not helping Madeleine if their demands were not met.'

Do please read the Refusal Blogs above - A real eye opener as to the McCanns and their buddies.

And as for Kate McCann, she whines and whinges also, how it would be detrimental to ask people who had been through something traumatic to relive it again.

And so the decision was made by the group, and condoned by Madeleine's parents - Madeleine would remain with the paedophiles or wherever she was, as it would be traumatic for these adults to relive the night of her disappearance again.

Madeleine if with paedophiles was to relive her terror and her suffering, over and over (now 8 years if the child is still living) because NONE OF THESE ADULTS, including her parents felt it was right that they should be asked to help the child, the investigation by taking part in a reconstruction of events.  

Has anyone EVER in their life come across parents who would behave in this way?

It is not how innocent people act.

If you're child was missing in the hands of paedophiles you would walk over hot coals if asked.  You would condemn anyone who REFUSED to help your child.

McCanns didn't.

In this interview they condoned the excuses made by their buddies.

Now these people are doctors.   A bunch of doctors who put their own feelings before that of a missing little girl, who they claimed was taken from her bed by paedophiles?

Now that to me is inconceivable that they would act in this way, unless of course they knew back then that Madeleine was not alive.

No normal parent, no normal person, no normal doctor would put themselves before that of a little girl missing, a little girl being tortured daily.  No normal person would leave a child to suffer such horrors.

Did they know Madeleine was not alive at this time?   There is every chance that this is so.

Think about it. Say your child was abducted.  The police ask your buddies to assist them with inquiries and they say - 'hell no , can't make it'  

Would they remain your buddies?

Bear in mind also, the time these people wasted with the correspondence going back and forth, while they pretended to ponder as to whether to help this child.   Your child is with paedophiles and they are faffing around.

But the thing here is, they were faffing around with the McCanns blessing.

What chance did this child have if she was still alive at this time. Alive and waiting for mummy and daddy to come for her.

They weren't coming, and neither were their buddies.

Nah, bums on bikes, Kate McCann and Fiona Payne, eight years on, doesn't fix this one.

A plane to Portugal might just have saved Madeleine from the paedophiles we are told, took the child.

That bad man who Kate and Gerry McCann keep telling us will strike again, that our children are in danger.

Odd that, because the guy has never been seen or heard of again!

And dear old DCI Redwood was looking for not a paedophile, but a petty thief/burglar, a burglary gone wrong, said he, and more odd Redwood could not find this local thief either.

Looks like a petty thief is a bit of a criminal mastermind - fooled the mighty Metropolitan Police!

Maybe if the McCanns and their buddies had taken part in a reconstruction, it might just have thrown up that missing piece of the puzzle they keep telling us they are looking for, and this clever bugger, burglar might now be behind bars!
12th May 2015

Many thanks as ever to McCannfiles, and to a good friend who tracked down the transcript of this interview for me, I knew it was out there somewhere.  It stuck in my mind at the time so shocked was I that Gerry and Kate McCann were perfectly comfortable with the actions of their buddies.

Like to hear them explain away that one to the twin kids!
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