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McCanns Derailed - 2

McCanns Derailed - 2

 The following is a transcript of the McCanns speaking in 2009, regarding Dr Goncalo Amaral, his book, the documentary based on his book. 

In light of the libel trial, it is of interest to note the dates of the Sic interview and the date on which the McCanns decided to sue Dr Amaral.

Further it is of interest to note that the McCanns or rather Kate McCann does not appear to be displaying distress or suicidal tendencies!

Also they accuse Dr Amaral of not wanting to find Madeleine.   Of not doing anything to find her.  

Dr Amaral was not part of any investigation at this time.

The investigation in Portugal had at this time been shelved.

The McCann couple could have requested that it remain open, that was their legal right.  

Astonishingly, they chose not to exercise that right. 

Yet they still made accusations against a man, Dr Amaral who was not at the time of the shelving of the case, part of that investigation!

Transcript of McCanns exclusive interview with SIC

Nigel Moore 
12th May 2009 - Inter

view undertaken 11th May 2009

  This documentary, errr... comes out, errr... about the same time as Gonçalo Amaral's, errr... film, errm... is this just a coincidence?  


Gerry McCann: 

You'd have to ask him about that but if anyone's seen it I'd like them to compare what, you know, we have in the documentary that is based on trying to ascertain evidence and fact and proactively trying to find a child, not persuade the public that a child, who's missing, is dead, without any evidence, errr... and, you know, one has to ask themself: 'What... why would someone do that? Why would someone try to persuade the public that a missing child, an innocent missing child, is dead?' You know, and that's unforgivable, you know, we cannot forgive that.


Kate McCann: 

Why does he not want to find Madeleine?


Gerry McCann: 

He's certainly not doing anything to try and find her, whereas we are, you know, and that's the difference. We're trying to find her and who took her,
persuade people about some ridiculous theories that are not backed up by any evidence whatsoever.



There's also been Gonçalo Amaral's book and at the time there was a lot of talk about possible legal charges bought up by you against Gonçalo Amaral. Are you still considering these legal charges against him?


Gerry McCann: 

We certainly haven't ruled it out.
The reason we haven't done it to date is we didn't want to create... and I think there's been enough Anglo-Portuguese angst, particularly in the media and we certainly, errr... didn't want to exacerbate that but, you know, he clearly is getting, errr... more outrageous and we certainly wouldn't rule it out.


Kate McCann: 

At the same time, you know, it... it's a distraction, you know, what Mr Amaral is doing. I mean, it's..
. it's damaging to our search, errm... but at the same time, you know, we want to find Madeleine. We want to move forward and get new information and we don't want
to be derailed by negative people who have their own agendas, you know, so...


Gerry McCann: 

That is... I mean, that's a very good point, you know; we don't want to look back, we are trying to do things, but it gets to the point, errr... where you just think: 'enough's enough'. >>

The SIC Interview took place on 11th May 2009.

Gerry McCann when asked about suing Dr Goncalo Amaral, replied that they (he and his wife Kate McCann) had not ruled it out, and continued by saying - "the reason we haven't done it to date..."

In Kate McCanns book Madeleine she wrote :

"Amaral's documentary was the last straw.  

On April 20th 2009 we took the decision with Isabel Duarte to sue him.

While she did the preparatory work, we were off to the States again - to appear on Oprah Winfrey's talk show."  

Oprah Winfrey show with McCanns was aired on 4th May 2009.

Nineteen days after taking the decision together with Isabel Duarte to sue Dr Amaral, the McCanns were telling people they had not ruled it out, when in fact they had as Kate McCann stated in her book - left Isabel Duarte doing the preparatory work to do exactly that - sue - while they hopped on a plane to see Oprah!

It  would seem based on interviews this couple have given, on their police witness statements, and on Kate McCanns book, that they are incapable of telling the truth, that they are quite possibly compulsive liars! 

**In McCanns Derailed - note the McCanns stated that there were
many people attempting to derail what they were trying to do.   Are these 'many others' being sued?'
2nd November 2013

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