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McCanns Lose in Lisbon

McCanns Lose in Lisbon Trial

  • McCanns sued Dr Amaral and others for Euro 1.2 million.


  • They told the Court a tale of how Dr Amaral's book , A Verdade de Mentira (The Truth of the Lie) damaged the search for their missing daughter.  Caused the public to not come forward with information which may have led to her whereabouts.


What little, if any, credibility they may have managed to cling to over the past 8 years, where lies and spin have been par for their course, was truly destroyed by the decision of the Court.

By no stretch of the imagination has this been a WIN for Kate and Gerry McCann.

So much of their claim has been rejected!

Reports in UK suggest that Dr Amaral has been ordered to pay the McCanns a sum of money.   The amount as yet not clear, various sums being bandied around.

Whatever the amount is, of those amounts being quoted, even to take the highest, then one thing is for sure, they have not been awarded anything close to the vast sum they had hoped to gain by suing Dr Amaral and others.

No award being given by the Court either for the McCann children.

Yes, believe it or not the McCanns claimed for their twin kids, and missing Madeleine too was included in the claim at a stage in this case.

They'd have sued for Cuddle Cat too I'm sure if they thought they'd get away with it!

What is not clear as yet, is WHAT ARE THE ELEMENT/S of their claim that the award is in respect of?

It really doesn't come as any surprise that Dr Amaral (and others?) has been ordered to pay them some sort of sum, as despite the Judge's verdict (if this is correct term for the information out of Portugal last time at Court) rejecting one of the main claims made by the McCanns as above
and how could the Court not dismiss this and other parts of their action, when they could not be provide proof of their claim, and when in some instances it was more than clear they had been less than truthful in their accounts) there were other issues where the Judge may have favoured them. 

So always a good chance most would agree, that the McCanns would receive some sort of award but certainly not the huge sum that is being reported.

For sure they no doubt have loved to have received much more.

And it is no surprise that the MSM are reporting this as a WIN for the McCanns, in a trial they are incorrectly calling a libel trial.

If we take a step back and read what Dr Amaral explained with regards libel, then we will understand that this trial was not one of libel.

But again this will not be reported in the UK.

No matter what the outcome in Lisbon the UK would never report fairly or honestly when it comes to Dr Amaral.  

What is for sure is that they the McCanns LOST IN LISBON!

The Judge did NOT believe/acceot the claim made by Gerry and Kate McCann that Dr Amaral's book harmed any investigation, and let's face it, the McCanns were unable to produce any proof of their investigation being harmed by the book, partly I would suggest as they would have to have produced real evidence, first and foremost of any real investigation!

The Investigation

McCanns for years kept from the public, e.fits of the now main suspect in the Metropolitan Police Investigation.

Arguably if anything could be blamed for hampering any investigation, private or other, it has to be the fact that they McCanns and their buddies:

  • Did not make public the E.Fits
  • Did not fully co-operate with police authorities
  • Refused to answer when questioned by police
  • Refused to assist police with a re-enactment of the events of the night this child died/disappeared
  • Lied and misled the investigation.
  • Spent much of the monies donated by the public for a search for the missing child on paying Clarence Mitchell, who must now have received around £half million from this Fund.
  • Spent their time and Madeleine's money suing people.

Dr Amaral is a man of the highest integrity.   An honest and decent human being.

And it is for that reason that the McCanns want him silenced - he speaks the truth.

When the parents of a missing child, spend years trying to silence a man such as Dr Amaral, and use the monies in a Fund set up supposedly to search for the missing child for the purpose of silencing a retired police officer then alarm bells should ring loud and clear around the world!

All out there should be sitting up and taking notice, hearing those bells, and fighting for justice for Madeleine McCann.   Should be asking and challenging the accounts given by Gerry and Kate McCann and their buddies in this case.   Because as sure as eggs are eggs their STORY is exactly that!

All should be asking themselves - 'If I had told the police those same stories, those same accounts of the night I claimed my child had vanished into thin air, as the McCanns and their buddies have, would I have been believed by the police, and would I still be walking free?'

Short answer is NO!


And the BIGGIE - Everyone should be asking Gerry McCann WHY HE CHANGED HIS STORY!

Everyone should be asking him WHY he told police he entered the apartment on the night Madeleine vanished by HIS AND KATE's USUAL ROUTE which he said, was, IN through the FRONT DOOR using their KEY to unlock it.     YET SEVEN DAYS later, having given this as his TRUE AND HONEST STATEMENT TO POLICE, he then claimed that he HAD NOT DONE THIS, that he had GONE IN THROUGH AN UNLOCKED PATIO DOOR.   Madam McCann claimed likewise.


There should not be a single person on the planet who does not want to know the REASON for GERRY McCANN changing his police witness statement.

McCanns change of story cannot fail to set alarm bells off EVEN among those who support the McCanns.    Anyone who truly wants justice for young Madeleine, for the truth of what REALLY went on among this group of buddies on the night they reported this child as missing, MUST ASK these questions.

This guy McCANN said he had been going in through that front door all week long, every half hour in the evenings when he left his kids alone in that dark holiday apartment, in and out, he went through the front door, that is what he told police when first interviewed.

SEVEN DAYS LATER - McCann changed his story.

Do the Metropolitan Police know why Gerry McCann changed his story?  Figured out how that bedroom door came to be open at Gerry McCanns check of his kids, when according to the Met the alleged abductor didn't arrive until 45 minutes AFTER the door was opened?

That's the six million dollar question!  


  • Money, not any amount of money, can make the McCann stories TRUE!   And that is a fact!
  • No amount of money can bring Madeleine back.  That is a fact!  (The child lost her life on or around the 3rd May 2007, almost 8 years ago now, the evidence points to this)
  • NO amount of money can change the evidence which points to their involvement at some level.
  • No amount of money can give the McCanns a clear conscience.

Whether the McCanns are awarded Euro 1 or Euro 1m, or any amount in between, in this case or any other - MONEY changes NOTHING.

No matter the award by any such like trial - it does not MAKE THEM INNOCENT.   This is not a criminal trial.

  • They are still the same people who according to them abandoned their kids every night in a dark, scary, lonely and unsecured holiday apartment while they went out with their buddies.

  • They are still the same people who refused to FULLY co-operate with police on many aspects of the investigation.

  • They are still the same parents who have not been truthful.  And that is as clear as day.

  • Still the same greedy money grabbers who are hell bent on destroying the lives of a decent man and his family.

  • Still the hate filled, vengeful persons, who will not accept responsibility for the loss of their daughter.  

The McCanns spun some tales for the Judge in Portugal, made claims against Dr Amaral, in their attempt to silence him - MOST of which were dismissed.  The Judge simply did NOT BELIEVE THEM!

Lest we forget in respect of Madeleine's disappearance, not this action to silence Dr Amaral, the Leicester Police said - THEY,THE McCANNS LOST THE CHANCE TO PROVE THEIR INNOCENCE BY NOT CO-OPERATING!

And in this regard and contrary to what is published in the UK press, the McCanns were NEVER cleared of involvement in their daughter's mysterious disappearance.

When the case was shelved in Portugal a few years back, ALL arguidos (persons of interest) were released from that status, that is part of the Portuguese legal system, it has NOT a jot to do with the persons being released from the status being innocent.

The McCanns at the time of the shelving were arguido their release from that status naturally followed.

That is quite different from having been cleared!

They have never appeared in Court charged with crimes against Madeleine, they therefore could NOT have been cleared of anything!

Perhaps one day the perpetrators of the crimes against this child WILL be made to PAY.

The 8th anniversary of this child's reported disappearance, 3rd May is almost upon us.

For the past 7 years the McCanns, weeks before an anniversary, appeared on TV screens, gave many interviews, launched campaigns for money for their Fund.    This year has been quite different, not their usual fanfare, and that has been due to:

  • Awaiting this trial verdict
  • Knowing that the Judge did not rule completely in their favour.
  • The death of Brenda Leyland, the Inquest into her death.       
  • (The McCanns have laid low since this time and obviously so as they the McCanns KNEW ABSOLUTELY of Martin Brunt/Sky's plan to attack this lady, both outside her home and in Brunt's Special Report.)

They have much to be ashamed of so many reasons they should be hanging their heads in shame.

It has been reported that Dr Amaral's legal representative had no knowledge of this award by the Court in Lisbon, that is, at the time it was being reported in the UK press.  

That the McCanns legal representatives did, is more than suspicious, suggests underhand activity, and that Brunt, the now "friend" of McCanns should have been privy by whatever means to such information?

May 3rd for the McCanns is fast approaching, and for them not to have shown their faces, is more than unusual.  

I, like most though, knew that despite the above, that would not be how it would be, that even if they did not show their faces, knew that there would be SPIN of some description about the poor McCanns, another anniversary, AND with the result of this legal action being due it was most likely going to be spin around this.

This week was the latest they could do just that, as 3rd May is this coming Sunday, so it comes as no surprise whatsoever that the press would spring into action now with hurried stories of the trial verdict, stories which the McCanns and their team wanted reported, stories which they created and shaped.   No surprise that Brunt, Sky, would be first on the scene, to report on the case in Portugal.  

McCanns and the press will spin this story out, and it will continue no doubt into this coming Sunday with the usual misreporting and lies which we have come to associate with all things McCann.

They will resort to the usual headlines damning Dr Amaral.  That is how the McCanns and the UK press roll, with lies and misinformation.

Never for a moment think that anything to do with these people has not been orchestrated.

The timing of this latest (especially so if Dr Amaral's legal representative was not as yet informed of any results of this case, at the time Brunt was reporting on this) testament to that.

The McCanns LOST IN LISBON, and they LOST because they were NOT TRUTHFUL!

Any lesser amount awarded than the amount they claimed for, we all knew was going to be spun as being a win situation.

The McCanns are so predictable so many years now playing their games, and to them that is what this action against Dr Amaral is, a game to them, but a nasty game played by very nasty people, people who have set out to destroy this man, a retired police officer, who during the course of the investigation into the disappearance of their daughter, he discovered that they had been far from truthful in the accounts they gave police.  He KNOWS that they have taken the world for a ride.  

But none of this has been a game for Dr Amaral.   When as an officer of the law, it was not a game, his search for Madeleine, the investigation which he co-ordinated not a game.

While Madeleine's parents were prancing around Portugal for the press, the cameras, laughing and joking with friends, Dr Amaral and the Portuguese Police were searching for the little girl.  Madeleine was always first, always priority.

It is not a game for Dr Amaral to have his life destroyed by these people who I can only describe as some of the nastiest on Gods green earth.

Not a game for Dr Amaral to see his family suffer.   To suffer himself as he has, at the hands of the McCanns.

No it is not a game, not a game for Dr Amaral.   He did everything he could for Madeleine, because that is what decent human beings do, what decent police officers do.  

This man has a life, a family, which Kate and Gerry McCann want destroyed.

One listen of Kate McCann spouting her venom outside the Court in Lisbon, one read of her statement that she wishes Dr Amaral to feel pain, to be miserable, to wish him dead, and you get the true picture of what type of people the McCanns are.

But they are not only predictable, they are also, SO PROTECTED, and we must keep asking WHY THAT IS!

We must ask how these people have been able to do all that they have, two doctors who at the time of their child's disappearance, and the setting up of their Fund, made payments towards their mortgage from said Fund.

The whole case stinks and that is a fact!

The Judge in this action raised by McCanns against Dr Amaral has let the McCanns know in no uncertain terms that the stories the FALSE CLAIMS they made against Dr Amaral will not be tolerated in her Court!   

Gerry and Kate McCann will for sure NOT be happy at the verdict in this respect.    The amount they have been awarded and the reasons for the award, will for sure have been a kick in the teeth for McCann, albeit a bigger award than many expected, it was NOT awarded for the FALSE CLAIMS the McCanns made.   And it is nowhere near the amount McCann would have wanted.   He thought he could dictate to the Judge, and she was having none of it.

The Judge NOT believing their claim that Dr Amaral's book damaged their so called private search for Madeleine, that it stopped the public from reporting any information leading to her whereabouts, MUST have sent Gerry and Kate McCann off on one of their TEMPER TANTRUMS.

What is in the press, is the best they could come up with by way of SPIN,  by way of NOT having to address the FACT their MAIN claim against Dr Amaral was rejected in Court!

Of course for Dr Amaral the McCann case being thrown out completely would have been wonderful, but he too must have known, after the reading of the verdicts a while back, that there was every possibility they would be given some sort of award.  Perhaps not such a large amount.   But still, it is not an amount that will have pleased Kate and Gerry McCann.

I would hope that Dr Amaral takes the positive out of this case, Gerry and Kate McCann, their stories NOT being believed by the Judge is a step in right direction.  McCann is used to getting his own way and he will not be pleased at this kick in the teeth.

And if Dr Amaral is by law permitted to appeal this latest, and he does so, the McCanns will not see one shiny dime of the award until the case has run its course, providing of course that they would eventually win.

I see today's news with regards the award as not wholly unexpected.

I see the MSM spinning the story in favour of McCanns, and the McCanns part in same, as being FULLY EXPECTED.

This latest I would say has to some degree backfired for the McCanns, it has shown them absolutely for what they are, it has shown more than ever the corruption in this case, political interference, shown that they are indeed being protected, and when persons are protected in this way, it is because they are far from innocent, that there is a whole other story that the public are not being told.  And the fact that two working class persons who became doctors who took from the Fund for their missing child payments towards their mortgage (which we must assume point to them not at the time of her disappearance being able to afford to pay this from their own monies) and are now swanning around suing the world and its grandmother, tells us that much in this case is OFF!

It will be interesting to discover what exactly the sum awarded to the McCanns relates to, and to discover the extent of the spin in the UK press in this regard.

Dr Amaral will continue to have the support of those of us who like him seek only truth and justice for young Madeleine McCann, and thus far this has not been forthcoming.

Still the McCanns and their buddies have not given explanation as to the inconsistencies in their police witness statements which surround Madeleine's disappearance.   

Still no explanation by Gerry McCann about his incredulous and ever changing story of how he entered that apartment when checking his kids.

Do we think Metropolitan Police believe his tale?
Do we think the MSM believe his tale?
Do we think his lawyers believe his tale?
Do we think his family believe his tale?
Do we think his colleagues believe his tale?

What was it Kate McCann said about medicine, when things don't add up they go back to square one, re-investigate, re-assess the case to see if anything has been missed?

No one of sound mind could believe Gerry McCanns tale!  And no need to go back to square one - it is damn well obvious it doesn't add up and for one reason - IT IS NOT TRUE!

Colleagues at that hospital must see this!

A re-enactment of events which McCanns and their buddies ALL so feared, all refused to take part in, would demonstrate this absolutely.

The McCanns may be able to ruin financially Dr Amaral, and they have for sure dedicated their lives to making his hell, but they can never take from him, the decency, the integrity, the honesty, the love of his family and his love for them.

Dr Amaral has what the McCanns can never have, truth on his side. Decency, morals. True friends.  Honest values.  Friends who will support him both emotionally and financially in respect of legal matters, decent people who can see that a decent man is the victim of the hatred and lies that are McCann.

Their fear of him they cannot hide.

I imagine that the McCanns are at a stage where they would like this all to go away, both the case against Dr Amaral and the Metropolitan Police Investigation, their twin children now of an age where they will be asking difficult questions of them, more than ever now they will be wanting this all to disappear!

When Kate McCann launched her book, she postponed the date of same due to a Royal wedding, that must have annoyed them no end as being in the limelight they took to like ducks to water, they lapped it up.

Kate and Gerry McCann did not win in Lisbon, their FALSE claims thrown out, I suspect with the other Kate about to give birth to a second child, General Election news also in UK, that this is one time that they will welcome not being the focus.

Yes the award was reported in the press, but ALL pretty LOW KEY by the usual McCann standards.  But that too will have been shaped by Team McCann.

All not well in camp McCann when they prefer to stay under the radar, only releasing the tame 

For sure money, no amount of, can give the McCanns peace of mind as to the story they have told as being the truth of what became of Madeleine.  No amount of money will allow them to sleep nights.  And they may have long lives ahead!

Their award changes nothing, they still have a lot of explaining to do regarding their daughter's disappearance.

Remember also that Clarence Mitchell who they have paid in the region of £1/2 m to spin lies for them, stated that the alleged abduction of Madeleine was but a theory of Team McCann!

Dr Amaral's book, contains the same material and evidence as contained within the OFFICIAL Police Files.

Lisbon, this nasty action against Dr Amaral was not a win for McCanns!

Keep the faith people!   Keep supporting Dr Amaral and the truth of this case, a truth which the McCanns are dedicated to suppressing!

  • Keep asking why Gerry McCann changed his story.

  • Keep asking why Kate McCanns story and that of her best friend Fiona Payne are contradictory!

  • Keep asking why none of the stories, police witness statements given by the group add up.

All available online to read, as is the translation of Dr Amaral's Book, Maddie A Verdade de Mentira (The Truth of the Lie)

Wonder if Lorraine is dusting down her sofa as we speak, still time for them to pop in before the 3rd!

As to the money - McCanns can spout until they are blue in the face that it was never about the money, and if they speak to Lorraine she will pull one of her dumb expressions, and in her squeaky voice will agree saying it really, really wasn't, no it wasn't it really really wasn't -  Truth be told - it was ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!


On the money front they lost big time, and that will make them very unhappy indeed!

Money aside, what does give perhaps the most cause for concern in this latest judgement, and not to take from the obvious dismay, Dr Amaral will be experiencing with regards the award,  is that the book by Dr Amaral it seems has been banned once again? 

If this is correct, a blow not only for Dr Amaral's right to freedom of expression, but to all of Portugal and beyond.

It was one thing for the Judge to rule as she did with regards the McCanns claims, those she rejected and those she ruled in favour of, but to have ruled as she did, if she did, with regards the book being banned, this lady Judge should hang her head in shame!

Portugal should be speaking out against this, whether they like or dislike the McCanns, Dr Amaral, this is quite a different issue, one they should not accept by sitting back in silence.

Not only did the McCanns lose in the Lisbon Court, Portugal, the Portuguese, if the books has been banned, lost in Lisbon, the lady Judge saw to that!
28th April 2015

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