Lying in the Sun

McCanns Mislead Public

McCanns Mislead The Public

The Crimewatch Production (1) we can all see was (in part) a nonsense.

Apart from having the McCanns being portrayed as a couple who spent their days splashing about in the pool and giving their children endless amounts of attention (which could not have been further from the truth) we were presented with more serious and misleading information, and lies, which we have all come to know, is the main ingredient of any McCann production, interview, or story spun by their £70,000 per year spokesperson, the rather nasty Clarence Mitchell, who is paid from the Madeleine Fund.  That is the Fund to which the public have donated to help find Madeleine what became of her.

Rather sadly for Madeleine, so much of the monies donated to help her have been paid to likes of Mitchell, to dodgy detectives, and to pay for the legal actions raised by her parents which they lost!   The monies used to pay expensive lawyers (they have more than a few) and press agencies all to protect the parents - not used for Madeleine.

Why do they need protection one might ask...indeed Why?

Why for six years has the odious Mitchell been paid from this child's money?

Mitchell is now an extremely close friend of the McCanns as Gerry McCann stated in interview with Sandra Felgueiras!

An extremely close friend would not ask to be paid £70,000 per year for their help.  

Partners in crime though? 

But back to Crimewatch (1) those who have followed the case all duly noted the many inconsistencies and misleading details in the production.   It was not true to the police witness statements given by the McCann couple and their friends.  Not that they were truthful in their police witness statements, but when that is what any reconstruction must be based to establish if what they have said was possible, then that is what the public should see.

We didn't!

We never have in any of the McCann productions seen an account which was true to their police witness statements.   I think though we all thought, or at least I did, rather naively it would seem, that Crimewatch would be different!

One of the misleads in this latest, was that the door to the bedroom where the children slept, was hung on the opposite side than the actual door of the apartment where the McCann couple stayed when in Portugal, apartment 5A of the Ocean Club!

One of the reasons for this it would seem was, if they showed it on the correct side, in other words, if they were honest in their production it would highlight that Matt Oldfield could not possibly have seen, the cots, the window, the bed which was located on the window side or the McCann twins in their cots, the movement of their bodies as they breathed. It would have shown that Matthew Oldfield's police witness statement was no more than lies!

And to be noted also, Crimewatch did not show Oldfield entering that apartment!   Why?

Unfortunately for the McCanns every time they try to mislead and deceive the public they create another problem for themselves.

McCann stated after Madeleine vanished that he thought the alleged abductor had concealed himself behind the bedroom door.

Dr Goncalo Amaral, the Portuguese Police proved that this was not possible.

In this latest production, a so called reconstruction, the McCanns by choosing to mislead the public once again by portraying that the door opened in the direction as seen on Crimewatch - blows his story of the alleged abductor hiding behind the bedroom door, right out of the water!

Redwood though when describing Apartment 5A (and graphics shown) does describe it as it was, and the bedroom door is shown, as it should be, hung on the correct side?

It seems almost that Crimewatch (1) was two different versions put together, one version by the McCanns, and one version by Andy Redwood, Metropolitan Police? 

Redwood by dismissing Jane Tanner's sighting of 'Tannerman' stated that it then changed the 'timeline.'   Redwood suggesting that the alleged abduction therefore took place sometime between Oldfield's check and Kate McCanns check.

Redwood knows that Gerry McCann claimed the bedroom door was more widely open at 9:05 pm.  Therefore the alleged abductor had to be in the apartment before that time.

Redwood knows too that no abductor would enter that apartment before 9:05 pm and hang around until just prior to Kate McCanns check at around 10pm.

Oldfield said the door was open quite widely when he arrived at 9:30 pm.   McCann confirmed he had closed it over back to the original position, the position just slightly ajar that he always did,  before he left the apartment.  We can only assume then that the same person who opened it before McCann arrived, opened it again after McCann left.

And this as is obvious poses a huge problem for the McCanns - Redwood dismissing Tannerman, and changing the timeline, mucks up the story told by the McCanns, Gerry's 'door
 more widely open' story in particular.

Was that Redwood's intention?

Let's face it, McCanns must know that Redwood saying that the alleged abduction most likely took place just before Kate McCann arrived for her check, makes him (McCann) out to be a liar with regards that bedroom door.

The McCanns cannot possibly be happy or pleased with that?

Would be good if a breakfast 'sofa queen' could ask McCann what he thinks of Redwood's new timeline, an alleged abductor striking just before Kate arrived, and what McCanns thoughts are now as to how that bedroom door came to be more widely open.  Does he think the alleged abductor pottered around in his apartment for an hour before taking Madeleine!

And Gerry McCann cannot now, six years later, say that he was mistaken in the time he checked, the time HE SAW THAT BEDROOM DOOR MORE WIDELY OPEN, in his police witness statement he confirms he checked his watch, as did his wife Kate McCann, she confirmed this too, in fact she went so much further:

Kate McCann her book 'Madeleine'

"Gerry left to do the first check at 9:05 pm by his watch."


'We mentioned to the others what Madeleine had said that morning.  Obviously we didn't want any of our children waking and wondering where we were even for a few minutes, and if the chances of that happening seemed remote, it was enough of a concern to make us absolutely prompt with our checks on the kids.  That is why Gerry and I were subsequently able to be so accurate about timings."

So there we are, the McCann couple were able to be so accurate about 'timings.'

Pity they were not able to be so accurate about anything else - like how they entered apartment 5A!

Gerry as we all know changed his story in this regard.  Telling the Portuguese police he entered by the front locked door using his key, being his first statement, and then SEVEN days later telling Portuguese Police he entered by an unlocked patio door!

How can the McCanns be so accurate with regards the time at which they went to check on their children, so accurate about how widely open they found the bedroom door to be, to the nth degree, yet neither could remember with accuracy which door they used to enter the apartment?

Because quite simply they have lied.   And Andy Redwood of the Metropolitan Police knows that they have.   Their holiday buddies too!

There is no way that Andy Redwood his 30 + strong team of detectives have not recognised that the McCanns and their buddies have been spinning tales.

And no way that they have not as detectives reached conclusions as to why the McCanns and their holiday buddies lied.

Not very likely that they can reach any other conclusion than that of the Portuguese Police and their colleagues in the Leicester Police!

How will Andy Redwood, explain away Gerry McCanns - 'more open bedroom door' at 9:05 pm?
1st December 2013

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