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McCanns Most Shocking

McCanns Most Shocking

Kate and Gerry McCann are always telling us they will leave no stone unturned in the search for their missing daughter Madeleine.

They speak of their 'search' how they need funds to keep the search going.

The public have been more than generous in this regard.

In 2008 the Portuguese investigation was shelved.

In 2011 the Metropolitan Police in UK began a review of the case.

The period between 2008 and 2011 the McCanns gave numerous interviews each time telling of how no police authority was searching for their daughter, that it fell to them, their own private investigation, to do just that.

A private investigation they told us that required funding.   An investigation where no stone would be left unturned!

In 2008 their then private investigators produced and presented to them E.Fits of a suspect - a man carrying a child of Madeleine's description, on the night the child was reported as missing.

The man carrying the child was said to resemble Gerry McCann.

An Irish family had seen the man carrying the child.

The McCann private detectives also provided the McCanns/Find Madeleine Fund with a report regarding their findings.  It seems the report highlighted the many inconsistencies in the McCann holiday party police witness statements.

Seems their own private detectives were in agreement with the Portuguese Police - that the story the holiday group had given police was full of holes!

The McCann private detectives advised that they release the E.Fits asap to help find Madeleine.

The McCanns chose not to!

It was November 2008 when the E.Fits first came into the McCanns possession.

The McCann Private Investigation, that is the Find Madeleine Fund did not release the E.Fits in the public domain, and still to this day, more than FIVE YEARS LATER have not done so.  

The Find Madeleine Fund the directors are in the main, the McCann family and friends.  Kate and Gerry McCann also directors of the Fund. It is the directors of the Fund who make the 'decisions.'

There is not a reason in the world which Kate and Gerry McCann could come up with which would make their actions excusable.

They not only accepted monies from the public for this private investigation, their Fund, but they then failed to do what was right and proper - release the E.Fits immediately in 2008 when they first received them, in so doing they failed missing Madeleine.

Their child is missing, they accept monies from the public to search for her, they obtain absolute vital information, E.Fits and the McCanns, the Find Madeleine Fund choose not to allow this information be made public, choose to not allow the E.Fits to see the light of day.

How can the public trust anything at all that this couple say or do if this is an example of how they conduct the Find Madeleine Fund?

How could they have let their own child down so badly?

One can hardly believe that they did this, that anyone would do this - but Kate and Gerry McCann did!

Think about it, it goes against all that is decent, honest.   

It highlights a complete and utter lack of integrity.  A total disregard for those who donated to their Fund and who in essence paid for this investigation these E.Fits to be produced to help Madeleine.

And most of all more than anything that has happened in the past 6 years since this child vanished, it demonstrates that young Madeleine Beth McCann was not their priority when they made the decision NOT to make public immediately, or in fact AT ALL the E.Fits of a suspect in the case of her disappearance.

All those years they were telling the public, that they, were the only ones searching, when in fact they, the Find Madeleine Fund were the ones, withholding information, E.Fits which may have led to the whereabouts of their missing daughter.

One wonders how they had the gall to sit, interview after interview, and never a word to the public when they made their appeals for others to search, to donate to their Fund, when they were in fact sitting on E.Fit images of a prime suspect!

The actions of the McCanns in this regard must rate as the most shocking news item in UK in respect of missing persons in 2013.

Kate McCann is I believe, an Ambassador for the Charity Missing People.

Her first role as Ambassador for the Charity was ironically to launch a billboard campaign to help find missing persons.

Yet at this very time, Kate McCann knew that she, Gerry McCann and the Find Madeleine Fund had failed to 'launch' the E.Fits of a suspect in the case of her own missing child.
30th December 2013

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