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McCanns Relief

McCanns Relief…at Ban

It must be music to the ears of the McCann couple that they are surplus to requirement at the libel trial.  The trial which they instigated against Dr Goncalo Amaral!

Their witnesses thus far have messed up big time.  Some have lied.  Most all, quoted, Kate and Gerry McCann.  Their evidence not being what they themselves heard witnessed or experienced.  Simply they were repeating what they had been instructed to say!

And this was noted by the Judge.   

Kate McCanns mother, Susan Healy, on two occasions attended at Court.   On the first occasion she was on the witness list, but was not heard, and on the second occasion, the McCann lawyer had made a blunder, hence the reason the Judge did not allow Kate McCanns mother, Susan Healy to give evidence this second time.  The McCann legal team had messed up big time too.


Day 6  Libel Trial

(ID = Isabel Duarte McCann Lawyer)

ID dictates to the Clerk of the Court the proceedings concerning Mrs Healy. She states that, after the Court session was adjourned for reasons independent of the Judge's will, she had GIVEN UP calling this witness. However she THEN thought the witness had IMPORTANT things to tell, but she FORGOT TO RE-APPLY for this witness to be called. She says she asked the witness to return from the UK hoping that the Court would allow her to testify. 

GP (Guerra & Paz's lawyer) dictates her position, the rules have to be respected. 

SO (GA's lawyer) dictates that it seems the witness WASN’T SO IMPORTANT OR SIGNIFICANT the EVIDENCE to report since her colleague opted FIRST TO GIVE HER UP.  He observes that it is not a case where, in the course of the trial, an unexpected witness pops up with crucial facts to reveal. 

The Judge remarks that on the 24th of September 2013, DRA DUARTE DECLARED THAT SHE RELINQUISHED ALL ADDITIONAL WITNESSES EXCEPT FOR MRS CAMERON.   She says it's possible to forfeit a witness at any time, but the Court may judge differently and notify the witness if reasons exist to presume that witness has knowledge of important facts for a forthright discussion of the available evidence.


She adds that the production of testimony evidence up until now does not lead the Court to believe that the witness Susan Healy's knowledge is relevant to the discussion about the case considering her relationship with Kate McCann and the fact that the LAWYER FOR THE PLAINTIFFS HAD OFFICIALLY GIVEN HER UP.   She therefore doesn't authorize the witness to take the stand.

Now in such a trial, where Kate McCann claims to have been distraught, suicidal almost, due to the content of Dr Amaral’s book, who then, more than anyone else in her life (aside, the cold and uncaring Gerry, as she herself describes the guy) would be the person who would have witnessed most how Kate had been affected by this book or for that matter by any event since Madeleine vanished, and who would know her best?   Her mother of course!

Yet the one person, the person arguably closest to Kate McCann Duarte drops as a witness.  And thereafter the Judge does not allow her to testify.   As the Judge points out, it was not the fact that Duarte forgot to re-apply that was the initial problem it was that Duarte dropped Susan Healy first, before then deciding she would rather like her to give evidence, but then she claims to have forgotten to make the application for Susan Healy to do so. 

Quite astonishing really (a) that she drops the witness closest to Kate McCann (b) then forgets to re-apply to have her heard as a witness.

Now that speaks volumes!

And of course the Judge was having none of the nonsense.  She unceremoniously dropped Kate McCanns mother also, stating that the Court did not believe Susan Healy’s knowledge was relevant to the discussion about the case considering her relationship with Kate McCann, and the fact that the McCann lawyer, Duarte had officially given her up…Ouch!

The trial is one which the McCanns/their lawyer/their spokesman Clarence Mitchell said they were sure of winning.


 “Kate and Gerry remain very confident that they will win the case.  They have a strong case against Mr Amaral.  The matter is now in the hands of their lawyer as it goes through the Court.


 “Kate and Gerry do not have to give evidence so they do not need to be here.  I am confident of winning.”

So confident were they, Gerry and Kate McCann, their legal representatives that they did not request that they be allowed to give evidence.   They had every opportunity to do so, not as though the trial came as a surprise to them.   They are the plaintiffs!  

Their lawyer Isabel Duarte stated they had no need to appear for this very reason, they were confident of winning.   So they did shun the very idea that they should appear!   Their lawyer made no application for them to appear!  They were way too important now, to be bothered.  They had Dr Amaral where they wanted him…or so they thought!  And Duarte was on the job, she was going to win she declared…


So Duarte said that the McCanns did not need to be at the Court in Lisbon, yet Kate McCann turned up there, but not to give evidence, it was to give one of her now infamous performances outside the Court, but not until after the day’s proceedings came to a close, she saved the drama till last.

Now is that not the oddest of situations.   She/they take out a legal action against Dr Goncalo Amaral.   They make it clear they have no intention of giving evidence, because in their mind they simply don’t need to!  Yet, Kate McCann turns up alone, minus Gerry, on Day 1 of the trial, but not to speak in Court but to speak outside the Court to address the waiting press.

Gerry it seems stayed at home to babysit.   Bit like closing the stable door after horse has bolted…

So why was Kate there?

Her lawyer said she was not needed at Court, and the McCann source said:

“Because of the sensitivity of the situation, police don’t want the McCanns anywhere near the country because they fear it could turn into a media circus.   The Met police are worried it will create a bigger platform for Mr Amaral and his supporters to spout more bile and could damage their own inquiries in the country.  It will be bad enough having all the old allegations dragged up again and repeated.  No doubt Amaral will want to say his bit outside the court and it will all flare up again.  It will not be helpful for the Yard.”

So what does Kate McCann do?  She holds a conference outside the Court in Lisbon!  This against the advice of her legal team, and of course, according to the McCann source – the Metropolitan Police!

(from McCannfiles)

Kate McCann:

I'm here today for Madeleine and obviously I strongly hope for justice. I'm here to stop the damage that has been caused, and is still being caused, both directly and indirectly to the search for our daughter, and to stop the... the d... the suffering that's been caused to our family, and will carry on being caused to our family, if the theories of Goncalo Amaral and his book and documentary go unchallenged. And that's why I'm here.

Reporter :   Kate...

Kate McCann:  So, thank you.  No questions.



So, Kate had come to speak to her ‘public' but her ‘public' were not allowed to ask any questions of her.  Hysterically funny how Kate McCann has now adopted the same attitude as her other half –he too holds press conferences and decides when he will answer and when he will dismiss those present!

And, as to the comments by the 'McCann source' – Whenever has anyone seen or heard Dr Goncalo Amaral cause a scene or spout bile.  Short answer – NEVER!  The man always conducts himself with the utmost decorum.  Always quietly spoken, good mannered, never does he court the attention of the media.

There was but one person outside the Court in Lisbon, using it as a platform to spout bile and that was Kate McCann!

Had this mother been there for Madeleine her missing child she would have said all she had to, inside the Court Room, for the Judge to hear, not outside causing a scene.

And where are they now?

Well when their witnesses messed up, in rode Gerry McCann, the man who most think is the guy in the E.Fits suspected of removing Madeleine from apartment 5A –
E. Fits which they the McCanns kept to themselves for such a long, long time – but that is for another day, not anything to do with the libel case…or is it?  

Did not Pike the pretend psychologist say that Kate McCann suffered distress around August /September 2008 due to the book by Dr Amaral?    Then in 2009 she suffered a secondary trauma when someone told her about the documentary based on the book.

I was just wondering, that would be around the time when the E.Fits came to light, or were being sketched, drawn up for presentation to McCanns.   They were sketched around that time and presented to McCanns towards end 2008 October/November and then the McCanns held on to them, kept them to themselves until late 2009.

It got me thinking, this secondary trauma that Kate suffered at this time, could it be that seeing the E. Fits sent her into secondary trauma, especially when she knew the Smith family thought they’d seen Gerry carrying Madeleine.   I think that might have been more traumatic for her than the content of the book, and very difficult, one would imagine to separate which caused the trauma, a book and documentary which she had known of for a long time, or to suddenly see the E.Fits knowing everyone would think it was Gerry!

And of course, keeping the E.Fits secret must have been a weight on her shoulders.  And was she not off to visit Oprah Winfrey at this time also, and never mentioned the E.Fits then either.

What an opportunity missed to have those E.Fits shown around the world!

And what was it Pike said:

“It was not so much the content of the book, but what one could deduce from it as the book had been published so soon after the shelving of the case.  The famous secret of the instruction had been broken by the author of the book.” 

And back to Gerry, of course he flew in and out of Portugal believing the Judge would roll over and play dead and allow him to be heard as a witness, without going through the proper procedures, applications as all other witnesses are subject to.  He is Gerry McCann, he thought he could just waltz in to a Court of Law and be heard just because he had now changed his mind!

And ITV News reported: 

Gerry McCann has arrived at a Court in Lisbon saying that he wants justice for Madeleine.

He said: I am here for Madeleine, for justice for the twins and ourselves.

When asked whether he would be making a statement in Court, he replied:

“I’m not sure.  If I get the opportunity to be heard!”

So, he was there for Madeleine, not the million bucks!  Such a joker is Gerry!

But to no avail, this Judge is nobody’s fool.  She was not about to let Gerry McCann call the shots.  Gerry likes to have it all his own way.  But this Judge was not playing ball!  And Gerry left the Court with his tail between his legs and his lip trembling!  He whimpered that he’d be back.  Bless!

And so now we have them doing their usual round of whinging saying they were not to be allowed to give evidence.  They forget to give the true reason as to why.

But obviously they are disappointed or so says Isabel, who I am sure is suffering from sore knuckles having had them rapped by Gerry for not carrying out his instructions to the letter!  Or in other words for landing the dastardly duo in the shit over this libel trial…Almost sure I can hear him now – ‘It’s a disaster, it’s a disaster, Duarte you dope!’

The once feisty Duarte appears to be shrinking before our eyes.  Though minute in stature, she stood tall, poor little lady now a shadow of what she once was - but hey she did choose to work with McCann!

Isabel Duarte:

“Obviously Gerry and Kate were disappointed when they were told the news…We believe they have the right to give evidence in the case.  But the Judge has made up her mind.”

Well yes, Izzy, if formal application is made to be heard as a witness, and it is accepted by the Court they may then have the right to give evidence. Gerry cannot simply decide he would like to be there after his baby sitting stint was over, or after Kate held her press conference and reasonably expect the Court to welcome him with a drum roll.

There for Madeleine indeed!

He didn’t show up on the first day.  And Madame appeared, against her lawyer’s advice, only to parade outside the Court, and not to speak up for Madeleine, inside the Court as a witness.

It would have been I have to say, interesting, to witness the McCann couple giving their evidence as thus far their witnesses have failed miserably to produce any evidence whatsoever, and more interesting to hear them answer when questioned by Judge Maria Emilia de Melo e Castro.

A narrow escape for the McCanns not giving evidence as this Judge, if any of the usual nonsense from McCann, would chew him up and spit him out.

I think I may be a little disappointed that he/they are not being heard - what a wonderful start to 2014 it would have been, Gerry and Kate McCann in a Court of Law answering questions put to them by the Judge no less!

A situation they have carefully avoided since the disappearance of their daughter...
6th January 2014

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