Lying in the Sun

McCanns Spinning Yarns

McCanns Spinning Yarns

In last two 'yarn' blogs we see how the McCanns have concocted the most outrageous stories over the years.  Taking the public for fools!

So Gerry McCann had a vision, saw the light in the tunnel, entered the tunnel, the tunnel and light growing, wider and wider, brighter and bright, both he and his Kate McCann said.

And then, would you believe, he knew immediately, that he was to use all of the resources available to them (that would be the £thousands that were flooding in to their fund from a caring public to help Madeleine) and go it alone, DO IT THEMSELVES!  This but days after Madeleine vanished.  McCann was going to go it alone,  with the money of course, not quite alone then.  Gerry and a whole load of cash!

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I have highlighted (over and over) the outrageous stories and lies of the McCanns in respect of their tale about Madeleine having told them she and her baby brother had cried the night before she disappeared. Of how she told them this next morning (the morning of her disappearance) and of how THEY COMPLETELY IGNORED what she said, and that very night WENT OUT TO THE BAR WITH THEIR BUDDIES, for a FIFTH NIGHT, leaving the kids alone in an unlocked apartment.

Now we all know that is child abuse.  No question.  Neglect and abuse of their children.


You see the McCanns have yet to come clean about what actually happened on the night Madeleine vanished.

This story of how they abandoned their kids in an unlocked holiday apartment, AND DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS THE WRONG THING TO DO - is CRAP!
But it is a story they needed to stick to, to cover for whatever is the truth of matters.


They know they didn't do what they have told the police they did on that night.

They know there was no one checking their children, as in the others in the group going and checking on them.

But whatever happened to Madeleine admitting the truth, is not one of the PATHS Gerry McCann has chosen to go down.  When he saw the light in the tunnel, he knew he had, not one path but many!

What  a load of bullshit.

I have to wonder what his colleagues at that hospital think of all the shit stories they have pumped out over the years.  If you  worked alongside this crackpot, you would have to call him out on hearing this crap!

They decided the lesser of the two evils, for them, to protect them, was to go with the NEGLECT ANGLE!

But they don't like being questioned about the NEGLECT, the NEGLECT THAT IS THEIR STORY!  It is the McCanns who told us what they did!

They hate it!
They hate being questioned about the NEGLECT of their kids.
They get angry when asked.
The immediately go into defence mode.  Gerry McCann, Kate McCann unable to hide their anger.

Usually Gerry McCann will state that 'WE CANNOT CHANGE IT'

But they can.  They have changed lots of things, lots of their stories since Madeleine vanished.   They can change matters for the better by telling the truth!

They just want to  move on from that part of the story it would seem!

Indeed they do.
Nothing would be more helpful to them, than if people stopped asking them, how they can, hand on heart, state that what they did was responsible.

How they can reasonably expect anyone to believe that they did not consider when leaving THREE kids, all under age of 4 years, ANY of the dangers that involved, and not just an alleged abduction.
How can it be responsible, leaving kids as they did, and despite knowing their kids cried when alone, they abandoned them again?
They get angry when confronted with questions that challenge their story that they THOUGHT IT SAFE, THAT THEY FELT IT SAFE.

They  immediately answer by saying HOW COULD THEY HAVE KNOWN SOMEONE WOULD TAKE THEIR DAUGHTER FROM HER BED (sometimes Kate McCann rather oddly will say, 'from your bed' not from 'her' bed, as though Madeleine was in her and Gerry's bed?  Perhaps she was)


Do they really believe that parents the world over just willy nilly walk out on their kids leaving them in unsecured properties, and DON'T consider the consequences of such cruel conduct, the harm that may come to their children?

Of course they don't!  But this pair have spun a whole wicked web, so for the past NINE YEARS they have had to stick to it, and NO MATTER how ridiculous the statements they make in this regard, how ridiculous they know them to be, they have to stick to their story, their lies.

Can anyone imagine that granny Healy believes for a moment that her daughter and her despicable husband didn't give any thought to the safety of their kids, gave no thought to the obvious dangers.

Oh she'll stick to the party line, but granny Healy knows, she's a sharp, shrewd cookie, one I would say does not hold Gerry McCann in high esteem..!

They left these kids in an UNLOCKED APARTMENT, and we are to believe that they NEVER considered that anyone could easily gain access, and that their daughter could easily open the door and leave?


But they don't like being questioned, challenged on their most ridiculous story and untrue story.

They would love it to go away.

And I am sure that they imagined that NINE YEARS on it would have done.

But NO SIREE, when they continue paying the scum that is Mitchell to create stories for them to promote them (NOT MADELEINE) and when it is arranged by acquaintances to award Kate McCann, a mother who has not been honest regarding her daughter's fate, and by her buddies, then it has the opposite effect.   

It makes the public VERY ANGRY, and it makes, even those who at times take time away from this case, understand that MORE THAN EVER, Madeleine needs a voice, that if this little girl has to get justice, that that voice must not be silenced.

So I for one will continue to question to challenge their stories!

Madeleine may never receive a legal justice in a court of law, but she will FOREVER have those who see through the lies of the McCanns, their buddies, of the scum that is Mitchell, speak for her, as from where I'm standing, her parents have no intention of coming clean, of doing what is right by this little girl, her brother and sister.

Do the McCanns honestly believe that their now 11 year old twin children will not read the very same stories that the public have over the past NINE years, that they will not listen to the very same interviews where their parents, spin their outrageous and obviously untrue stories about all aspects of this case, but more especially of HOW THEY THOUGHT LEAVING THE KIDS, AFTER MADELEINE TOLD THEM THAT SHE AND SEAN HAD BEEN CRYING, WAS IN ANY WAY RESPONSIBLE.

Even an 11 year old will not be taken in by that!

11 year old's know the difference, right from wrong.  They can tell when someone is lying, and the performances by their parents in TV interviews it is blatantly obvious they are lying.

Blatantly obvious they are so angry at being asked about their decision to NEGLECT/ABUSE their children's right to be kept safe as far as is humanly possible.  Add to that the stories in their mom's book 'Madeleine' and oh boy, oh boy, that diary.  Kate and Gerry McCann posing for the press, Kate dressed up like a dish of fish draped over Gerry McCann, the headline, Kate McCann - WHY I COULDN'T MAKE LOVE TO GERRY!

Poor kids the stuff they have in front of them.

But hell it doesn't bother Kate McCann or Gerry McCann, still they bandy around their kids names in interview.  Still they are NOT protecting them, and they won't, if by not doing so, helps their agenda in some way.

While I was looking for the video of granny McCann in Rothley, I found myself viewing old videos, videos which relate to the blogs which I wrote over the weekend.  Videos which show the McCanns fly into tempers when asked about their nonsense story of how they they were RESPONSIBLE IN THEIR ACTIONS, LEAVING THE KIDS ALONE, KNOWING THEY HAD CRIED, KNOWING THAT GERRY McCANN ON HIS CHECK OF THE KIDS FOUND THE BEDROOM DOOR WIDE OPEN WHICH WAS A HUGE RED FLAG THAT SOMEONE HAD BEEN ALONE WITH HIS KIDS IN HIS ABSENCE, BUT HE IGNORED IT!

The twins at ELEVEN years old will take some convincing that their parents acted RESPONSIBLY.  

And we must  remember when the twins listen to their parents spinning, the difference between the public and these kids hearing it, is that the little kids the McCanns are speaking of, the little kids they left to fend for themselves ARE the now eleven year old twins, trying to make sense of their parents conduct.

These kids are not hearing a story about 'someone else' who was abandoned, THEY ARE HEARING OF HOW THEY WERE ABANDONED.

And that is a whole other ball game.  When they hear and listen, and read the stories by their parents, knowing that they are the little kids who were treated so cruelly, one heck of a lot for children to take on board!

They will want to know why they were left alone in the first instance. They will want to know why their parents DECIDED to make them less safe by leaving the patio door open?

They say Madeleine at almost 4 years old was bright, articulate, an extremely smart child, a child who could express herself really well (that is why she challenged them about not being there, one would imagine (if their tale is true) SO at ELEVEN YEARS OF AGE, and TWO kids of that age, the questions will be more than challenging!

McCanns are now at a stage which they must fear, because they know what questions are coming, and they know if they lie when they respond to the twins, that their lies will be discovered. If they spin the twins a yarn, chances are the twins will find online a time when their parents spun an entirely different version!

The public have witnessed it many times.  They say one thing one time, and then change it.

Their family must absolutely have noted this too.

And for sure, two kids whose lives have been affected in the most terrible of ways (and due to their parents appalling conduct, both before AND after Madeleine vanished) and whose lives will be forever affected by the actions and irresponsible conduct of their parents, both before AND after the child vanished, they will SPOT a lie immediately.

Kids, even very young kids, if we have promised them something, and then we forget that we had, WE ARE reminded by our kids, who will repeat EXACTLY what we said when we made the promise.   

McCann kids will be no different.  And at ELEVEN years old..?
The following are links to the videos where the McCanns, are seen throwing temper tantrums, massive strops at those interviewing them, being rude and extremely nasty.

Kate McCann her true colours showing as we witness her abuse and give nasty response to the lovely Sian from the BBC.

We hear Kate McCann say, when asked about Madeleine's upset at her parents not answering her cries, that she DIDN'T say Madeleine was upset.

Watch, listen, as Kate McCann tries to worm her way out of it.

Kate McCann knew absolutely what Sian Williams was referring to, the tale Kate McCann told, about Madeleine having told her, that she and her baby brother had cried. 

The devious Kate McCann thought she was being smart telling the lovely Sian Williams that she did not say 'upset'

She may not have used the world 'upset' but she did tell the story of how Madeleine had cried, the baby brother too.


The twins, at 11 years old, will see that that is the case, will see their mother try to worm her way out of it!

This is another example of how Kate and Gerry McCann, how they CHOSE to go with the NEGLECT ANGLE STORY, rather than tell the truth, BUT HATE when questioned about that NEGLECT.

They know what they did (as in their story) is NEGLECT, but it eats them up having anyone raise the issue.

They want us to believe the story, but they don't want anyone to come to the logical conclusion, that if the kids woke, cried and called out for their parents, and their parents didn't appear, that these kids were upset.

Just as they want us to believe that Madeleine was taken from her bed when she was sleeping.   We have not to imagine that the child suffered in any way when taken from her bed.  We have not to imagine that the child may have been dead when taken from the apartment.

We have to believe their story, that she was taken when asleep, and is alive and well in Portugal.

We have to believe that despite the trauma ALL THREE of the McCann kids experienced (according to the parents story) that the kids when they cried were NOT UPSET, and Madeleine when she was taken from her bed was sleeping and unaware she was being harmed in any way.

Oh and we have to believe also as per the despicable pair that MADELEINE, NINE YEARS GONE, HAS COME TO NO HARM.

Wonder how they will explain that one to the twins!

The links:

Having watched these videos again, after a few years of them being out there, they are a reminder of the lengths these two parents have gone to to cover what is the truth.   They are a reminder of how arrogant they are.  Of how they will never accept any responsibility for the harm they have caused all three of their kids.   Of their utter contempt of anyone who challenges the lies.

Kate McCann in these videos, the way she spoke to Sian Williams, her guilt is evident.   Likewise Gerry McCann

Retired British detective John Stalker has always maintained that the McCanns and their buddies have not been truthful, that they are hiding something.

The Portuguese Police KNOW that they are, as do the Metropolitan Police in the UK (how can they not) but the Metropolitan Police have for what, 6 years ? claimed to still be investigating - NO CASE REMAINS OPEN FOR SIX YEARS when there is NO SIGN of bringing the perpetrators of a crime to justice.

They have simply allowed the McCanns to go unchallenged, given them six years of freedom that they might not necessarily have had but for the Metropolitan Police, and whomever instructed them in their investigation.
29th February 2016
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