Lying in the Sun

McCanns and The Con Man

McCanns and the Con Man

The McCanns and the Conman

The McCanns and the Conman

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Wed 21:00 4 Jun

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  Then we have...

Well I guess the title had to be changed, so many people thinking the Conman in the first title referred to Clarence Mitchell the McCann £70,000 per year spokesperson who has been paid from Madeleine's Fund, the monies given by the public to help search for the missing child.

I guess the McCanns thought it was more important to keep the £70,000 per year conman on their books, than spend the monies donated by the public on any search for Madeleine.

That's one hell of an amount of money paid to this guy to dream up stories by way of protecting them!

Even when the Funds were low - they begged the public to given them more, they had squandered, mismanaged the Fund by giving the con man named above £500,000 of Madeleine's money...but wait...this was not the first time McCanns had given £half million to crooks - they did so before Halligan came on the scene, paying Metodo 3 a bunch of crooks £500,000 of Madeleine's cash. Metodo promised to have the child returned to them by Christmas 2007...

Team McCann don't seem to have any problem paying con men...why else do they keep Mitchell...he's been conning the public over the case of missing Madeleine since he was first sent to Portugal to assist them...'

Then 'whoosh' he leaves his job in government to begin his new role as the paid liar for McCanns...

Still, as long as Clarence was getting paid that is all that mattered - he is the guy who makes up the stories for them, and when they muck up, he conjures up some ridiculous tale to get them out of a hole, and boy oh boy are his services needed now...

He's spinning faster than a top...this latest is all the proof needed...

Wonder what it is they so desperately need protecting from?  

It isn't the press as they have claimed, as it is that very same press which Team McCann and Mitchell are using, and have been using for the past seven years to ensure the stories THEY wanted out there, appeared WHEN they wanted them now...the perfect example!

What else could it be?

What other possible reason could there be for the McCanns to have paid Clarence Mitchell, such vast sums of money, and for all these years, paying him as much as they paid the two separate private detective agencies, both companies run by criminals, con men?

Extraordinary that the parents of a missing child require a spokesperson at all, but still to be paying the guy seven years on after the disappearance of the child...

The case of missing Madeleine, sadly and tragically a very murky affair...and there is not a one, out of the lot of them, who have been entirely honest, from the parents, the holiday buddies, down to the last Tom, private dick and Harry, spokesperson and conman who have made a penny out of this child.  A shameful bunch.
30th May 2014

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