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Mean Men of the Met

Mean Men of the Met

Kate McCanns diary:

Thursday, June 26th 2007

'Unfortunately I read two books of messages that had been delivered...there were THREE horrible ones.

One, from a FORMER MET POLICE OFFICER, very insensitive/cruel
and far from constructive.'


It seems today that those Mean Men of the Met (MPS - Metropolitan Police Service) those insensitive/cruel and far from constructive officers have truck again:

Seems these British Metropolitan Police Officers, like thousands of other ordinary good people are disgusted by the actions of Kate and Gerry McCann, at their treatment of Dr Goncalo Amaral, and a whole lot more.  

Seems these mean men of the Met, know EXACTLY from where the malice in this case emanates.

I guess a trip to Ikea may be the order of the day  for the McCanns tomorrow, as tonight the furniture might be in splinters!

Residents of Rothley, let us hope their homes are soundproofed as 'Fucking Tossers' the endearing term Kate McCann reserves for officers of the law - will be ringing through all of Rothley tonight!

That donation by British Police Officers of £1,000 to the Fund set up for Dr Amaral so that he may afford the cost of legal representation (McCanns had his finances frozen leaving him, for the past 5 years without the funds to defend himself against them ) will have sent Kate McCann into one of her outrageous rages!   As for the arrogant Gerry McCann?  Another VISION?  Perhaps the good Lord will send him another 'guiding light' lead him straight to the tunnel of truth! Past time he paid a visit there!

I guess though Kate McCann will be hoping and praying that a whole lot more police officers will come to harm, will feel misery, will feel fear.

That is what she wishes for Dr Amaral.

Kate McCann a devout Roman Catholic, my ass!

More than the £1,000 donation, though I am certain absolutely appreciated by Dr Amaral,  it is the message posted on the Fund Site by these police officers (and I post it again here, because I can) that will mean so much to him. 

After all that he has suffered at the hands of the McCanns (who have used the Madeleine Fund for this purpose) for so many years, to know that a VERY LARGE GROUP OF BRITISH POLICE OFFICERS are standing shoulder to shoulder with him on this issue - uplifting.

Does that make these officers bumbling cops, or trolls as so often the cowardly UK press have described Dr Amaral, and the thousands upon thousands of decent people who KNOW the McCanns and their buddies have not given truthful accounts as to the events of the night they reported Madeleine as missing?

(the message from the MPS)

Kate McCann will no doubt feel the message is insensitive/cruel, and far from constructive)

Not fully co-operating with police authorities, refusing to answer police questions in the case of her missing daughter - I would say was cruel to Madeleine, believing her child was with paedophiles, and to not fully assist the investigation to find her...far from constructive, less than helpful.  Shameful!

Please if you have read this far, do take a few minutes of your time, to read the many many heartwarming messages of support for Dr Amaral.
30th May 2015

**Some saying the donation was not made by police officers. I guess some just not able to accept that probably most police officers the world over don't agree with the McCann actions, so attempt to discredit, just as they did when the Fund was first set up tried to discredit the young lady who is the organiser.   They failed miserably!

But hey, what IF the donation was not made by cops.   It's a whacking great amount for Dr Amaral and a glorious message!   And it's OUT THERE for ALL TO SEE AND MAKE UP THEIR OWN MINDS!   The more the non believers bleet about it the more people head to the Fund site!

Doesn't get better than that! 

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