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McCann friends 'change their story'

8 Nov 2007 00:00




Two of the seven friends who were in a restaurant with the McCanns on the night Madeleine vanished are said to have told police they want to change their stories.

Lawyers acting for the pair are reported to have contacted Portuguese detectives and asked to "correct" their original witness statements.

They insisted their request be kept secret because they feared being pressured by supporters of Kate and Gerry, according to a report in Spain's El Mundo newspaper.

The McCanns' spokesman last night insisted that the report was "simply untrue".


Portuguese police sources have repeatedly claimed "crucial inconsistencies" in accounts by the "Tapas Nine" of what happened on May 3 are at the centre of their inquiry.

The seven friends who were in the tapas restaurant with Kate and Gerry are Jane Tanner, partner Dr Russell O'Brien, Dr Matthew Oldfield and his wife Rachel, Dr David Payne and wife Fiona and her mother Dianne Webster.

Ms Tanner told police she saw a man hurrying from the McCanns' apartment around 9.15pm with what LOOKED LIKE a girl bundled under his arm.

But tourist Jeremy Wilkins, who was there at that time, says he did not see a man - and he did not see Ms Tanner.

Police are also curious why Dr O'Brien was away from the restaurant for up to45 minutes after going to check on the various couples' children.

He told them he was gone for so long because his daughter had been sick in her bed and he waited for fresh bed linen.

But police allegedly claim resort staff said no bed linen was requested.

The McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell rubbished El Mundo's claims about the friends, saying: "I can deny any approach has been made by their lawyers asking to change the witness statement.

"Kate and Gerry's friends have consistently told the truth and remain happy, indeed they are keen, to be re-interviewed by the police."

Ms Tanner was also dismissive of the claims, saying: "It is absolute rubbish.We've had no contact with the police."

Dr Oldfield added: "None of the group have amended our statements as far as I am aware. We have been expecting to speak to the police again and will be happy to do so."

At the weekend it was reported Dr O'Brien, Ms Tanner, Dr Oldfield and Dr Payne had consulted lawyers fearing they were to be made suspects.

Police are also considering a check on Gerry's mobile records after a Portuguese TV network claimed he sent and received 14 texts during the two and a half hour dinner at the tapas bar.


Six years on and the crucial inconsistencies remain.  In fact, they have increased in number, as Kate and Gerry McCann together with their spokesperson Clarence Mitchell seem unable to hold their tongues.


Seem unable to stick to one story!


The more attention they received the more it seemed to encourage them to dream up ever more bizarre tales, leading to ‘Madeleine’ which only served to highlight the many lies by Kate McCann…oh and earned her a huge amount of money, sorely needed as their Fund, or rather the Fund for Madeleine had been mismanaged – monies being given to a fraudster, who the McCanns said they were pleased with his work?  And of course – spent on legal actions against those they wished to silence, namely a now retired Portuguese Police officer who reached the conclusion, like all other officers worth their salt in Portugal and elsewhere – that they were not being truthful in their accounts of the night the child disappeared. 


Justice was served and the McCanns LOST the legal action against the officer concerned but at huge cost to Madeleine’s Fund, monies donated in the main by the public, the purpose to search for Madeleine, NOT given to raise ridiculous legal actions, in essence squandering the money given to help the missing child.


As for Mitchell the McCann spokesperson a man paid to lie on behalf of McCanns and their companions –


He tells us the McCanns friends have ‘consistently told the truth.’


Oh no, they haven’t, Clarence!  


The clue old boy is in the police reportsCRUCIAL INCONSISTENCIES.




He also told us they were happy to be re-interviewed?

Oh no, they were not and are not Clarence!


The clue again, old boy, is in the police reportsTHEIR REFUSALS TO BE RE-INTERVIEWED BY THE PORTUGUESE POLICE. 

(read Tapas Refusals)


And how funny is Mitchell _

"I can deny any approach has been made by their lawyers asking to change the witness statement.”

Of course he can DENY IT but that is NOT quite the same as proof positive that they did not speak with the police/their lawyers with a view to change their police witness statements.

Most criminals, caught and charged with whatever the crime DENY IT! 

Mitchell is paid ‘to deny’ (which in my book is contemptible, and in the case of a missing child – criminal) anything which might pop up, which is detrimental to his clients the McCanns – And boy oh boy would TWO OF THEIR GROUP OF FRIENDS changing their statements be detrimental!


Mitchell does the missing Madeleine a complete disservice by ignoring the content of the police files, ignoring, the statements given by the McCanns and their holiday companions.

Will the Metropolitan Police discover the reason behind this group of persons not being truthful?   

They will not solve this case, until they do!  Until they uncover the 'innocent reason' which Mitchell has guaranteed will be available for whatever is found against them.

I sure would love to hear the group explain those statements away...

20th July 2013


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