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Mitchell snubs Evidence

Mitchell Snubs Evidence & Experts  

"There was no evidence of a break in, but I am not going to go into detail.  I can TELL YOU OFF CAMERA, but I'm not going to go into detail ON CAMERA."

Perhaps Mitchell's most ludicrous statement to-date?

To most reading, those who have followed the case very closely, what I have written thus far on the site I am sure you already know of, and know too, much more than I will ever do regarding this case, but I aim my blogs at the passing reader, who may happen along, comes across the site and does not know the truth behind much of what Mitchell has put out there on behalf of his clients the McCanns.  Perhaps they will take an interest, a closer look, and research more widely, discover those sites where there is a wealth of information on the McCann case. 

The more who are made aware that that information is out there in the form of the online police files etc the better for missing Madeleine.  They are then able to decide what they feel became of this child based on facts, and not based on the ‘paid for lies and spin’ of Clarence Mitchell the McCann spokesperson who creates stories for the press by way of protecting his clients.

Clarence Mitchell seems to have trouble understanding or accepting ‘evidence’ if it is not favourable to his clients – that’s what he is paid to do of course - lie in their defence, come up with any nonsensical statements by way of defending them.  Spread lies about others who are deemed a threat to them, who challenge their story of abduction, who challenge the lies. 

McCanns are not paying him £70,000 per year out of the Find Madeleine Fund, the Fund set up to find the child for him to be honest to act with integrity!   Honesty and spin doctor do not go hand in hand!

The following are just a couple of examples of Mitchell at “work”

The Portuguese Police forensic department firmly established that the window shutter had NOT been jemmied open.   Professor Barclay, one of the top British forensic consultants confirmed this also.


But the McCanns as we know still persist in telling this tale.


Their spokesperson Mitchell having this to say re the forensic evidence:  I'm not going into the detail, but I can say that Kate and Gerry are firmly of the view that somebody got into the apartment and took Madeleine out the window as their means of escape, and to do that they did not necessarily have to tamper with anything.   They got out of the window fairly easily."

"There was no evidence of a break in, but I am not going to go into the detail.  I can TELL YOU OFF CAMERA, but I'm not going to go into detail ON CAMERA."  

Now it really doesn't matter how firm is the view of Kate and Gerry McCann on this point - it is the EVIDENCE which counts - and the EVIDENCE tells us that the shutter was NOT jemmied.  

Guilty persons would had spread such a story about a jemmied shutter and window, would hardly have been doing cartwheels at the news that the forensic evidence shows NO JEMMIED WINDOW OR SHUTTER, especially if this was the route they claimed as the entry/exit point used by the alleged abductor.  

The McCanns claimed this was the route, and they were not and are not doing cartwheels at this forensic evidence.  

In fact Mitchell is dismissing it as far as stating this is how the alleged abductor EXITED the apartment.


Innocent parents? – Why would they react in this way, continuing to repeatedly lie and contradict the police forensic evidence in this regard?

Innocent persons
would understand the evidence, and seek to discover how then any alleged abductor had gained entry and exit of the apartment, if not by the window. 

They would seek to discover how the window and shutter came to be open from the inside.

But not Clarence Mitchell or the McCanns – they sought only to dismiss it. 

They have dug a hole so deep in respect of this window and shutter that they now bury their heads in the sand, and continue with their ridiculous and untrue tale – hoping that none of us will notice?

The open window and shutter is the ONE thing that they cannot explain away. Because no matter which way one looks at it, it JUST DOES NOT FIT IN WITH KATE McCANNS STORY!  

And it never will.  It is Kate McCanns round peg in a square hole!

It will always come back to bite them on the ass.

As for Mitchell’s statement in reference to the alleged abductor (s) –

"They got out of the window fairly easily."


How could this man know this?  How could he make such a ridiculously, silly comment and expect the public to swallow it?


But he did, and he will continue to do so as long as the McCanns keep filling his pockets with Madeleine's money.  The money donated by the public to find this child.

And he will continue to accept Madeleine's money because he has no shame, no integrity.  He is scum of the earth!  

McCanns ask the public for money.

I am sure the public did not give so generously so as to line the pockets of such lowlife as Mitchell, or for the McCanns to pay legal fees for all the libel actions they have raised against others, those those who challenge their stories!

And did Mitchell tell the interviewer OFF CAMERA why or how the alleged abductor got in and out of that window despite forensics telling us differently?  

I think we know the answer to that one.

Had Mitchell been able to do so then the police are the ones he should be telling his story, and the case would be solved!

He is simply a fat liar, a rich fat liar, courtesy of the generous public who donated to help a little girl missing, and got something VERY DIFFERENT!

Were the McCann children drugged by the parents?


The twins slept through the pandemonium which erupted after Kate McCann announced to the group of companions that Madeleine was gone.  They slept through being taken from the apartment into the cold night air to another apartment in the early hours of the morning, sleeping through till morning.


Gerry McCann:

“There’s absolutely no way we used any sedative drugs or anything like that.” (10.22 on video)



"We've had 7 seven children in apartment.  Not true."

"We had - the children were drugged.  Not true."

"Gerry and Kate can prove that, if they need to.  Those stories will fall away, for the ill-informed malicious malevolent misinformation that they are being placed out there as."


Are not the McCanns very lucky to have this man on board?  He lies and spreads misinformation with such ease!

But the thing is, Mitchell said that - 'Gerry and Kate can prove that, if they need to.'


The only way to be able to do so, IS if they had had the children checked out.

AND, if the result of any such testing they may have had carried out on these kids proved that these children were NOT drugged, then that poses the DUO another problem

You see the McCanns, Kate McCann especially, has been spinning a whole lot of tales about how she and Gerry McCann believe the alleged abductor must have drugged the kids, as the twin kids slept through all of the mayhem of that night.   

But if as Mitchell said, Gerry and Kate can prove the kids were not drugged then that means the alleged abductor did not drug them either.

They cannot have it both ways!

And if any testing came back positive in this regard, it still would NOT prove who had drugged the kids, ONLY that they had been drugged.



But have the McCanns been responsible for spreading misinformation themselves?


That is a question put to Mitchell by Katie Hannon, Prime Time RTE Interview.


Katie Hannon:


While Kate McCann was being questioned by the Portuguese police her sister-in-law Philomena McCann, Gerry McCanns sister made this dramatic claim regarding Kate McCann being questioned by Portuguese Police:

Philomena McCann:

“They tried to get her to make a statement suggesting that she had accidentally killed Madeleine that’s what was put to herthrough her lawyer and you know, and they would kind of make a plea bargain with her so that she might serve 2 years in jail.”




So why did Kate McCann lie to her sister-in-law, Philomena McCann?


Clarence Mitchell:


"No formal deal may have been offered, may I…I …but I will not comment, I will not confirm or deny that.   I’m just saying that the lawyer’s statement stands for what it said at the time. It was accurate at the time.

(is that not just exactly what he has done, commented and confirmed Kate lied?)

Mitchell continued:

"However, there was enough shall we say…movement on that night that was open to interpretation…put it that way."


No, let’s NOT ‘put it that way’  Clarence.


Let us be HONEST a concept alien to you and your clients the McCanns.  Let us call a spade a spade. 

Kate McCanns lawyer said that NO deal was offered to Kate McCann.  


There is no other way of putting it – The Portuguese Police did NOT offer Kate McCann a deal!  

Kate McCanns lawyer, her OWN lawyer confirmed she was lying!


What more can one say?


‘Accurate at the time’  Mitchell said?

It cannot therefore and thereafter become ‘not accurate’ at a later time.


Kate McCann lied to her sister-in-law Philomena.


Just as both Kate and Gerry McCann LIED when they phoned family and friends on the night Madeleine was reported as missing and told them the window and shutter had been jemmied.

Just as Kate McCann lied  in August 2007 when interviewed by her friend Jon Corner for his little film he was producing on their behalf.

Just as Gerry McCann misled and lied to the studio audience, to the viewing public when interviewed on the Ryan Turbridy Show when he too, 4 years after Madeleine’s disappearance was still alleging that the shutters on the bedroom window where the McCann children slept had been jemmied open.

Kate and Gerry McCann spreading such malicious, malevolent stories (to use Mitchell’s words) against the Portuguese Police, fills one with revulsion. 

To stoop so low as to deceive those closest to her, her family and friends, allowing them to unknowingly repeat what are lies, using them in fact, particularly so Philomena McCann who they know dotes on ‘little brother’ Gerry and who would do anything to protect him, who they knew would without hesitation repeat what Kate McCann had told her, knowing this poor woman Philomena was so loyal to her brother, and who most obviously and genuinely cared for little Madeleine would unwittingly spread their malicious tales, put them ‘out there’ in the public domain, who they knew would see to it that the media got wind of this story, and that they would run with it.  To have treated family and close relatives in this repugnant way is truly beyond comprehension and all moral decency.


Why would she/they place their family in such a dreadful position, making them out to be liars!  What a loathsome pair!


These actions by the McCanns give us some insight into their thinking, their fears, their desperation, the extent they will go to, to protect themselves – If they would lie to, and deceive, hang the loyal and doting Philomena, Gerry’s sister out to dry – they are more than capable of doing so with others, with anyone they see as standing in their way.


Dr Goncalo Amaral stood in the way of their lies – Kate McCann used her family and friends to spread lies, especially so, Philomena McCann used them all as a means of spreading malicious lies re the Portuguese Police, Dr Goncalo Amaral.

And of Mitchell, the police in Portugal has this to say:

‘He lies with as many teeth as he has in his mouth.’

And then some…

Mitchell said they have had stories of 7 seven children being in the apartment, children being drugged.   All, he said are not true.

Whether there is any truth in these stories is yet to be discovered

These stories will
'fall away' he said for the malicious intent behind them.

We also have had the McCanns claiming jemmied windows and much more - false allegations against police.

These stories
WON'T 'fall away'

Too many people care about what became of Madeleine to allow the lies in this case to be buried as Mitchell and the McCanns I suspect would no doubt wish to happen.
30th June 2013

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