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09:58 on recording.


“So I actually came in and Madeleine was just at the top of the bed here where I’d left her lying, and the covers were folded down and she had her cuddle cat and blanky were just by her head, and it’s terrible because I, erm had one of those really proud father moments where I just thought, I just thought, you know – 'You’re absolutely beautiful and I love you. And I just paused for a minute, and then I just pulled the door closed again just to about there, and I felt incredibly proud standing there and having three beautiful children.

Well, that is, I think, the most ironic thing of the LOT that that momentary pause that I had at the door, that’s exactly what I felt like.”

Gerry McCann – proud father moment over – immediately left the apartment, leaving the door again unlocked, and headed back to his friends at the tapas bar. 

He speaks of the most ‘ironic thing of the lot’ and ironically, and astonishingly it’s NOT the fact that he found the door to the children’s bedroom more ajar, open wider than he had left it (the reason he went into the bedroom in the first place) and satisfying himself the children had not been awake and out of bed, he does not then even for a split second, not for a moment, think – ‘well who opened the bedroom door, it wasn't any of my kids they haven't moved a muscle since I left them?
He does not, not even for a split second, not for a moment, consider that he should NOT leave the children alone again.  He does not, not even for a split second, not for a moment, think:

'I’ll contact reception, ask them to alert my wife ask her to return as ‘something odd’ in the apartment. He does not, not for a split second not for a moment' or  think:

'I’ll go back to the bar, but I’ll lock up before I do.  I'll go and bring Kate back, as someone must have been in the apartment with kids, for that bedroom door to have been OPEN WIDER than I'd left it.  In fact, I'd better not leave them alone, in case whomever opened it returns.  I'll stay with them keep them safe.'

He does not, not for a split second, not for a moment, think to check the apartment for an intruder, to see if anything else has been disturbed, if there is anyone hiding in the apartment, does NOT try to discover how THAT BEDROOM DOOR CAME TO BE OPEN WIDE!

Other than thinking that Madeleine may have been out of bed, gone through perhaps to his and Kate’s bedroom to alert them to the twin children crying, and, establishing she had not, McCann does not for a split second, not for a moment, give another thought as to how that door came to be open.  It concerns him not a jot!

How can that be?

Children alone in an apartment where the patio door was left unlocked for anyone with mal intent on their mind to access them, and the bedroom door being wide open, not how McCann left it, and not for a moment does McCann think to do anything about it?

Not for a moment, does this proud father think to protect his children, make sure they are safe from whomever, OPENED THAT DOOR!

How can that be when he claims that it was his SURPRISE at finding the OPEN BEDROOM DOOR which was the REASON for taking a look in the bedroom in the first place?

(What is interesting is that in this documentary he does not mention that he went into the children's bedroom DUE TO THE BEDROOM DOOR BEING MORE WIDELY OPEN)

Gerry McCanns statements to police:

4th May 2007

Thus, at 9.05 pm, the deponent entered the club, using his key, the door being locked, and went to the children's bedroom and noted that the twins and Madeleine were in perfect condition.  He then went to the toilet, where he remained for a few instants, left the apartment.

10th May 2007

He walked the normal route up to the back door, which being open he only had to slide, and while he was entering the living room, he noticed that the children's bedroom was not ajar as he had left it, but half-way open, which he thought was strange, having then thought that Madeleine had got up to go to sleep in his bedroom, so as to avoid the noise produced by her siblings.  Therefore he entered the children's bedroom and established visual contact with each of them, checking, and he is certain of this, that the three were DEEPLY asleep.

7th September 2007

He REMEMBERS that once inside the apartment he was SURPRISED that the door to the children's room was slightly more open than how he had left it when he and Kate left for dinner.  However it could have been Madeleine who had opened the door after waking and getting up, eventually to go to her parents room.   On this occasion, the three children were lying in their beds asleep, he is sure of this.   Moreover, he says that with respect to Madeleine she was in the SAME POSITION in which HE had left her at the beginning of the night.   Madeleine was lying down on her left side,
completely uncovered i.e. lying ON TOP OF THE COVERS,with the soft toy and blanket, both pink, next to her head, he does not know if they were in the position that can be seen in the photograph attached to the files.  

So why did McCann not bother to check the apartment for an intruder?  He established his kids were sleeping had not been awake.  Why did he not establish the position with regards who opened that bedroom door?

Why did he leave the kids alone again, in a now, arguably more dangerous situation than before?   He now knows at this point, that someone had been or was still in that apartment.  He knows too at this stage his kids didn't open the bedroom door.  He is SURE they are DEEPLY ASLEEP.  

He is NOW SURE his children must be in danger of being harmed by whomever was in that apartment, by whomever opened that bedroom door,sure they are in imminent danger.

Yet McCann walks out and leaves them alone again, heads back to the bar to be with his buddies.  In fact, stops for a chat on the street with an acquaintance along the way.

A situation, as described by McCann, that no responsible adult seems able to comprehend.  

A situation as described by McCann that no person, and certainly not a parent, can comprehend, to have deliberately and knowingly abandoned his children to further danger, than when he had first left the apartment to go out to the bar with his wife Kate McCann that evening.

A situation that to anyone of sound mind, CANNOT be believed.

Kate McCanns mother, Susan Healy:

"Well I have to say that I'm surprised that Kate and Gerry left their children at all, and I've thought about it a lot, because they're such caring parents, and I think - WHY?"

Gerry McCann answers THAT very question.

Speaking with Kirsty Wark May 2011, four years after the child disappeared, about leaving his children alone:

 "What we did we just DID NOT CONSIDER to be a risk." 


Makes one wonder what these parents DO consider a danger, a risk to their children!

What chance did the McCann children have with such an attitude to their welfare and safety?

Granny Healy
clearly thought leaving the children, was, to use Gerry's own words - a risky strategy!

Granny Healy
 was surprised that Kate and Gerry McCann left the children, at all, as they were such caring parents.

Granny Healy
therefore must be shocked that they left the kids in an UNLOCKED apartment, that patio door unlocked.  Shocked they left the kids alone every night.

Granny Healy
I would say, like most, doesn't believe for a MOMENT that that is what they did!

Granny Healy,
doesn't, not for a moment, believe her son-in-law, Gerry McCann, his far fetched tale of proud father moments, and abandoning his kids again KNOWING someone had been in that apartment and opened that bedroom door!

Granny Healy
, is a shrewd old dame,we've all heard her speak, she knows the score! She knows the truth of matters! She knows her son-in-law.   And I'll bet many times she has wished she didn't!  Wished her daughter had never met him!

Granny Healy
,  I'll bet, behind closed doors, has had HER moments, her ANGRY GRANNY MOMENTS, when she has pulled no punches in telling McCann what she thinks of his PROUD FATHER MOMENT.   She knows its a shed load...but she'll protect her daughter no matter what...McCann cost her her grand daughter, she won't allow him to take her daughter down with him...not if she can help it...that I believe is the only reason the old battleaxe has in public, not spoken ill of him, not spoken of him as she truly finds him...with the same feeling that the public have for him.

Gerry McCanns proud father moment - crap!  

Walking out of that apartment
as he claims to have done, after discovering someone had been in there alone with his kids.  The open bedroom door story, he gives as HIS PROOF of this, and yet he walks out and abandons his kids again...McCanns actions leave NOTHING for him to be proud of.  NO father leaves his child/ren knowing there is an obvious, and clearly in this case, an immediate danger,  

And neither has the Metropolitan Police anything to be proud of if it has swallowed anything said by this 'proud father.'
March 2013

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