Lying in the Sun

Money Money Money...

Money Money Money

To search all night
To search all day
We need your money
Every day,
Private Detectives 
For to pay
Ain't it sad

In our dreams we had plans
To make Gerry a wealthy man,
I wouldn't need to work at all
I'd fool around and have a ball

Money, money, money.
Must be funny in a rich mans world
Money, money, money
Always sunny in a rich man's world.

A man like Gerry was hard to find,
In fact I think he's one of a kind,
I never thought he'd marry me,
Ain't that sad
It made my mum feel very glum
And no it didn't please my dad,
But that's too bad

Money money money,
Always funny, always sunny,
In a rich mans world.

Gerry he is so very kind.
Our missing daughter he's been trying to find
No stone will he ever leave unturned,
But only if the public donate to our Fund

Aha aaahaaa
All the things we could do if we had more of your money
It's a rich mans world!

Money, money, money,
Always funny in a McCann world.

Secretly we are millionaires,
No one can tell by the clothes we wear,
Ain't that sad
Our personal fortune we didn't declare,
While little Maddie was in her hellish lair
Cos it's not our fault that she is there,
It's just too bad
To have used our own money, just not fair

Aha aaaha
All the things we could do
if you'd just part with your money,
For our rich mans world

Money, money money,
Always funny, in a McCann world.

We had some E.Fits we hid one day
Of the man who carried our little Maddie away,
To get them printed and in the press,
We decided we could not afford to pay
Ain't that sad,

On hearing this you'll think that we are bad,
But we like money,
So that's just too bad,
Easier for the public to pay,
Lets us keep ours stashed away
Is that so bad... 

Money money money,
Always funny in a McCann world.

Money, Maddie's money, we gave away, 
To any old dodgy detective, who'd had their day,
Crooks and criminals we managed to find,
Clarence Mitchell was costly too
But little Maddie none of them found you.

Aint that sad.

Money, money,money
Never sunny, in Maddie's world.

Maddie's mum and dad are now millionaires
But will they pay?
I guess we'll need to wait for the day,
When the mighty Met tell us what they have to say
If they are not going to give up,
Will McCanns be thinking 'well thank fuck'

Aha aahaa
All the things they can do,
If they can just keep all their money, 
And keep yours too!

Now if I was to believe the article in the Sun by Mike Hamilton
, I would write the following blog:

How exactly did the McCanns become rich?

Having £1m of personal funds readily available to plough into the Madeleine Fund, by anyone's thinking, surely makes them rich?  

But they were NOT rich when Madeleine mysteriously vanished off the face of the earth. 

We know the were not, as they paid some of their mortgage payments from the Fund set up to find the child, and at that time the ONLY MONIES in that fund were those donated by the public. 

Had they a £1m + of personal funds readily to hand at that time,  they would not have paid their mortgage from Madeleine's Fund - WOULD THEY? 

Had they a £1m + of personal funds readily to hand at that time they would surely have used this money immediately after the little girl vanished to search for her - WOULDN'T THEY? 

So how exactly did the McCanns manage in an eight year period, to go from £zero to £m's? 

Before the launch of Kate McCanns book, the McCanns campaigned for MORE, more donations that is for their Fund. 

It was in trouble.

They had spent more or less all that they had they declared.  Had little left.  They were down to their last £300,000 or thereabouts they said, and that was JUST NOT ENOUGH!

Remember all those headlines - Maddie Fund Will Dry up by Springtime? 

They also said they would manage any donations much better if they could only be given another chance, if the public would only give them MORE. 

The Fund was in TROUBLE.  There were bills to pay, and not the required funds to meet the costs. 

Most in that position would have gotten rid of Clarence Mitchell, who was costing them £70,000 per annum that would have been a huge cost effective saving. 


I have said previously that that in itself tells us much about these people, about their genuine concern about their missing child.   

Mitchell was so crucial to their nonsense, to spin for them, to protect them, that even when their Fund (so they say) was in difficulties, they were NOT PREPARED, to cut off Clarence!

When it came down to search money for Madeleine or spin money for Mitchell -  Mitchell was always going to win outright! 

They played the sympathy card - BIG TIME.   Appearing as the McCanns do on any show who will have them begging bowl in hand. 

'No one is looking for Madeleine, ONLY US', they told us!   

The Portuguese had shelved the case, they were not looking. 

The case as a matter of interest was shelved partly because the McCanns buddies outright refused to return to Portugal to assist with police investigations! 

They all sought legal advice, and decided, no way were they returning.   Is that the actions of innocent persons in the case of a missing child.  To all refuse to assist with police investigations?

The case was shelved for this reason.  The McCanns had only to request it remain open for that to happen.  They failed to make such a request of the Portuguese Authorities.

Kate McCann had already refused to answer when questioned by police.  And of course they had already begun their hate campaign against Dr Goncalo Amaral. 

Kate and Gerry McCann also said that ALL MONIES, every penny raised from the sale of Kate McCanns book would be deposited in the Madeleine Fund. 

So one really has to question HOW the McCanns these two doctors, who we really could describe as penniless at the time Madeleine vanished, came to be £millionaires. 

Perhaps some of their wealthy backers gave them monies to be deposited in their personal accounts? 

But why would they do that, give them money for their own personal use, and not to be deposited in the Madeleine Fund? 

More importantly - What kind of people accept donations from the elderly, their pensions, from little kids, their pocket money, when they are sitting with £1m + in their own personal bank accounts? 

The more I hear of the McCanns the more I want to throw up! 

As to the article in the Sun  - an attempt by the McCann buddies there to make the public feel sorry for them.  Perhaps encourage them to donate once more to what has become the somewhat infamous Madeleine Fund? 

Was it the Sun attempting to paint Kate and Gerry McCann as wonderful parents - how good of them to put £1m of  their OWN money to help a search for THEIR OWN KID, the kid they abandoned night after night when on holiday, and who as a result of this, vanished off the face of the earth it would seem! 

It is nearing the 8th anniversary of little Maddie's disappearance. 

For Clarence Mitchell and the McCanns a busy time of year.  Places to go, people to see, sofas to sit on!  More stories to tell, more people to lead up the garden path! 

This year on the lead up they have been particularly quiet, but as I said in a previous blog, don't take that to mean they would not rear their ugly heads with some spin of some description.    

The only reason they have been lying low for the moment was the tragic death of Brenda Leyland, and the Inquest into her death.  And whichever way you cut it, the McCanns are up to their sorry necks in that at some level!   Just not possible they did not know what Brunt was up to, what Gamble was up to, what the Dossier Dame was up to. It was the McCann family who handed the file to police.  It was Gerry McCann who called for persons to be punished.  Those who upset his applecart! 

Then we have the case in Portugal, the case they raised against Dr Amaral, and what we know of this thus far is that the Judge was not looking favourably on McCanns.  The Judge could see through the nonsense stories by Kate and Gerry McCann. 

And of course Operation Grange which is no more than a fiasco, or a DISASTER as Gerry McCann himself might refer to it! 

Operation Grange having nothing to go, nothing with which to proceed to further this investigation.  If they had there would not be talk of winding it up! 

They think a burglary went wrong.   Yeah right! 

DCI Redwood saying this, reminds me of Kate McCanns comment when Gerry McCann was asked by an Australian reporter, had he killed his daughter!

McCann had said NO, and then added, and that's an  EMPHATIC NO!

He said also: 

"I mean the ludicrous thing is what I suppose what I suppose has been purported from Portugal is that Madeleine died in the apartment by an accident and we hid her body.  Well when did she have an accident and died, cos the only time she was left unattended wis when we were at dinner?   So, if she died then how could we have disposed of her, hidden her body you know when there was an immediate search it is just nonsense.  And if she died when we were in the apartment and fell and did something, why would we cover that up? 

Kate McCann?  Well what she had to say was perhaps more concerning: 

"It gets more ludicrous that we have hidden her so incredibly well that nobody's found her, that we then decided to move her, in the car, which we hired weeks later, it's just ridiculous.

Which begs the question: 


Rather puts Redwood's ridiculous, ludicrous theory into perspective! 

More chance of the McCanns, two doctors being able to dispose of the child's body together with the help of their doctor buddies and whomever else, than a petty thief! 

Too ridiculous for words Gerry and Kate McCann?

Hell NO!

Too many lies in this story, too many dodgy characters, criminals on McCann payrol, those supposedly hired to search for the child, too much money changed hands in the course of the past 8 years, too many people profiting financially from this missing child, the McCanns becoming millionaires - which says the theory of their involvement is FAR from being too ludicrous or ridiculous to be believed or considered. 

Throw in the cadaver dogs the circumstantial evidence, their unwillingness and downright refusal to co-operate with police, the dogs alerting to Kate McCanns clothes, their car, the cuddle cat toy, and other items, that says, it is NOT ludicrous to believe they are involved at some level in the disappearance of this little girl Maddie! 

The Portuguese Police Files say it is not ludicrous! 

Until Gerry and Kate McCann can come forward and EXPLAIN why the lies and inconsistencies in their stories - it is NOT ludicrous or ridiculous. 

What would be ridiculous is for any right thinking person to NOT consider their involvement based on their conduct, their actions, the evidence. 

As retired British detective John Stalker said - THEY ARE HIDING SOMETHING! 

And THAT is not a ludicrous or ridiculous statement by this man! 

If they were NOT, they would have had no need to LIE! 

Makes one wonder what the ongoing investigation in Portugal think of the mighty Metropolitan Police coming up with such nonsense as a burglary gone wrong and the burglar being able to hide the child so incredibly well, as Kate McCann said? 

Portugal are of course silent. 

We don't know what they think of this burglar theory, or of crecheman? 

Are Portugal just keeping the case open on their side until such times the Metropolitan Police wind up their failed investigation?  Sitting back watching the circus that is Operation Grange? 

Who knows! 

But isn't it great if the Met wind this up, that Kate and Gerry McCann HAVE THE NECESSARY FUNDS to GO LOOK FOR MADELEINE BY THEMSELVES! 

Great they will not pester the public further for MORE MONEY? 

But WHAT does £1m get you in the world of private investigators? 

Well we know from previous dodgy investigators employed by the McCanns, all crooks and criminals, I might add, that the going rate seems to be around £500,000 for around 6 months work. 

So £1m should get them a year of investigation! 

So where do they expect the rest to come from, for all other expenses, and for any ongoing investigation? 

Let me guess -  From a wealthy backer?   Is there, after 8 years any wealthy backer daft enough to keep funding what is quite clearly now a farce? 

Oh no, let me think then, who else could help them out, this poor couple - err, YOU! 

And would the McCanns be going after DCI Redwood's elusive burglar, the petty thief, who managed to hide Madeleine as Kate McCann said herself. SO INCREDIBLY WELL THAT SHE COULD NOT BE FOUND! 

And neither could he!  That's some burglar! 

So if the Met cannot find the guy...WILL KATE AND GERRY McCANN TRACK HIM DOWN? 

Hell NO! 

They will churn out rubber wrist bands, sell the public dodgy dusty T.Shirts, and carry a begging bowl at all times!  At holiday season they will try and sell you Holiday Packs with Pics of Maddie, just in case you and your kids might want to have a fear free vacation, they will try and sell you a SCARE PACK.  Something to keep your kids frightened out of their wits,  A pack with a pic of Missing MADDIE, the kid stolen from her bed when on VACATION.  Just what every family with young kids needs when going on vacation. 

Well, I guess the 8th Anniversary of this missing child, the usual spin has officially begun!   

The poor McCanns the Met Investigation might be soon brought to an end and that poor old Fund is once again in trouble! 

Or, is it the case of a little FUN IN THE SUN? 

'The poor McCanns, those poor millionaires  might have to put their hands in their own pocket. '

Take your pick.

I'm going with the Sun's little stunt as being the usual crap they dish up at this time of year.

Intended to gain public sympathy for the McCanns.

But the piece is so badly written, so misleading, it has somewhat backfired on them.  As we now have everyone thinking, how in hell have they accumulated £m's in personal funds.

It comes across as though they are SITTING ON £MILLIONS but still looking for tea and sympathy, oh and YOUR MONEY!


Let us look at what was actually written:

(thanks to McCannfiles)

McCanns to fund hunt for Maddie The Sun on Sunday

EXCLUSIVE: Parents pump almost £1million into search fund

THE parents of Madeleine McCann plan to plough their own money into the search for their missing daughter if police halt their investigation.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Parents Gerry and Kate

Kate and Gerry McCann both 47, of Rothley Leics, fear public donations have dried up as the search approaches its eighth anniversary.

So they have pumped almost £1 million into a fund for Madeleine that would be running at a loss without their cash.

The money came from Kate's book about Madeleine's disappearance in Portugal in May 2007 and the search for her.

A top cop suggested this week the £10 million police probe into the case should be wound up.

Met Police Federation chairman John Tully said "We no longer have the resources to conduct specialist inquiries all over the world"


We have the little sub heading -

'Parents Pump almost £1m into Search Fund.'  

It then continued:

Kate and Gerry McCann PLAN TO PLOUGH their OWN money into the search for their missing daughter IF the police halt their investigation.  

The article continues:

So they have pumped almost £1m into a fund for Madeleine that would be running at a loss without their cash.  

The money came from Kate's book...


Now the Sun has really pulled a fast one on the public with this one!

The author has not lied.   

Yes he stated that Kate and Gerry McCann have pumped almost £1m into the Fund, and they did indeed.

What the author did, or rather
did not do was bother to mention that he is referring to the time when the proceeds from the book were pumped into the Fund YEARS AGO, and at that time the Fund (as I mentioned above) they said, at risk of drying up by springtime!

He is NOT saying that they recently did this.  No siree.  He is attempting to take the public for a ride with the ambiguity in his piece.

And as for saying Kate and Gerry McCann PLAN to fund the search for Madeleine with their OWN MONIES?

He is NOT saying they are planning to donate £1m.  Hell NO!

They are planning to plough their own money into the search. That could be a penny it could be a pound!

And they might just have a change of plan!

Guy is having a laugh here at the expense of the public, and courtesy no doubt of Clarence and McCanns.  It is nothing more than a blatant and crass ploy on their part to get the public thinking once more about HELPING THEM OUT!

Kate and Gerry McCann parting with a penny for any sort of professional and above board search for Madeleine - Pull the other one!

My advice to one and all would be to NOT PART WITH ANY MONEY WHATSOEVER FOR THIS FUND!

When stories like this one in the SUN is used to deceive, that should tell us all, ALL WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE SUN, THE AUTHOR, THE McCANNS, THE FUND!
30th March 2015

And a little reminder - McCanns said that ALL MONIES RAISED FROM KATE McCANNS book Madeleine would be deposited in the Madeleine Fund. 

Gerry McCann said that EVERY PENNY IN THAT FUND would be used to search for Madeleine. 

A spokesperson for the McCanns, at the time of the E.Fit Scandal hitting the news (that is the E.Fits which the McCanns had in their possession, and did not make public, but held onto them for years and years.  E.Fits of DCI Redwood's main suspect) stated that they had NOT made them public as the Madeleine Fund did not have sufficient funds for them to do so. 

Apart from that being utter nonsense - they could have at NO COST posted those images on the Madeleine Fund website  - BUT WHAT WAS THE PERSONAL FINANCIAL POSITION OF THE McCANNS at that time? 

Do read -     

Read what Gerry McCann had to say about their finances, when questioned by Sandra Felgueiras. 

Then think of this latest millionaire story. 

Then think of little Maddie! 

Yeah, its always funny in a rich mans world! 
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