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Mothers Day 2015

Mothers Day 2015

My message to Kate McCann and the other Tapas Mothers, all of whom LET DOWN, Madeleine remains the same as last year!

That ANY mother could refuse to help the plight of a missing child, a child her parents claimed was in the hands of paedophiles, is abhorrent, yet that is what Kate McCann and the TAPAS MUMS DID, REFUSED to co-operate with police authorities!

What is more staggering is that Kate McCann was made Ambassador for the charity Missing People in the UK.

Where else in the world would a mum who:

  • Left her three children, all under the age of 4 years alone night after night in an unlocked holiday apartment, despite her daughter Madeleine telling her of how she and her baby brother cried in the absence of her parents and which made not a jot of difference to Kate McCann.  
  • Who REFUSED to co-operate with police in connection with her child's disappearance.  
  • Who has lied
  • Who has condoned the non co-operation of her female buddies to assist police.

  • Who DID NOT PHYSICALLY SEARCH for her own child, is beyond the comprehension of ALL.

The mother who said she FORGIVES THE ALLEGED ABDUCTOR but wishes death, pain and suffering to the one man, the now retired police detective, Dr Goncalo Amaral, who has fought tirelessly for justice for Madeleine Beth McCann.

What kind of world do we live in, when a mother like Kate McCann is made an Ambassador for a missing persons organisation?

A mother so filled with hate for a man who cares more for justice for Madeleine than she herself does!

How can such an individual show any genuine concern for other missing persons when she has shown so little for that of her own child?

The Tapas Mums, their own children, fast reaching an age where they will have many difficult questions for them, not least - WHY DID THEY NOT HELP MADELEINE?

And not just on Mothering Sunday!

The Tapas Team Mums who ALL left their children alone night after night (according to the stories they told police) some children were ill, some had told their parents of how they cried when left alone (Madeleine) in the dark scary holiday apartments.  

Did it make any difference to this lot?   Not a jot!

Image result for kate mccann crimewatch
Kate McCann - Ambassador for Missing People - How tragic for any missing person!

Rachael OldfieldDr Fiona PayneJane Tanner
Rachael Oldfield Fiona Payne  Jane Tanner
Too scary to walk She said she told  Supposedly saw
to the apartment to Kate McCann  someone carrying off
check on the kids. Madeleine would   but didn't bother telling
How did she think okay in unlocked  anyone as didn't want to
the kids felt alone apartment despite  upset McCanns!
in the dark knowing Maddie  Madeleine she was the 
scary apartments? had cried when  one being carried off by
alone!  the strange creepy man?

And not one of these mothers helped Madeleine. All refused to assist police with a reconstruction of events.

Happy Mother's Day, Rachael, Fiona, Kate and Jane!
15th March 2015

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