Lying in the Sun

Mountie and Met Officer

Mountie and the Met Officer

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police - always get their man...

The Metropolitan Police - well they couldn't it seems catch McCann...

Did they want to..?

But did not McCann look as nervous and guilty as sin?

Maybe that is how one looks when they have just spun another tale, or rather just called their holiday companion Jane Tanner a the nicest possible way though...that is the nicest possible way for a McCann!

I wonder what will be Jane's reward for 'taking one' for the team..?  

Or, rather taking  'two for the team' -

First time round she agreed to say she saw a man carrying a child...sticking faithfully to her story for six years...such loyalty to the McCanns who she really didn't know before that holiday...

In fact, better make that 'three for the team' -

Second time round she agreed to go along with Gerry McCanns version of events...kow towing to which side of the street he was standing on that night...

And now this...a hat trick!

Oh Jane, they owe you big time...but don't expect any reward...I think I said in an earlier blog this pair don't give a fig about anyone, who they take down, who they hurt as they go along in their merry way.

A lesson learned Jane -  When McCanns put the boot in they show no should have told truth from the off...

Dr Goncalo Amaral, the PJ had your number from the start - they said your 'sighting' was but a figment of your imagination - or in other words - you made it up!

Perhaps some consolation for you...when they are caught will at least be free, as the mystery father, who has it seems only just heard of the disappearance of Madeleine -  a Brit who carries his child in the oddest of ways (and who as a Brit knows more about cold nights than most - just happened to not bother to wrap his child up warmly - What are the chances of that eh?) - He has given you a lifeline...If this case ever reaches Court this mystery daddy has now no choice but to say it was him...gets you off the hook...Every cloud eh?

And a fire-sale of little girls pyjamas in Marks and Spencers before all the Brit tourists headed to PDL?

Which reminds me - Redwood showed us the
pyjamas worn by this other child who was said to have been two years old - so tiny then, 2 years younger than Madeleine, with tiny wee legs, which would not dangle over her daddy's arms as in your description, making it so difficult for you to have seen what you said you didare these the originals?  

If so, why would the parents have kept six year old pyjamas?   Or is the shop that sells these, Marks or wherever still selling the same range?

Didn't catch all of the Crimewatch programme but from what I can gather - no revelation -nothing new - and just about what I for one, expected.

But agree with Mr Smith, that e. fit it certainly looks like Gerry McCann or that other guy who was part of his group...what was his name again...oh yeh...Russell O'Brien...Jane's partner!

I hope Russell hasn't fallen into same trap as you have Jane, else it's going to be - Do not collect your  share of the Fund, do not pass go...Go straight to jail!

Oh I think by tomorrow morning there will be a few sore feet out there...when this lot realise they've just shot themselves!
14th October 2013

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