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Moving Fast

Moving Fast

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Since posting earlier today things have galloped along at quite a pace.

We now know the London CPS Chief Crown Prosecutor and her deputy flew to Portugal in connection with the Madeleine case.

We know also that the CPS in England make the decision as to whether to proceed to prosecute in cases after they, the CPS have gone over the information and evidence presented to them by the police. 

For the CPS to be in discussion in Portugal one would have to assume that the Met already has, and had someone in mind lined up for possible prosecution for crimes against Madeleine.  And that person most definitely has to be a British person who resides in Portugal.

The Mail reported that the Portuguese authorities still maintained that there was no new evidence to have the case re-opened.

Based on this I would have to say that the Portuguese therefore are not in agreement with the Met that the person being lined up is the culprit, or at least they do not feel there is sufficient evidence to re-open the case, to prove this.

If the case was to be re-opened it would be the Portuguese who would decide on this.

It looks like the Metropolitan Police have found a way around this obstacle - Find a “culprit” who is British/living overseas then there is no need for the case to be re-opened in Portugal.

The right of the British police to investigate, and prosecute a British citizen living overseas kicks in!  They have the individual arrested, charged, put on trial by Portuguese, but of course only if the EVIDENCE they have against the individual is sufficient for charges to be brought against him/her.

In steps the London CPS!    (In a recent press report Hamish Campbell spoke of the Met having identified 'investigative and forensic opportunities')

It is certainly looking like the CPS had to make the journey to Portugal to make the case for the Metropolitan Police to present them with their thoughts on this as to whether they believe there is sufficient evidence to charge whomever they have lined up.  The fact they were there in Portugal – would indicate they are being pressing on this.  If they, the CPS thought there was no evidence to bring charges, they would have intimated this to the Portuguese authorities, I would think in writing, saved themselves the journey.

If I have understood what the Mail has written and if indeed what they have written is accurate – it seems to be the case if the Metropolitan Police have been able to convince the CPS that there is sufficient evidence to have this or any individual prosecuted, and it is certainly looking that way, then I would have to say that the CPS were in Portugal to discuss with Portuguese authorities, exactly that.  

Leaves me now curious - is this individual the man Tanner saw or the man the Smith family saw?

Perhaps neither!

So where did he spring from?

Does he exist as yet?

Is it game over?  

The McCann online shop and Fund still "open" for business - perhaps a clue?

Theresa May has agreed funding of £m's for the Met to launch a full scale investigation - Another clue?

And the fact that it is still being reported that there are a number of potential suspects the Met still wish to interview, would suggest that perhaps they have not quite as yet got this wrapped up as tightly as they may wish they had…but are getting there (some advice from CPS as to what more they require?)

Are they still deciding which of the suspects best fits their bill?

The CPS themselves stating they were in Portugal to discuss 'possible next steps.'  Which could mean anything, anything that is in connection with prosecutions.

And not forgetting under this section of the law the Metropolitan Police have the right to interview suspects who live in UK, interview them on British soil!  Perhaps they have persons in mind?

Let us wait and see...

I spoke in a recent post of the Metropolitan Police/David Cameron/McCanns needing an 'out' in this case.  That the time for this had to be soon.  The McCanns recently spoke of their new life, their new normality without Madeleine? They seemed happy with this new normality as they described it.

I wondered in my post if this was them preparing for the 'out' as to have this, they would have to have accepted Madeleine was dead.

I mentioned also that as it was reported the Met had been in Portugal earlier in the year re-interviewing witnesses that Kate McCanns visit to Portugal in April was perhaps connected.  

It may have been but not in the way I thought then - to deal with legal matters combining it with visit to friends, a story again for the anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance.

The McCanns would have known about the Met interviews, but perhaps this was not good news for them?

Was Kate McCann in Portugal in April to say goodbye to Madeleine?

Were not the McCanns caught crying at the Anniversary events this time around - not usual for them!

I think this tragic case whilst now seemingly closer to an end has still a long way to run - a new full scale investigation by Met doesn't sound like it would happen overnight. 

Additonal funding doesn't sound like the 'out' I pondered will be any time soon (if at all.)

Like most,  I swing between being hopeful there will not be a cover up (but bigger cases than this have been) and trusting that justice for Madeleine will be served.  

I have to keep reminding myself of all lies and deception we have heard from Team McCann, which is out there for the world to see, hear and read.  It is not nasty people on the internet inventing it, it is out of the mouths of the McCanns themselves.  It is documented in the police files.

The Metropolitan Police as I keep telling myself cannot possibly not reach the same conclusion as the Portuguese Police.

They cannot possibly not know that the McCann party concocted the story which they did.

If McCanns are innocent in the disappearance of their daughter - why the stories and the lies?

Deception is to serve a purpose!

Apart from the thousands of pages of information they have gone over in this Review, the Met officers see and hear the same as the public do -they listen to the McCanns their spokesperson -a man paid to lie - stand before tv cameras and do just that.   They hear what the McCanns have to say in interviews, and they too know that it is not remotely similar to what they have told police in interview.  They will have read 'Madeleine' penned by Kate McCann, and of which Goncalo Amaral had this to say:

"A book that is written by someone who was a suspect may become of use as a document, maybe even a piece of documental evidence."

They know the Fund has been shall we say, not wisely used.  Far from it.  

They know the connection in this regard with Halligen the fraudster.  

And they know they have to check out every paedophile, dead or alive who is contained in those files whether or not they believe them to be 'real' suspects.   I have always held the opinion that the Metropolitan police are not in agreement that the Portuguese Police are keystone cops.  There is a respect and regard, I believe, though perhaps naively on my part, among police, world over.

I think they would agree with Goncalo Amaral when he had this to say of Kate McCann:


"It is strange to hear the word 'truth' from the mouth of someone who DIDN'T CO-OPERATE WITH POLICE when the investigation was open.

And it was not any investigation, it was about finding what caused the mysterious disappearance of her daughter, and the enormous effort to recover her."

I'm sure the Metropolitan Police understand his frustration at the lack of co-operation the Portuguese Police received from the McCanns and their companions, share in his disbelief and horror that any parent would have refused to assist police, refused to do what any loving parent would do without being asked twice - help the police find their missing child!  Not put themselves first!

There is now an 'enormous effort' by the Metropolitan Police in this case reviewing the vast files documents, the tremendous amount of work done by the Portuguese Police - Will the McCanns be more accommodating, co-operative, appreciative, show more respect to the British officers than they were to the Portuguese?  Or, will Kate McCanns filthy tongue once more rear it's ugly head.   Will they too be on the receiving end of her vile and abusive comments and conduct?

Goncalo Amaral has never doubted that one day Madeleine will receive justice.  He has never stopped fighting for exactly that.

He quietly and patiently waits, conducting himself at all times with a decorum foreign to Kate and Gerry McCann.

Most of all when I have doubts, and the thought of a 'whitewash' creeps in (and it does at times, as so many now involved in this case, Mitchell and many more will be affected if the McCanns are charged in connection with Madeleine's disappearance, some we  perhaps are yet to hear of) I remind myself of a little girl who was treated so appallingly by her parents and their companions.  In the first instance the sickening neglect of the children, the second, in each and every one of them saving their own backsides, putting themselves before the child, before honesty, integrity, and all things considered humane and decent in civilised society.  

I think of Madeleine, who spent her nights being woken by her younger twin siblings and having to go find her parents each time the babies cried, going to their bedroom to alert them to the crying babies.  Her parents not always being there, but out wining and dining with their holiday companions. 

I think of her alone in that apartment her parents once more out enjoying themselves, and on the night Mrs Fenn heard her call out for her daddy, crying, distressed.  For over an hour the child cried. 

I imagine the fear this child must have experienced every time her little brother or sister woke and cried, every time she went to find her parents and they were not there for her, for them.  And this almost 4 year old child, not knowing what to do, not being able to comfort her siblings.  How could she know?  How awful for her.

The supporters of the McCanns so easily dismiss the trauma and fear these children were subjected to.   It was not only Madeleine who woke afraid needing comfort, but her twin siblings also.  

They say they would not put their own children through this - but somehow they manage to condone the cruelty shown to the McCann children by their parents.  Manage to ignore and dismiss the children's suffering.  A strange phenomenon.  

I think of the terrible fear this little girl so unnecessarily and cruelly experienced by the lack of thought or care her parents had for her and her siblings during that holiday.  No child should be treated in this way. And no parent should get away with treating children in this way. 

If Madeleine had an accident in the apartment when she was looking for her parents, upset and crying, a fatal accident, what a terrible thing to have happened to her, a frightened little girl.  Did she die instantly?  Did she lie there in pain in fear and waiting for someone to come help her?

'Resuscitate her' - as Rachael Oldfield (one of McCann party) might say!

If she was taken by this alleged abductor, imagine her fear...her fear when she saw this man...her fear when he carried her off... 

But no, we have not to imagine this, as the McCanns assure us all was "well" Madeleine was SLEEPING when taken from her (their?) BED!

It is statements like this by the McCanns, who if completely innocent, free of any involvement in whatever became of this child, cause alarm bells to ring.  

And until the ringing stops, I think we all have to keep hoping that the Metropolitan Police will do what is right and proper by this child.

Hope that soon there will be an end to what is and has been from the start, no more than a game to Mitchell and the McCanns - trying to deceive the public, and using monies the well- intentioned public gave to help Madeleine to do so, trying to fool and outsmart the law.

Goncalo Amaral proving to be a thorn in their flesh in this regard, he had their 'number', he was not fooled!

I cannot think for a minute that the law in the UK cannot see through the Mitchell/McCann game!   That it is a game of cat and mouse.

As to doubting at times, that justice will be served?   I reckon that is normal, to have doubts as to what the outcome of this quite extraordinary case, what the Review will conclude.  

Never do I doubt though, who committed the crimes against Madeleine Beth McCann.

Sadly for little Madeleine the game, her life, was over before it ever had the chance to begin, her parents saw to, and are responsible for that.
22nd June 2013

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