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Mr Sunshine

Mr Sunshine

Well who'd have thought it - Martin D, Hutton's new best friend is nice, one of the good guys, Mr Sunshine himself!

I can now say that I have read his Trollgate article.  Took several attempts.   Could only read little bits at one sitting.  Each time I had to draw back from this cringe-worthy piece.

Before completing the read, I noted however that many were angry and rightly so at the nonsense contained therein.   Slowly some tried to console themselves:

  • 'It's really not that bad'
  • 'It's really not about the McCanns' 
  • If we close our eyes real tight and try real hard, it looks a real rosy piece a fairy tale with a happy ending.

And of course Hutton cried it was a generic piece about trolls - whatever in hell they are when at home.

And if I may go a little off track at this point.  Hutton's Trollgate is interesting if only from the point that back in 2007 the time her story is set - the time she claimed she was a warring troll - did 'trolls' as the term is used now, exist?  Far as I can see the ridiculous and childish term 'troll' seems to have been developed pretty darn recently, about ten minutes ago, and to the advantage of a certain party.  More interesting perhaps is that adults out there are using the term, accepting the term to describe themselves.  What the heck is that about?

As I said I have now read every last word of this awful piece (written by the very nice man of course) and maybe it is something only 'trolls' can see, but I fail, as claimed by Hutton, to see, that this piece was not about the McCanns, that it was generic - a generic piece about nasty people, behaving appallingly - would that be about right?

Either way, it is an appalling piece!

Considering it is being peddled by the obvious persons as being not a jot to do with McCann.  Not such a bad old bit of writing.  It didn't harm anyone.  Did a lot of good we are to believe - Well yes there is some truth in that.  It did a lot of good for McCann - I counted, the name McCann mentioned no less than SIX times in this short piece!

Hell can you imagine if it HAD been about the McCanns?

Hutton is a fool if she believes what she peddles, that the piece was not about the McCanns, as are those who are trying to convince themselves of same.

That is EXACTLY who it was about.

Mr nice guy, Murdoch's Mr Sunshine, Hutton's new best buddy Martin D together with Hutton very successfully managed to include in the article:

  • B. Leyland as a nasty person who hounded the McCanns
  • R. Hutton herself as an absolute nut case who admitted to attacking the McCanns
  • The McCann sceptics, as being much the same as Hutton!

And Mr Nice guy, well probably more than anything else in the piece he managed to exonerate the McCanns, the part they played in the lead up to Ms Leyland's death. His true agenda?  And how convenient the timing of his role as Mr Nice guy!

He said of B. Leyland:

' It is believed she received death threats from Twitter users who aggressively defended the McCanns'!

See what the nice man did there?

The McCanns were NOT responsible in any way for the death of B. Leyland or that dossier - the blame lay SOLELY in the hands of the Twitter users who aggressively defended the McCanns!

Someone like to tell me how this piece is NOT about the McCanns?  Be much obliged if you could!   Thanks in advance to any takers!

As for what followed, the SIX 'McCann' mentions - Hutton's story of her life, which is, at best if not laughable, doubtful in the extreme!

And no I have not forgotten Poulton, her name so conspicuous by its absence in the piece.  Poulton the 'arranger' somehow slipped into the background.

As an incidental - the fact that Pouton may or may not have doorstepped several people apart from the McCanns - it is not proof in itself of which side she is working for!  Could be either or!  Depends on the 'arrangement' just like Hutton's piece was 'arranged'

Or perhaps Poulton is simply a nice lady, just like the nice man, and together they make a very nice couple who only want to bring us a little ray of Sunshit Sunshine?  Or did I get it right first time around?

Of the trio though, Poulton, Mr Sunshine aka Mr Nice Guy, and Hutton, difficult to figure out who is the biggest bullshitter.

Hutton who cries:

'He quoted me wrongly, but I knew he would, but he's a nice guy, so none of you say bad things about him, not when he's posted some really really nice Twit messages about me.  

No, none of his really nice messages came in the form of an apology for printing things I never said, but I don't hold that against him, and well, I never asked for an apology...he's such a really nice guy, a father, two boys, he's a good guy how could I ask for an apology for him printing a shed load of lies about me.  I prefer to let it go and just fight with my fellow forum members.  I'm such a bitch, I'm addicted to fighting with people, but not really nice people like Martin!'

Oh lordy, lordy, Mr Nice Guy and Poulton fixed Hutton good and proper!  

Does anyone think they wanted anyone else, wanted someone sane and sensible who would have been more able to put across more rational and relevant points?

Course they didn't.   They wanted motormouth Hutton who they knew would play both the victim and the aggressor in equal measure!
3rd February 2015

From McCannfiles - thank you!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

- Extract -

'I can be quite a bitch. I gave as good as I got. I enjoyed the wars and the spats'

WARZONE ... Rosalinda Hutton

ONE of the most bitter areas of conflict on social media is between the "pros" and "antis" who obsessively follow the case of missing Madeleine McCann.

The dispute resulted in tragedy in October last year when Brenda Leyland, 63, was found dead after being publicly exposed for trolling Maddy's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann.

It is believed she received death threats from Twitter users who aggressively defended the McCanns.

Rosalinda Hutton, 57, was a supporter of Leyland and proudly declares: "I'd like to pick up where Brenda left off.

"I've been totally gripped by the McCann case for the last seven years. It was an addiction.

"When the story broke in May 2007, I was suffering from the most terrible depression. I'd lost my mother, my best friend and my Dad.

"I was very isolated and became engrossed in a forum on the McCann case. It was a way to switch off the pain of the real world. I'd gone from the lonely, isolated existence to suddenly having this huge arena of friends from all around the world.

"We had this hardcore group, all women much like myself - similar age, backgrounds. We formed a friendship.

"I wasn't one of the evil ones - and there were a few of those around. I was attacking the McCanns and suddenly I became this object of attack by absolutely crazy people."

Author Hutton, from Dartford, Kent, says she was bombarded with abuse and offensive pictures.

She adds: "They said, 'Your mother was a tramp'. Really nasty stuff. On the first anniversary of my Mum's death, I got a 'phone call in the wee small hours saying, 'Mummy's here...' It was really menacing.

"One night, they all descended on me and I said, 'Leave me alone, I'm going to kill myself', and one of them said, 'Good idea. Put yourself out of your misery'.

"Eventually I went off to bed about 3am. One of my friends who'd seen it phoned me to make sure I hadn't killed myself, she was that concerned."

Her friend wanted to involve the police. Hutton says: "It became like a pack of wolves attacking somebody in the middle. One of them said to me, 'You've made up your mother's death to get attention'.

"It was so distressing. It was as if they had a system and they'd suddenly all dive in."

But Hutton says the anger she felt towards the mob egged her on to fight back.

She says: "I felt absolutely outraged that they were ripping into my parents.

"I was involved in these vile wars yet I couldn't wait to get back. They were dreadful to me but I couldn't stay away. I couldn't resist it."

In revenge, Hutton dished out some serious abuse.

She says: "I am a bit of a show-off and I had an audience. It was a warzone. To the trolls, I gave as good as I got. I can be quite a bitch. I enjoyed the wars and the spats. It saved kicking the dog, really.

"A lot of people kept records of all the comments and would wave them at lawyers and police. People were issuing writs. It got really down and dirty.

"You do get a buzz when you squish somebody. I felt high. The more outrageous you are, the bigger the reaction.

"It is a form of attention-seeking really. It's a real buzz that keeps drawing you back. Perhaps I should be ashamed of that but it is so easy to become hooked."

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