Lying in the Sun

Mr & Mrs Oldfield

Mr & Mrs Oldfield

Now aren't these two worth a look at!

They were not friends with McCanns before the holiday, barely acquaintances, didn't know the McCann kids (they both gave this as their evidence to Police, that they did not know the McCann children) yet out of all of the adults there, he Matthew Oldfield decides to offer to check on  the McCann children on the night Madeleine was reported as missing, and she, Rachael Oldfield doesn't bat an eyelid at her husband offering to go do a check of the McCann children?

A check which would involve him going inside the McCann apartment, through the unlocked patio door.

A check of children who Kate McCann had just announced at the table, were crying the previous night when alone in the apartment.

Kate McCann having too announced at the dinner table that she had left the patio door unlocked so that Madeleine could exit the apartment if she wanted to go look for her mummy and daddy (so said Kate's best friend Fiona Payne.)

Why would Matthew Oldfield EVEN consider going to check on these children the McCann children?

Why would Rachael Oldfield think this was okay for her husband, who didn't know these kids, and when they were not close friends of the McCanns, to go and check  on the McCann children, when NO ONE at all that entire week had done ANY check of the McCann kids?

Rachael Oldfield tells police of how her husband offered to do the check.  Of how Kate McCann told him to go in through the unlocked patio door.  Of how he came back and said all was okay, all was quiet.

She's kidding herself if she thinks anyone, not the public or the police believe that this happened that Oldfield went to check these kids and she just took that in her stride!

Any wife, mother I know, would have been saying to her husband, a husband who didn't know the kids - 'hey, not a good idea for you to go into a dark apartment and check on kids you don't know. What if they are awake and crying like last night, what will you be able to do, they don't know you? Not a good idea to go in and check on kids even if you do know them.  A better idea if McCanns just go and do the check by themselves, why would you want to be doing that honey when none of us have been checking on each other's kids, I'm not happy with this.'

That's what wives, partners would have said if their other half was about to do what Oldfield said he was.  For sure any wife would have turned to Kate McCann and said, 'hey I think best you go and check on your own kids missus my husband doesn't know them and you've just told us Madeleine and Sean were crying last night, and that you you've left a door open for Madeleine to get out.  What if she's already gone before he gets there, that would land him in a mess.  Don't want him involved in your child neglectful ways.'

I guess though - IT JUST NEVER HAPPENED.

Matt Oldfield did not offer to go and check on the McCann kids, and that is why there was NO Mrs Rachael Oldfield knotting her knickers concerned about her husband going into a holiday apartment to check on kids he didn't know one already having escaped to go look for her mummy and daddy, and him getting the blame - she NEVER heard her hubby make any such offer.

But here's a funny thing from Rachael's Rogatory Interview.  The police officer does NOT ask her about Matthew going in to the McCann apartment, SHE asks the officer if he would like her to tell him the story!

Rachael Oldfield:

...erm well I know all the detail about Matt you know, going into Gerry and Kate's and all that sort of thing, do you want me to tell you that, its just, you know, its not really, I mean its...

Officer 1578:

It's not your evidence, it's what he's told you.


Rachael Oldfield Replies:

It's not my evidence, yes, yeah, you know its about what we've talke about as a group erm

Officer 1578  (he likes a good story)
'Well okay, for completeness, what did he say he did in the room'' 

Rachael Oldfield:  (all sitting comfortably now)

'Erm well he and Russell went up and they were going to call at Gerry and Kate's on the way but for some reason didn't, they went round the back, erm Russell went into their apartment, Matt went into ours, checked on Grace, erm came out, went back to get Russell, that's when he discovered that Evie had been sick, so Russell was sorting her out, erm so he went back round through the car park and out down the road, up the back steps into Gerry and Kate's apartment, through the patio door, erm noticed that the door of the apartment was open but not wide open but sort of you know, sort of half open, which'. 


 'Which door?

Rachael Oldfield:

The door to the bedroom, the twins bedroom and Madeleine's bedroom, erm and I mean afterwards you know, he said he thought that was unusual because he thought the door would be shut, cos I mean we always shut Grace's bedroom door, erm or at least if we did, I mean we always shut it but yeah I know some people would kind of probably just pull the door to, but he didn't expect it to be as wide open as it was, erm so he, well he said you know from kind of standing
close to the doorway, he could see that the twins were in their cots and there was no sound, erm so he just assumed everything was alright, he didn't put his head round the door to see if Madeleine was in her bed, but he said he did wonder where she slept, erm poked his head, well you know kind of looked into Gerry and Kate's room, just saw there was a double bed there, so you know, assumed they were all in together or, I mean I think he knew that they were all in together, erm but he didn't actually look to see whether Madeleine was there or not'. 


'He didn't open the door'' 

Rachael Oldfield:

He didn't open the door any further no'. 

Rachael Oldfield:

Erm well the line of sight from where he was standing sort of from the lounge I think, allowed him to see the two cots with the two twins in and everything was quiet and erm, you know ordinarily we wouldn't, we only really went to see, to look, actually look at Grace because you know Matt had been sick and I'd been sick and she'd sort of seemed to have had an upset stomach, erm but otherwise you know normally if everything was quiet, we wouldn't open the door really, you know just they're quiet, they're not you know, as long as they're not crying that''s, or don't seem to be awake, then you just you know, leave them, erm so yeah he saw the twins and then you know, went out, shut the patio doors and you know came back to the table and said everything was okay'


I do wonder if this group of people were born with the knack of avoiding a straightforward question, something inbuilt which allows them to give a completely unrelated answer to questions put to them...

Rachael realises she has said WAY too much so begins to change the subject tries to re-inforce that all any of them did was listen for crying saying that ordinarily this is what they would do with Grace their child.

Now we know the story of them all 'collectively' agreeing to leave their kids alone, and just going back and forth to check on them, and we know that they did indeed leave these kids alone, they weren't with them at the restaurant so they were in the apartments.  But we also know that the part where they were carrying out a 'listening service' is a crock of crap.

These people were carrying out checks ONLY of their own children and when they did they ENTERED their apartment.  They didn't just listen at shuttered windows, and when they went inside, they did a visual check of their kids.  Well that is, the Oldfield's and Tanner/O'Brien did.  Payne's used a monitor so are not included.

We know the McCanns did not just listen at a shuttered window either, they went inside.  But they said they did not usually do a visual check.

So McCanns were the ONLY ones not doing visual checks!

But what is so interesting about Rachael's "confession" for Officer 1578 is that she tells the officer that Matthew Oldfield DID not see Madeleine.

She said through the open bedroom door he saw the twins...

BUT, that he wondered where Madeleine slept, SO he looked in  Kate and Gerry's bedroom to see if the child slept there.  She wasn't there.

WHY would he wonder where Madeleine slept UNLESS he DID look in the children's bedroom and saw that she was NOT there?

He would not wonder where she was, unless she was not where she was supposed to be?   

Logic tells us that you check out firstly where you expect the child to be, not where she ISN'T expected to be!

If Madeleine slept in a room other than the room where the twins slept, Kate McCann would surely have told Oldfield that he had to listen at/check out two rooms as the children were not together!

I believe Oldfield was in that apartment at some point, but not for the reason he has told police, and it was not arranged at the dinner table that night.  Rachael Oldfield did not know of any check for sure.

That Rachael Oldfield tells the story of Oldfield wondering where Madeleine was
of how he 'checked out' Kate and Gerry's room to seek her out, then immediately trips herself up trying to explain this to Officer 1578, then back tracks - it leads me to believe there is some truth in Oldfield having been in there, just not in the circumstances as he tells it.

Rachael Oldfield I do not believe would come up with such a random comment.

Was it simpler for Oldfield on discovering Madeleine not to be there, to just pretend he had not looked in the room?

Why else would this man be so curious as to look for the child in the parent's room and NOT look for her in her OWN ROOM?

Oldfield and O'Brien up to their necks in it too.

Rachael?  She is too,  but I believe she did not know from the beginning of any cover up that when she became aware, it became a case of protecting her husband.

Whichever it is - it ALL STINKS - they have ALL LIED to some DEGREE. They have ALL hindered the investigation re this missing child, that cannot be disputed.
24th August 2014

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