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Murray Menace to Maddie

Murray Menace to Maddie

James, James, James, how does he sleep at night knowing what he does to Madeleine McCann, the case of her disappearance?

Murray in his latest tells us how little kids in Rothley placed messages for missing Madeleine on the Tree of Hope.   

Why are INNOCENT kids being drawn into Gerry and Kate McCanns mess?  

A picture of a little girl shown too, who most likely was not EVEN born when Madeleine McCann was abandoned by her parents night after night in a holiday apartment in Portugal?

Messages were quoted by Murray, messages he said which were left by kids.

Murray said of one message:

"I would challenge any cold hearted cynic to look that child in the eye and explain why the Grange operation (Metropolitan Police Investigation) should be shelved."

Thing is James Murray is scum, and doesn't understand that good people don't use little kids as he has.
Good people would not have stooped so low as he has, to involve little kids, kids not born when Madeleine was abused in the way that she was by her parents - and abandoning three under 4 year olds in an unsecured holiday apartment to fend for themselves, IS ABUSE - takes some real scum to have used a kid as he has.  

Takes some real scum to post the comment he did about challenging a 'cynic' to look that child in the eye...

How about the public challenge James Murray to:-

  • Look Kate and Gerry McCann in the eye, and ask them all the unanswered questions?
  • Look Kate McCann and Fiona Payne in the eye and ask WHICH of the two IF EITHER is telling the truth re the patio door of the apartment being left unlocked so that Madeleine could exit into the night to seek find her absent parents?  These two females have told different stories on this count?
  • How about James Murray, leave little innocent kids out of the McCann mess, their tale of abduction, and LOOK THESE PARENTS AND THEIR BUDDIES IN THE EYE, in front of a TV CAMERA, so that the world can see THEIR reactions, see THEIR responses to questions put to them?
  • Look Matthew Oldfield in the eye and ask him ALL about that nice thing he did, checking on the McCann kids, ONLY on the night Madeleine vanished.  Something NONE of the group did during that holiday, and something Oldfield had NEVER DONE BEFORE because he DID NOT KNOW THE McCann kids.
  • How about James Murray look David Payne in the eye and ask David Payne how he didn't notice when Kate McCann opened the door to him that she was standing in ONLY a bath towel, yet he could describe the pyjamas the three McCann kids were wearing?
  • How about James Murray look David Payne in the eye and ask him WHICH OF THE TWO SOFAS in the McCann apartment were these kids sitting, and where in the room were the sofas at that time? Were McCann kids sitting with their backs to Payne, facing Payne, which direction were they facing, were they side on, in his view?
  • How about James Murray looking Gerry McCann in the eye and asking him WHY HE CHANGED HIS STORY, first he told police he entered by the front locked door, using his key to open it, likewise his wife Kate McCann, then seven days later McCann changed his mind.  Said he had entered by an unlocked patio door?

Yeah James Murray, enough material in asking the McCanns and their buddies some forthright questions, to write some honest articles about this case, something in  EIGHT YEARS he has FAILED TO DO.

But that is not his agenda.

It is not on the agenda to speak the truth of this case.
It is not on the agenda to help Madeleine McCann, to help discover what was her fate.

It is simply a money making agenda.

Murray, the Express, know just like the rest of the world the abduction tale, the McCanns and their buddies tale of the events of that night is not the truth. 

Yet 8 years on he is still hammering out nonsense about culprits, burglars, a petty thief  close to being caught.

Makes the Metropolitan Police look really stupid, if after 4 long years they have been unable to track down a petty thief!

How ridiculous is that?

Not some paedophile gang, but a petty thief, local to the area where Madeleine vanished, and they haven't tracked him down?

Kate McCann once said it was ludicrous that anyone could think they had hidden Madeleine's body so well that it could not be found.

Lordy, lordy, there is greater chance that a party of 9 adults, 6 of whom are medics could dispose of a body, never to be found, than there is a petty thief who panicked when he saw Madeleine, killed her and then walked casually through the streets with her, hiding her body, never to be found!

No one bought this story when DCI Redwood came up with it.   And no one is buying Murray's version either!

Murray's article was a re-hash of others he has told.  Same old, same old propaganda in McCann case.

Whatever story line is considered to sell most, is the one Murray and Express will go with. 

Just now he is on a roll, back to the 'poor McCanns' don't ask them for the money from their Fund to help look for Maddie.   Don't ask that the Metropolitan Police Investigation be shelved, and what rotten cynics non believers of the McCann story are, that he challenges them to look an innocent child in the eye and tell her why the investigation should be shelved.

What a sick guy Murray is!

Messing with little kids might be what he is about, but it certainly ain't what those seeking justice for little Madeleine McCann are about.

But what of the parents of these little kids who wrote these messages, and the parents of the little girl whose picture was used, a child, who looks younger than the McCann kids.  

Why would these parents allow their children to be exploited and used in this way?

Did they even know that Murray was going to use them in his article?

They must for sure have known the kids wrote the notes, and that I cannot understand either (or rather wrote the notes for their kids?)

To be feeding young kids the McCann story, that a bad man took Madeleine is so very wrong.

I note also a message left on the donation site for Dr Amaral that one person stated their 12 year old child was exposed to McCann stories by a teacher at school.

The teacher was speaking of trolling and used the McCann case as an example.

How very wrong of this teacher.  Of this school, wherever it is.

Not only are the MSM in the UK spreading propaganda, protecting the McCanns, THERE ARE TEACHERS DOING LIKEWISE?


If my child at school was exposed to ANYTHING WHATSOEVER McCANN based, I would raise HELL with the school.

I sincerely hope that the parent of this child did EXACTLY THAT!

James Murray reached a new low with his latest, something no one could have imagined possible.

To use young innocent kids as a part of the propaganda that he and the Express spread in the case of missing Madeleine McCann, by way of protecting her parents and their buddies who have not been entirely truthful, and did not fully co-operate with police authorities during their investigation, is beyond contemptible.

Let us not forget one of Murray's previous articles where again he attempted to support the McCanns, or rather support Kate McCanns ridiculous story that, the alleged intruder, she thought had been in the apartment the night previous to Madeleine being reported as missing, and had frightened her kids, two of them waking.  

Murray reported of how two separate individuals heard the McCann kids crying and stated that a couple had entered the McCann apartment in their absence to console the crying McCann kids.  The inference being that this couple were then responsible for snatching the child the next night.

But it backfired.  Murray's story only served to demonstrate, the cruelty of the McCanns, show that their kids were crying for long periods of time when on their own, show how easy it was for anyone at all to gain access to these three vulnerable little McCann kids.

I guess when you lie, invents stories, most will come back to bite you on the ass.

Murray's ass must be as bruised as those of Team McCann!

See blog above 'Murray a Menace to McCanns'

It truly is so deeply concerning, so very difficult to comprehend how there are people out there who would lie in the case of this missing little girl.  People who would sell their soul to see that justice for Madeleine is not served.

Murray, the Express is but one of them.

Murdoch, Gamble, Brunt, Summers and Swan just a few of the others who have done everything in their power to take from this child her right to justice, who have tried to silence her as they have tried by their lies to silence others.   

What damage they have done to all children, their right to be protected, and for justice, true justice to be sought, when these children are abused by adults, most often adult members of their own family.

What if Murray, Brunt or any of the others ever have the harrowing experience of their offspring being harmed in anyway, and for whatever reason the MSM seek to protect those who harmed their loved ones...what will they feel then?

By their deliberate actions, their mis-reporting, misleading reporting, their lies when reporting, on the case of missing Madeleine McCann, they have harmed ALL children.  Harmed their right to protection.

To have used little kids in his latest article is abhorrent.

Murray said a price cannot be put on a child's life.

He valued Madeleine McCanns at $ZERO.

He values not the lives of the little kids in his article.

Murray stated also that we must not give up on Maddie?

This man has never supported Madeleine.  

His every word written about this case was in support of her parents.

That this time around he should stoop to exploiting innocent little kids to protect not so innocent parents rather says it all!
11th May 2015

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