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Murray Menace to McCanns

Murray a Menace to McCanns?

Express, James Murray blows McCann account of events out of the water! 

‘Mystery couple seen going into McCanns flat on night before sobbing Madeleine disappeared’  

His headline of Sunday May 19th 2013 left readers with no doubt as to the full extent of the terrifying ordeal the McCann children experienced on not one night but FIVE during their time in Portugal.

It highlights absolutely the reckless conduct of the McCann parents.

Their parents each night left them to fend for themselves, some nights leaving the apartment unlocked further adding to the dangers which the children were placed.   The McCanns have always insisted their children were safe alone in the unlocked apartment despite quite clearly knowing the dangers this would hold.

Kate McCanns best friend, Fiona Payne in her witness statement alerting police to the fact that Kate and Gerry McCann had left the door unlocked, to allow young 3 year old Madeleine to exit the apartment to go look for her parents!

Shocking revelations by both James Murray and Fiona Payne!

The McCanns have always claimed that they sought legal advice as to their treatment of their children, being advised they say, that what they did to these three poor little kids - leaving them alone afraid in a dark and unlocked apartment in a country foreign to them, for anyone with malice on their mind who wished to enter and cause them harm was -  ‘within the bounds of responsible parenting.’  

I’m sure there is not a parent in the world once they have picked themselves up from the floor, who would not be interested to discover who this legal adviser is if only to give them a piece of their mind, then a body swerve!

The McCanns have also insisted that when they checked on their children they were always fast asleep.  That their children only woke later in the night – ‘after midnight’ I believe is what Kate McCann has stated.

But James Murray tells quite a different and damning story!

Murray reported, how two separate witnesses described the distressed state of the McCann children abandoned in the unlocked apartment crying – their parents out of earshot, not a care in the world as they wined and dined with their holiday companions, while their three babies were alone and afraid.

On one night the cries of a child, so prolonged, crying out for her daddy, for over an hour, that it greatly concerned an elderly resident, Mrs Fenn who lived in the apartment above the McCann holiday apartment.  She contacted a friend to ask advice as to whether she should call in the police.

Bear in mind Mrs Fenn did not know who was in the apartment below hers, as this apartment, the one occupied by the McCann family was used as a holiday rental by the owner.   From one week to the next, the elderly Mrs Fenn would have no idea who was the "current" resident.

Children crying so loudly on a second night, that they could be heard by passers-by who we are told by Murray, entered the unlocked apartment to comfort, soothe a sobbing Madeleine.

How shocked these people must have been to find not only one child alone inside and distressed but three!   Two of which were babies in cots.   Not only Madeleine crying, but her baby brother also it was reported.  Not unreasonable to imagine her baby sister too would wake and cry with the noise made by the others, and the noise made by these strangers who came to attend to them?

Kate and Gerry McCann have declared to the world that Madeleine told them on the morning of 3rd May 2007 that she and her baby brother had been crying when they were alone in the apartment.

The McCanns took no notice of what the child had told them.  On discovering this they chose to act as irresponsibly towards their three young children as they had done on previous nights choosing to again leave them alone and unattended for a FIFTH night running!

Realistically, what chance did these children have of reaching the end of their time in Portugal without a tragedy of some description occurring when there was no adult around to care for them?

When you play Russian Roulette with your children's safety, their lives, bad things can happen!

25th May 2013

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