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Murray Messes with Met

Murray Messes with Met Investigation, McCanns & Maddie

'Police check alibi of chef who 'claimed he killed Maddie'
By James Murray

Oh James certainly likes his fun!

Chef didn't claim he killed Madeleine.  Clara, claimed that the chef claimed he killed Madeleine!  

Renowned for his love/hate relationship with Team McCann he has produced some really disturbing pieces, both for and against the duo.
Sometimes within a piece he does both, or rather he leaves some, not quite sure what angle he is coming from.  Pretty much, the reader left free to interpret it however they wish.

His most recent offering a follow up of a piece he did back in June 2014, where he related the story of Clara a single mother of three, who was stabbed in the bum by a 22 year British bum, a guy she had met when on holiday in Portugal, and she in turn "stabbed him in back"  by claiming that he had yelled at the time of the assault - 'I killed Madeleine McCann and now I'm going to kill you'  

And what do you know - he failed on both counts!

Clara lived to tell the tale, and Madeleine well she most probably lost her life (as the evidence gathered by police points to) in the holiday apartment where her parents Gerry and Kate McCann had left her alone night after night, while they went out to party with their buddies.

Now Murray is really messin' here - not least because the  22 year old bum stabber, was a 15 year old spotty school kid attending a school in UK when Madeleine went missing in Portugal in 2007!

'Dear Headmaster,

Please excuse my little acne faced son's non attendance at school today. After discussing at great length with the careers officer, his future as a serial killer, he has taken the bull by the horns, or the bum, and is Portugal bound for a bit of work experience.  I trust this will be recorded as a permitted absence and I am sure you will agree this can only enhance any future CV, demonstrates initiative and entrepreneurship.'

Yes a spotty Brit kid played hooky for a week to stalk the McCann family (as Kate McCann said, the alleged abductor must have been watching them) and masterminded the alleged abduction of Madeleine McCann, probably the world's most known missing child.  And he fooled the Metropolitan Police!

Clara tells us, through Murray, they, the Met messed up, and didn't bother to interview her, the girl who may have important information which would help them conclude the case!

The case of a missing child where the parents and their buddies have been less than truthful with police authorities.  Where the parents have refused to fully co-operate with police investigating.  Where the group of buddies refused to assist police with a re-enactment of the events and where Clara it turns out according to Murray potentially holds the missing piece of the puzzle which the McCanns, the parents who have given the world more stories than JK Rowling, story lines which JK Rowling in her wildest imaginings could never have conjured up!

But what a stroke of luck is Clara to the tale!  

And yes the ONLY case (I will stick my neck out on this one 'being the only case' but if someone knows otherwise I am as always happy to be corrected, and bow to their greater knowledge) where the parents of the missing child, parents with little or no financial means at the time the child vanished, have taken to suing others who speak out against them relying on the Fund set up after the child vanished, to fund legal actions, more notably the case they actioned against one of the police officers who was part of the team who first investigated their daughter's disappearance. 

As they say, you couldn't make it up, but sadly in the missing Madeleine case YOU CAN!

Anyone can, Clara, Clarence, James, the holiday buddies, the McCanns, Brunt, Sky, aided by the many so called journalists TV presenters,who have reported in the UK media with the most fantastic and untrue tales in this case, all who have no shame in that their stories were not factual, not by a long shot, who from the beginning launched a campaign of hatred and lies against the Portuguese Police, the people of Portugal, a campaign against all who seek truth and justice for this child, a campaign against all who challenged the obvious and blatant lies told by the holiday group, the doctors, the parents of all of those little kids who were left night after night alone in dark scary holiday apartments.   

They have all played their part in attempting to ensure that Madeleine does not receive justice, to ensure that the UK public do not hear the truth of this case, all should hang their heads in shame that they would treat the abuse of these children, the disappearance of Madeleine as anything other than what it is.

That persons like Lorraine Kelly in essence aid and abet is thoroughly shocking.

This British child who we are told by their parents deserves a British Investigation into her disappearance, yet it is the British in the main who have let down this little girl so very badly by the ridiculous stories.

The biggest culprit, the man who has made £hundreds thousands from Madeleine's disappearance, Clarence Mitchell, who has defended the lies, protected these parents by any means any distorted story he could put out there, done everything in his power to hinder the truth of what happened to this child being discovered.

It is a well known fact that just prior to any Court Hearing actioned by the McCanns, especially where it concerns Dr Amaral, the UK press never fail to come up with a potential suspect in the case of missing Madeleine to plant the idea in the minds of the public that Madeleine was abducted, and Dr Amaral the Portuguese Police were wrong about the fate of this child.

The Metroplitan Police are guilty of this too. Crimewatch 2013 the most elaborate example of this.  

Crimewatch 2013 which was months in the making, movie style trailers made of what to expect splashed for weeks on TV screens, online, before the final production was screened on air, where DCI Redwood delivered the revelation moment with which he had teased the public with for weeks on end.  He displayed the efits of suspects, crucial to the case, crucial to finding Madeleine. E. Fits which the McCanns we are told had had in their possession for a number of years and had NOT BOTHERED to make public this crucial information which could help their missing daughter.  They did not put the crucial images on their website, and Clarence Mitchell too, must have slipped his mind, together with Clarence Mitchell they kept concealed for a very long time this dirty little secret.

And to have kept schtum for years about about e.fits they had in their possession, e. fits which Gerry McCann then brazenly stated on Crimewatch, were his daughter's BEST CHANCE of being found - How low can they go?

As I've said before, if DCI Redwood and Gerry McCann truly believed these e.fits were the answer to finding an alive Madeleine McCann, why oh why did McCanns keep them concealed for years, and why oh why did the Met not publish them, holding them in their possession for around 18 months I believe, then going through this nonsense of a build up to Crimewatch.

If Redwood believed Madeleine was alive those e.fits would have hit the news the moment he discovered them.  He would not have waited months to reveal his revelation moment either, and he would not have arranged for this to happen at the time when he expected the legal matters with McCanns and Dr Amaral to take place.

Redwood's motives have to be questioned, his timing too with any 'news story' he releases, always it coincides with some other legal matter that McCanns are involved in.

As for McCanns the parent of this missing child, the moment the finishing touch was put to the e.fits - they should have been screened around the world, same as they did for Tannerman!

Why the McCanns didn't?

Why Redwood of the Met didn't?

Why neither party acted with urgency with the e.fits?

Really only one answer to that, both knew Madeleine was not alive!

Murray well his latest nonsense can be interpreted in several ways, put out there for different reasons, we are all free to decide which, but what cannot be dismissed or disputed is his timing.

When he wrote his piece about Clara back in June 2014 his closing statement was:

'Kate and Gerry McCann, of Rothley, Leicestershire, fly to Lisbon tomorrow to speak at a civil court in their long libel battle against former Portuguese detective Goncalo Amaral.'  

The case against Dr Amaral which Murray spoke of at that time resumes in Lisbon tomorrow 21st January 2015.

His latest piece about Clara (
a re-hash of the June 2014 piece) he published Sunday 18th January 2015 - just days before the case resumes in Lisbon!

Whatever angle Murray is coming from, whatever his agenda, for sure, it has nothing to do with truth and justice for Madeleine Beth McCann.

Messing with the McCanns, messing with the Met, is one thing but for Murray to mess in the way that he has these past almost 8 years with the life of a missing child, whether that life was lost forever on 3rd May 2007 or not, in publishing what he has, knowing what he does, is despicable.

All of these people, from Brunt to Kelly and all in between have caused damaged to the rights of children to not be abused in any way whatsoever.  Their actions, their words condone the abuses children suffer, the abuses the children who were on holiday with McCanns and their buddies, suffered.  And their treatment of these children IS an abuse of their human rights.  

By protecting those responsible, the Kelly's of this world have damaged greatly children's rights.  Most often than not abuse of children is at the hands of their parents, close family members.

Turning a blind eye to this absolute crucial fact in this case, the abuse of these kids which is what Kelly has done, dressing it up as something other than what it is is a disgrace.
20th January 2015

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