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In this interview Kate and Gerry McCann are asked about the day/evening they reported Madeleine as missing, was it a normal day. Gerry McCann explains to the person interviewing that it was pretty much a normal day, but states they are unable to answer questions, give details about their movements on that day in case it prejudices the investigation.  (This is August 2007)

The interviewer then asks a question which McCann IS able to answer.

20.54 on video.

"But something had happened between the beginning of the day, and the time she disappeared, something different?"

Gerry McCann:

No, No.

Kate McCann:


Well that response is not true.  Lots of things happened which made this day different from the previous days.

  • Madeleine told them that morning that she and her baby brother had been crying the previous night, and asked them where they were, why they had not come to attend to them.

  • Kate McCann said Madeleine had a stain on her pyjamas that morning, a stain which was there when the child got out of bed.  A stain which had not been there when the child was put to bed the previous night. A stain which Kate McCann claims to know not what caused it.

  • Matthew Oldfield - the member of the group who did not know Kate McCann, and who had only for a short time worked at same hospital as Gerry McCann, and stated that he did not consider himself a friend of McCann, who had never before this visit to Portugal cast eyes on the McCann twins, and had only seen Madeleine once when she was a very young baby and only by chance at a wedding where they were as guests, like the McCanns set up at the same accommodation for a night or two, flung together, accommodation wise, nothing more - this guy Oldfield said that on the night Madeleine vanished, he took it upon himself to listen at the shuttered bedroom window of the McCann kids. When he told Gerry McCann what he had done, he said McCann did not take kindly to him having done so.

About a half hour later, Oldfield claims that Kate McCann asked him to go check on her kids though this time she instructed him to go inside the apartment, to enter through the patio door which was unlocked.

So Gerry McCann is pissed off at Oldfield listening at the bedroom window and shortly after we have to believe that Kate McCann asked this guy who didn't know her kids, a guy who her kids didn't know, to go into their apartment and check on them?

NOT A SINGLE PERSON in that group had been checking on each other's kids that week, and certainly, according to their police witness statements, none of them went into the McCann apartment and the McCanns themselves DID NOT CHECK ON ANYONE'S KIDS.

McCanns in interviews have pretty much misled the public in this regard claiming there was a checking system in place in which they all played their part in checking each other's kids.

NOT THE CASE AT ALL.   Read the 'Just Checking' blogs above.

  • Madeleine and her baby brother and sister, were on this night, NOT taken to the play area which was their usual routine before bedtime.

  • Gerry McCann claims to have asked David Payne to go and look in on Kate and the kids to see if she needed help to bring them to the play area (as McCann was playing tennis).
(McCanns statements are quite different, they both told police that they had decided BEFORE Gerry McCann left to play tennis that the kids would not be taken to the play  area)

  • Payne stated that he stepped inside the apartment and saw the three McCann kids all ready for bed, angelic looking in their pyjamas.

  • Kate McCann said he was not in apartment that he knocked on the door she opened it, dressed only in a towel as she had just stepped out of the shower.   Payne DOESN'T remember this.   Doesn't remember an almost naked Kate McCann, but he remember seeing THREE KIDS?

  • Madeleine was feeling out of sorts that evening, tired, pale, required to be carried home by her mother after having her evening meal with the other kids.
All of the above make the day Madeleine was reported as missing VERY different from the others.  And I do not doubt that there are many more events of that day which made it VERY different from the rest.  Those who follow this case I am sure will be able to add to the above and in a flash the list will be lengthy!


Not on your lives Gerry and Kate McCann!

Without giving away any details, the reply should have been A GREAT BIG FAT YES!
6th March 2016
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