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Nel Argues Successfully2

Nel Argues Successfully 2

Gerrie Nel continues cross examination of Dr Vorster.

He then asks the Court to adjourn until tomorrow, so that he may make application to Court re Mental Health issue.

He states that if the application is accepted by Court he will no longer require to further cross-examine the witness, Dr Vorster.

Roux objects - He asks that the witness is asked to leave the Court while the Prosecution and Defence continue arguing on this count.   He further asks the Court if he can re-examine the witness.  He wants Nel to finish his cross examination before today.

He states that Nel should finish then they, the Defence can and will appeal/object to the proposed application by Nel re Pistorius being sent for assessment under a section of the Mental Health Act.

Nel after discussion with Judge, agrees that Roux can continue with a re-examination.

Roux still insisting the cross examination by Gerrie Nel should be finished before he re-examines.

Judge ask Gerrie Nel if there is any problem with finishing his cross examination first.

Nel states he would rather finish cross examination once he knows the outcome of the Court's decision re the application he is proposing to lodge regarding the Mental Health Act

He then said rather than waste Court time he will bow to Roux's objection and finish his cross examination now.

Judge said she wants to be fair to him so to be sure he is happy to finish now.

Nel re-considers then states he is not so sure he doesn't have further questions to put to Dr Vorster under cross examination, so then asks the Court for a 10 minute adjournment to consult with his team on this.

Bear in mind Gerrie Nel, and the Court were only given the report by Dr Vorster after she took the Stand today, so he was forced to play catch-up during what would have been the lunch break.

Barry Roux absolutely against Pistorius being sent for psychiatric assessment!

Adjournment over, Gerrie Nel indicates that he would wish to further cross examine the witness Dr Vorster, states he would need time to prepare his questions, therefore requests they adjourn until tomorrow morning.  He states witness will be available to return to Court at that time.

Roux, looking more than a tad rattled by it all, agrees he has no objection to this but is clearly not happy at the turn of events having put this witness on Stand has brought about.

I think this anxiety disorder that the good Dr said Pistorius is suffering from which she said is dangerous as it causes him to fight not flee, may just reach fever pitch tonight - best advice I could give anyone is to steer clear of Pistorius...
12th May 2014
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