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Nel Nails Dixon to Wall

Nel Nails Dixon to Wall...Again!

Oscar Pistorius has sat this morning head in hands fingers in ears as Mr Dixon the "Expert" gives his testimony regarding the injuries to Miss Steenkamp, and describes the position of the magazine rack which was in toilet cubicle.

This Defence witness testified that the magazine rack was placed at the wall inside cubicle facing the toilet door.

Oscar Pistorius testified that it was NOT there, but against the wall to the right hand side just inside the entrance to the cubicle.

In essence Pistorius' Expert witness has contradicted, the evidence given by Pistorius

This is put to Dixon by Gerrie Nel.

Interestingly, Pistorius who has been sitting with his head lowered in his hands, fingers in his ears, so as not to hear the proceedings, popped up. He is now staring at Dixon...'If looks could kill'...comes to mind.

Pistorius asked his counsel for a writing pad.   The female member of his Defence team passed him a writing pad.  And for a couple of minutes Pistorius scribbled away, then passed a piece of notepaper from the pad back to the same  member of the Defence team who read it, together with the member sitting to her side,  and then passed it to Barry Roux.

Can we take from this Pistorius is displeased?

Nel then questioned Dixon why for demonstration purposes did he not use a model who was the same height when kneeling, as Pistorius on his stumps.  

A witness has said that they saw someone moving around in the bathroom on the night Miss Steenkamp was shot.

The purpose of this test by Dixon was to test this.

For this very reason Gerrie Nel responded that the height of the model who participated should have been the same height as Pistorius, and if it required, to increase height the model should have been asked to kneel on something which would allow this to be so, to give the increased height.  Further he asked Dixon why he did not make this clear to the Court when this issue was first raised.

Dixon said he was not trying to mislead the Court.

Dixon said that he stood outside the Pistorius home to determine what could be seen from that position.

Nel asked him from what distance and was he on ground level.

He was on ground level, but he could not tell the Court how far he had stood away from the Pistorius house.

Nel points out that for an expert this was negligent so to speak, to not have recorded the distance.

He further makes the point - but what if the witness was not on ground level, but in an upper floor of their home - as that of course makes somewhat of a difference to what was/was not seen.

Nel never misses a beat it would seem!

Nel has had to repeatedly ask Mr Dixon why he would not have acted as an expert would have when carrying out various tests.  What were the conditions regarding lights being on, inside, on balcony, curtains open or closed.  Also asking him why he would not have produced reports, and where he has, why he would not have presented them to the Court. 

Next up Nel questioned Dixon on the visibility both inside and outside the Pistorius home regarding the tests he has done.  So much here also that Dixon has messed up on.

Dixon became quite frustrated with Nel's questioning, his temper beginning to crack, just like Pistorius there's an angry man inside, who doesn't like being questioned, or challenged, and as noted on his performance of yesterday, equally as evasive.  Two peas in a pod!

In answer to questioning by Nel as to why he had not carried out specific tasks during his analysis of the crime scene, the lighting at that scene etc, Dixon broke into a rant about not being like other people, telling the Court he does not have a television, he does not buy newspapers, he does not listen on any level to what has been going on with this case.

I guess he just gives interviews -
17th April 2014

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