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Nicola's Numbers

Nicola's Numbers

Homicide Hamish, had 20 suspects!

DCI Redwood -  195 investigative opportunities.

And of course we had Redwood and Rowley, who together had a whole range of numbers that they jiggled and juggled around, leaving us all quite dizzy!

And the very wise Dr Amaral's thoughts at the time on the numbers, the 195 investigative opportunities:

Thanks to Joana Morais.

"... We are one year after that team started their investigation, where they've spent millions of pounds; they have been questioned back in England about that. To say that they have 195 opportunities of investigation - I have to ask, why is that? Why do they still have 195, why don't they have only 5?

"... They have to justify the money they have spent. It would have been better if they had said only five. That would have been meaningful, it would mean that they had closed the range of possibilities. To say that they have 20, 30, 40, 195, 200, 300, 400..."


Well as far as I know she hasn't released her numbers as yet - Calculators at the ready folks?
23rd March 2015

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