Lying in the Sun

No Better Than Brunt

No Better Than Brunt

I am sure, with exception of Summers & Swan, Gerry & Kate McCann, Jim Gamble, Clarence Mitchell, Ducky the Dossier lady, Lorraine Kelly, Carole Malone and the vile persons who are in blind support of the McCanns, all were horrified at the actions of Martin Brunt, his attack on Brenda Leyland.  Nothing, nothing at all can justify such abhorrent behaviour.

I read today that there is a journalist who is claiming to have behaved in the same abhorrent way by doorstepping the McCann family.

Whilst I am sure also that all would like to hear the McCanns be asked the questions crucial to this case, the questions which, through ducking and diving, they have managed to avoid these past 7 years, paying also Clarence Mitchell, £70,000 per annum for that very purpose to lie for, and protect them, it is wrong absolutely that anyone should doorstep the home of the McCann children.

These kids suffer enough at the hands of their parents with the nonsense, lies, humiliating and embarrassing stories, which must cause these kids tremendous upset.  Some of the stuff Kate McCann has spouted is not what the mother of kids whose sister vanished in the most suspicious of circumstances would act out.   A normal loving, caring mother would never include her children in the farce they have created surrounding their missing daughter.   She would never introduce and include the remaining children in this mess, never sit at interviews and tell the world the kids said this or that.

That is the last thing a mother with any thought for her children would do.   Normal parents would protect the life of their kids with their lives. Do all in their power to keep the kids out of the spotlight.

The McCanns don't.  They use the kids for their own purposes!

Based on Kate McCanns track record, it is most unlikely that these kids have said anything close to the stories she has presented to the public.

None more sick than the one most recent where she tried to persuade the Court in Lisbon of a story she alleged her young son might have heard on the school bus and had come home and related.   It was clearly not true, and the Judge was having none of it. Saw right through Kate McCann.  As she did Gerry MCann on some of the stories he told the Court also.

If this journalist has indeed behaved in the way that she is now claiming...

"For the record, I approached the McCanns at their Leicester home."

... shame on her.

By all means try and get an interview with the McCanns through proper channels, pose all the hard hitting questions they fear being asked - just leave the McCann kids out of it.

Going to the home of the kids, the one place where these little ones should feel safe - just not on!

These kids have suffered enough!  And a future as the McCann twins - not one, as they reach teen years especially, that one would wish upon any child.  A lot of difficult times ahead as they learn what actually happened to their sister, and the many years of farce and funds that followed her death/disappearance!

It doesn't bear thinking about that anyone would have so much as contemplated this act of doorstepping at their home, let alone carried it out, demonstrating a complete lack of consideration for these kids.

As for for the bickering on twitter between the journalist and Gamble - sends out all wrong messages, lessens credibility on her part. Gamble had none to start with.

  • Gamble praised Brunt's doorstepping of Ms Leyland.
  • Poulton herself doorsteps the McCanns. 

Neither party can therefore condemn the other, each behaving appallingly, six and two threes!

Doorstepping the home of the McCann children is no better than Brunt doorstepping Ms Leyland!
29th January 2015

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