Lying in the Sun

No Escaping

No Escaping

"Someone knows something"

Dave Edgar (McCann PI)
Madeleine Was Here 3/5
6:39 video

Well there are lots of "someones" in this case who know something about what happened to Madeleine, and there are also lots of people who know that they know!

There are also police persons who know that the holiday group has not been truthful.  The Portuguese Police, The Leicestershire Police, Andy Redwood the Metropolitan Police, and of course the biggest Dick (Donovan) on the planet - Dave Edgar!

Gerry and Kate McCann for instance stated that at the beginning of their holiday and specifically on the Sunday night, the first night they ate at the tapas bar, they left the apartment by the front door.  Locking the door from the outside.  When returning to check on their kids, they entered by this front locked door using their key to do so.

They stated categorically that no one checked on their children on that Sunday night, their apartment was all locked up!

We know Gerry McCann changed his version concerning the night Madeleine vanished.  First telling police he had used the front locked door entrance.  Then 7 days later changing this to having entered by an unlocked patio door.

We know too in Madeleine Was Here he states that they changed routine from using the front door, to using the back/patio/side door when leaving their kids alone.   They the McCanns have never clarified on which day they switched to this new routine - only that absolutely on the Sunday night, they locked the apartment and no one but no one was in there checking on their kids.

Let's look at what Russell O'Brien has to say about that.

This is O'Brien being interviewed by an officer in the UK Leicestershire Police force.  The officer is asking him if he had ever been in the McCann holiday apartment:

Officer 1578

“Did you get inside the holiday apartment?”

Russell O'Brien replies:  

I’d been in, I’d been in their apartment twice, I think before, I don’t know on tape at least, but err I went, I did a visual check of the children on the Sunday night, entered through the patio door so I'd been in through that part of the door, err that part of the building.

 Err I think until, actually until the night itself I don't think I'd actually gone into their apartment again, err if there were lunches and things like that they were generally done in, one of the other apartments, particularly Kate and, err Dave and Fi's because it was so much bigger.

The err, on the night I didn't get into the apartment until quite late.  I certainly went when I saw Gerry on the patio as I described earlier on, I think at point I actually did, I actually did see Kate as well but at this point I think we both, you know we were both kind of just in a heap really.

Err and then I entered the apartment later on when the P and J arrived, sat at the desk and just, just like inside from the kitchen, between the kitchen and the sitting area.  Err, in terms of entering the bedroom, I don't, I don't think I ever actually went into the bedroom on the Sunday night, I'd kind of gone into the door frame you know and just looked, looked in like that."

Now this guy isn't telling the truth, or McCann isn't telling the truth or neither are!

We have lots of instances like this throughout the statements made by the group, where one says one thing and the other, another!

The thing is, it is not always a clean cut case of one lying one not, as we have seen time and time again with them.  Sometimes both parties are lying, just about different elements of the particular scenario.

We know these people were not checking on each other's kids that week not going in and out each other's apartments.

McCanns had stated they checked half hourly.  They hadn't!   Matthew Oldfield for whatever reason was the man to fill that gap, or at least he was the man to say that he had checked on the McCann children in between a check by Gerry McCann and one by Kate McCann checks which were 1 hour apart.  Oldfield stepping in, allowed them to make it look as though the children were being checked more regularly.

But what about O'Brien - Why did he feel the need to say that he had been in the McCann apartment at the beginning of the week, that he had entered by an unlocked patio door on the Sunday night, when everyone was checking only on their own kids, and when the McCanns stated quite clearly their apartment was locked and NO ONE checked on their children on that Sunday night?

I don't believe O'Brien was in the McCann apartment on the Sunday night.   So it was puzzling me why he would say he was.  He had no need to cover for them as Oldfield had done on the Thursday the day Madeleine vanished, as Gerry and Kate said the apartment was locked up on the Sunday. Oldfield was different, Madeleine was missing by this time, they needed to demonstrate checking was more regular.   Sunday night was not being disputed in any way.  And Oldfield on Sunday was at home with his child as Oldfield was ill.   Yet O'Brien claims to have checked the Oldfield child too?

The only reason that I can come up with, is, that O'Brien WAS in the McCann apartment, when either he shouldn't have been, or there to carry out some task or other for McCann, at some other time other than the Sunday.
Perhaps on the night Madeleine vanished, during his long spell away from the dinner table?

Did he realise that the police may discover say his fingerprints, so he had to make up a story that he had been in 5A at some point during that week?

There is a reason behind why Russell O'Brien, Gerry McCann and Matthew Oldfield have all lied regarding the checking of the children.

There is a reason why David Payne concocted the tale of visiting Kate McCann on that evening, instructed to do so by Gerry McCann who was playing tennis.

There is a reason why Jane Tanner lied about Tannerman.

And a reason why the stories told by best friends Kate McCann and Fiona Payne contradict one another also.

A little girl was put at risk by her parents on that holiday,and something bad happened to her, and they her parents, together with their holiday companions have concocted stories left right and centre - they have misled the police in two countries in the statements they have given when a child's life was in danger.  

Or was it?

Did they all know that Madeleine was dead before the police were called.  It would certainly explain why not a one of them was prepared to co-operate fully with police investigations - if they knew that there was no alive and findable little girl to be found!

These people should have been going to the ends of the earth and back to assist police in both Portugal and UK with their help find Madeleine, they didn't, and Andy Redwood I hope is investigating as to why they didn't!

There is no escaping their untruths they are there in black and white, online for all to read.

Dr Goncalo Amaral, the Portuguese Investigation was not bungled he was spot on!  If Redwood and the Metropolitan Police don't pick up on these people their statements, that wouldn't be bungled either, that would be corrupt!
29th March 2013
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